Download PUBG Mobile Lite for Phones with low RAM

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) is the most popular and widely used online FPS games on the Google Play Store. The mobile version game in India becomes so much popular and addictive as well. It gains users all over the world every day. Tencent Developers and PUBG Corp. have just launched PUBG Mobile Lite in India officially. The mobile version game is available on Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite expands smartphone compatibility level to the higher mark. Now, all the Android smartphones even low-end devices which have 2GB of RAM can play the game easily. The company has claimed that players will get the same kind of smoothness and experience in the Lite version. Those who’re using a lower-end smartphone of having 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage can use it.

Updated Info:

Updated on September 23, 2019: PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.1 update released officially. According to the update, the new season will start from October 1, 2019, which includes Golden Woods Map, new UAZ vehicle, new title system for the achievements, new Firefight: War mode of RPG-7, etc. It also brings the Amazon Prime Subscription add-ons in the game mode. The Amazon Prime members can get an exclusive range of Infiltrator Mask, Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, and Infiltrator Shoes.

The new PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.1 update will also bring Golden Woods Map which will offer a small-town setting with shrubs for the combat gameplay. It will also feature PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBZ & QBU DMR Rifle, and four-wheeler UAZ in the game. Additionally, the new update also brings some of the bug fixes and gameplay improvements as well. While the Amazon Prime members may get Black Magma Parachute and exclusive Blood Oath – Karabiner 98K in the game. The update will roll-out to all the countries via batches, therefore, it may take some time.

The game installer comes with the size of 400MB and highly optimized for the 2GB RAM equipped devices. The budget entry-level devices also have a major issue with low storage. So, the game developers made it lightweight. PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller map which offers 60 players as compared to the 100 players in the full version. Due to its smaller map area and lesser players, the lite game will finish within 10 minutes as compared with the 25 minutes gameplay of full version approximately.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite for Phones with low RAM

Now, let’s check out the full key features or patch notes of the new official PUBG Mobile Lite.

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Key Features for PUBG Mobile Lite:

  • Enhanced Aim Assist: The new auxiliary aim assist makes aiming simpler and better on weaker networks. The intensity differs between standing and prone positions.
  • Winner Pass: The Royale Pass from the regular version is replaced with a Winner Pass. The season for this new pass will span over a month and have faster achievement unlocks.
  • Bullet Trail Adjustments: The Lite version of the game will feature increased bullet speed and no bullet drops effect, simplifying gameplay for weak networks.
  • Weapon Recoil Suppression: The Lite version also has lower weapon recoil compared to the main game, simplifying gameplay.
  • Extended Time To Kill: The Lite version makes appropriate increases to Time to Kill to increase player survivability and encourage aggressive gameplay.
  • Location Display: The map on the Lite game will expose a shooter within the mini-map range, increasing battle speed and changing game dynamics.
  • Healing while Moving: Another core gameplay change involves adding in the ability for players to heal while they are moving. Players can heal in all stances except prone.
  • Building Density and Loot Supply Optimizations: To complement the smaller map, building density has been increased. Loot frequency has also been increased to expedite looting and speed up gameplay.
  • Map Quality Optimizations
  • RPG and new Firearm integrations: Players can experience a new weapon in select game modes.

Meanwhile, the fresh users of lite version will get rewards, gears, and weapons as well. In case, if your device is a mid-ranger with decent specifications, but still facing lags and stutter during gameplay. You can simply use the Lite version and it will run flawlessly.

You can download and install the PUBG Lite from Play Store easily. Check out the link.

Download Link:


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