Download Superlite Version of Windows 11 Ghost Spectre

Since Windows 11 is out, it has been the talking point of all the tech experts. The extra features and a clean UI that Windows 11 offers are what make it exciting. The Windows 11 upgradation is not that similar and Microsoft has put some limited requirements for the upgrade along with the limitations in features. If you are not getting Windows 11 or you have Windows 11 and you are frustrated with the limitations it has, you can go for a brand new Windows 11 mod, the Ghost Spectre.

In this article, we will talk about this Superlite version of the Ghost Spectre, what is it? and is it risky for you to get a modded version of Windows by ignoring the security provided by Microsoft? Let’s talk about the Ghost Spectre. The Ghost Spectre is the Superlite version of Windows 11 and it comes with tons of features that you can try on your system. The Ghost Spectre ignores the limitations that have been put in by Microsoft including the limited RAM, HDD speed, and many more.

The modded version of Windows 11 gives you extra features that should not be used by normal users in day-to-day circumstances. The Ghost Spectre allows you to install Windows 11 on any system even if your system specs are low. The Ghost Spectre comes with no bloatware, we will discuss all of its features in the upcoming sections.

Download Superlite Version of Windows 11 Ghost Spectre

What is Ghost Spectre Windows 11?

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite by the Ghost Spectre is the Supelite because of the removal of lots of useless features from Windows 11, this modified version of Windows comes with many features loaded, that you will find missing in the official version of Windows 11. Here is a list of features you will get in the Ghost Spectre Windows 11.

Features of Ghost Spectre Windows 10 Superlite

The Ghost Spectre version of Windows 11 allows you to pause the Windows update till the year 2077

  • Performance and Size: Compact Integrated + LZX algorithm ensures a lightweight system.
  • .NET Framework: Integrated .NET Framework 4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7/4.8.
  • Bloatware: Completely free of unnecessary software.
  • Optimizations: Optimized page file, services, scheduled tasks, and search indexer.
  • Privacy: Enhanced privacy features and dedicated performance mode.
  • Ghost Toolbox: Allows addition or removal of Windows Store and other apps.
  • Custom Bootable: Ghost custom bootable offers added features.
  • Themes: GhostDark Purple V2 and full dark themes are included.
  • Language & Keyboard: Supports a wide range of languages and keyboards.
  • UWP Support: Fully supports UWP games and apps.
  • Updates: System updates can be paused until 2030 for convenience.
  • Additional Features: Icon packs, updatable build to Windows 10 version 2009/2004, and more.

Windows Features you can remove in the Ghost Spectre

  • Windows 11 applications
  • Windows defender
  • Remote Desktop, Focus Assist, NFC, Clipboard
  • One Drive
  • Print Spooler
  • Notification/Action Center
  • Telemetry
  • UAC
  • Winre
  • Error Reports

What is the benefit of Ghost Spectre over a normal Windows 11?

The main benefit of moving to the Ghost Spectre version of the Windows 11 is the Control. You get more control over your system while using the Ghost Spectre version of the OS. You also get the extra add-on features that you can not find in the normal Windows 11, here is the list of features that you can get in the Ghost Spectre Windows 11 over a normal Windows 11.

  • You get to control every little aspect of your PC
  • You can remove the bloatware that Windows 11 comes up with.
  • Windows 11 comes up with limited requirements, but you can run Ghost Spectre Windows 11 on your 10-year-OLD system hardware too.
  • It is Super easy to install
  • You get the updated Windows 11 after the installation

Download the Superlite version of theWindows 11 Ghost Spectre

Windows 11 Ghost Spectre is a modified version of the latest Windows operating system. It has been specifically developed to provide users with a more streamlined and faster experience. This particular version is commonly referred to as the Superlite version of Windows 11. This means that it does not include any unnecessary features or programs. Additionally, it does not have any bloatware, which ultimately makes it a more efficient and effective operating system.

Windows 11 Ghost Spectre YouTube Channel

Above is the official YouTube channel for Ghost Spectre, and you will find all official download links for your compatible computer hardware there.

Download Superlite Edition: Compact & Without Defender

Build Version 1904X.3208
Architecture x64 (64-bit)
Language English (US)
File Size 3.46 GB
Download Super Lite and Compact Version, Without Defender Download Here

Is it risky to install the Windows 11 Ghost Spectre?

It is never safe to install Windows 11 in an unauthorized manner. However, installing Ghost Spectre gives you access to several system capabilities. This version of Windows 11 was created by an unknown organization or an individual rather than the Microsoft team.

There must be people who can write malicious software that can penetrate your system. If someone can create a Superlite version of Windows 11 without Windows Defender, that will save your system from attacks. So, if you are planning to try the Ghost Spectre, you should use the Virtual Machine box.


This was everything on the Ghost Spectre Windows 11 edition. This Superlite version of Windows 11 lets you taste the latest version with add-on features. This improvement comes with the cost of security. You would not want to install an operating system that is not secure; we recommend you try and install it on the VM box. This article has provided all the required information on the Ghost SPectre Superlite version of Windows 11.

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