The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Elf Skills Guide

In the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, the Elf is an arrogant character. Being said that, she is also a dangerous one. Talking about the game, it is an adventure role-playing game with turn-based strategy combat. Along with that, the game is based on comedy and parody. Interestingly, you will play as a party of seven adventurers with seven members.

Among all the members, six members are core members, and one member is additional. The Elf is one of the six core members, and like other members, it has its own unique abilities. Now we will move on to discuss Elf’s skills.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Elf Skills Guide

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Elf Skills Guide

Elf has two sets of skills, active and passive skills. Choosing the right skills will impact your performances during battles. Below we have discussed everything in a tabular form for ease of understanding.

Skill Type Tier Skill name Effect More about the skill
Active skills 1 Cheering Kiss This skill heals a teammate in range This gives Elf some healing capabilities and is affected by CHA.
1 Eleven Ricochet This skill can bounce off other units. Any upgraded version of this skill also prevents it from hitting allies. This is a go-to skill for Elf, and with upgrades, it is constructive.
2 B-But  I was going for the eyes. This skill causes the ‘slash tendon’ effect. The tier 3 version of this skill gives you a higher precision penalty. The target will get damage wherever it moves.
4 One-shot one kill Elf can deal the most damage with this skill. This skill has a slight precision/hit chance penalty. The tier V upgrade of this skill stuns the enemies.
4 Stabilization The Elf gets increased precision/ damage/ crit chance as long as the Elf doesn’t move. This skill is optional, don’t move your character to get the best outcome of it.
Passive Skills 1 Archery Get +5/10 precision while using bows This skill wills surely increase your hit chance.
2 Right in the Eye This skill will give your character +3 impact/damage to melee and ranged weapons. This skill also increases the damage that makes it a good choice.
1 Charismatic leader Gets a +3 CRG when standing close to a ranger class. Works when you are near to a ranger. Both these characters have passives that increase CRG/initiative of both characters.
3 Eleven Arrows This skill gives +10% damage to regular arrows. It also increases your DPS.
3 The woods sand watch gives Elf +1/2 overwatch shots The overwatch bug may create troubles. Else its upgrades are beneficial.
3 Elf Eyes +1 max range for bows Another good passive skill.

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