Dwarf Fortress Console Commands and Cheats

In this guide, we have listed some Dwarf Fortress console commands and cheats that have helped many players in their gameplay. Dwarf Fortress is based on creating a fantasy world in which the players interact with the dwarfs and construct a wealthy fortress. The game has almost entirely text-based graphics and no main objectives in the gameplay.

Dwarf Fortress was recently released as an initial public build on December 6, 2022. The game is available on Steam for only $29.99. Though it is not even many days after the game’s release, it is being loved by many players. Some players are having a good time, while others are having a hard time.

This is because many people can’t compete with the levels and are looking for commands and cheats. Well, if you are a console player in Dwarf Fortress and are wondering how to cheat in the game, do not worry; we have everything for you here.

Dwarf Fortress Console Commands and Cheats

Dwarf Fortress Console Commands and Cheats

Cheating in Dwarf Fortress is very quick and easy. It is not as complicated as some of the other games on the market. As the game is in its initial release, there might be many bugs and issues that can be easily exploited.

With these Console Commands and Cheat codes, players can easily make changes to the game and score better. We are all aware that the games are designed mostly for modding. Because there are no other players to cheat against, using cheats in this game is entirely up to you. However, using more and more cheats each time will ruin the experience of playing Dwarf Fortress.

Some of the commands and cheats are as follows:

## Digging out fort faster, or get jobs caught up / To avoid catastrophe ##
fastdwarf 1 1

## To move stuff marked for "dumping: to cursor" / handy for collecting logs in rivers ##

## To create item at dwarf under cursor, used for seeds mostly, or strange moods in dire circumstances ##

## I want an orchard ##

## eliminate ramps

## To grow food! ##
growcrops all

## To create stack of items at cursor
create-items BOULDER INORGANIC:MICROCLINE 250exterminate him
create-items BOULDER INORGANIC:JET 250
create-items logs oak 20
create-items bars copper 10

## Spawn unit at cursor ##
spawnunit BIRD_OSTRICH MALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit BIRD_OSTRICH FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit CROCODILE_SALTWATER MALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit CROCODILE_SALTWATER FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit DOG MALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit DOG FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit GIANT_ALLIGATOR MALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit GIANT_ALLIGATOR FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit JABBERER FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit JABBERER MALE -domesticate -AGE 2
spawnunit CROCODILE_CAVE MALE -domesticate -AGE 3
spawnunit CROCODILE_CAVE FEMALE -domesticate -AGE 3

## To kill selected unit ##
exterminate him

## To move selected unit ##

## To revive important dwarf ##
full-heal -r -keep_corpse -unit ID_NUM

## To make magma forges / kilns / etc

## To activate magma workshops ##
feature list
feature show #

## To make drinking holes and bathhouses ##
source add water 0
source add water 3
source add water 7

## I want this square to be soil / sand ##
p mat soil

## That was the wrong kind of soil ##
changelayer FIRE_CLAY
changelayer SAND_BLACK

Some additional helpful Dwarf Fortress Console Commands and Cheats:

  • control-shift-z :This command is to open enhanced stock screen.
  • exterminate: This kills whatever is below your cursor.
  • tweak cage-butcher : This command is to butcher critters from inside cages without having to let them out.
  • remove-stress -all : This command is to reset stress levels.
  • ban-cooking tallow : This command is to forbid any cooking of any tallow.
  • cleanowned scattered X : This command will remove everything on the floor, including everything with X wear and everything on the dwarf bodies. It will also keep a steady FPS when in mature fort. All of that crap bloats up your bedroom cupboards, registers as “owned,” and is generally a hassle. Assure that the only permanent dump location is underneath a bridge. Don’t stress about selling it; it is hard to designate it for trade and isn’t worth much. Atom crush everything.
  • source : This command to be used when you need magma/ source of water.
  • dwarfvet enable Animal hospital : a simple hospital zone for training and doctoring animals in Dwarf Fortress.


These were some of the commands and cheats for the Dwarf Forest game. It might not work in the future (when the new update is pushed) because these are just backdoors due to current bugs and issues, but they may work for the time being. Anyway, it is advised to play the game without any cheats or commands. This will boost the experience of the gameplay and the player’s spirit.


  1. Okay, so how do we open console command menu? What’s the key or keys to do that, knowing the commands is all well and good, but if you didn’t explain the first most important step then it is all in vain.

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