Dysmantle Console Commands And Cheats

Even Dysmantle is still on Early-Access, the map is big and takes you quite some time to explore the world. Variety of enemies to encounter, combat is fun, and you got many craft trees you can unlock with your experience level. This is what other dev games should do if they want to release an early-access game.

Dysmantle is a great RPG with a good storyline game, but it is quite boring to play the game without knowing the console commands and cheats. So, did you know the cheats for this game? If your answer is no, then my friend, you are in the right place as here we will explain some console commands and cheats that you can use in the Dysmantle. So, let’s get started with it.

Dysmantle Console Commands And Cheats

Dysmantle Console Commands And Cheats

Although there are many cheats and commands available for PC users, but unfortunately, right now, we do not have any Dysmantle console command. However, for console commands, you can simply bookmark this page as soon we will add cheats and commands for Dysmantle for the console players. Anyways, let’s take a look at what type of cheats we have for you that you can use if you are playing this game on your PC:

Resource  Code
999x resources naI7H8JYv
credits nXGFbiHNq
starter pack r0s2CfNBW
unlock map mWejW45H0
booster pack 7GGe4E2Tf
recipes OeMro3Bbp
daily gift bag x10 NVpQilCHH
Month Card x1 AsNjBJzNI
upgrade dA4JTbuMV
supply boxes xX2ClyQaL
secret combination code 07RM0r8xZ
pet gvsn2Ptsi
credits FnocMmaUW
premium equipment J43077iRm
level up 5T96kP8SK
weekly box E1p8I20dB
unlimited backpack zPb82X1vI
multiplayer mode NMTejRYR6

Some Additional Dysmantle Commands:

These all codes are redeemable that you can redeem in-game. So, let’s take a look at them:

  1. FF3eHV5KrHDLrH3
  2. fTnMzvAeocrpvKf
  3. eG78pQ36ysWZLCV
  4. ocLcwshFsqrz5qy
  5. 4WQxGtweunenHbt

Some Basic Hack Tips For Dysmantle

In order to strike and destroy the objects in the game, you can use your mouse left button. Also, it is suggested to break through the obstacles and upgrade the crowbar tool. However, in case you want to strike a power attack when locked to a melee target, you need to press and down the LMB.

Thereafter, once you level up, simply return to the campfire and try to invent a brand new recipe to start your journey further as it helps you in that journey. Also, if you don’t know, then camping in the Dysmantle will help you restore your health and refill uses for equipped items. The crafted object is a trinket. Therefore, it has unique effects when equipped with a trinket slot. Meanwhile, we suggest you craft more trinkets in order to unlock more slots.

From Author’s Desk

So, these were some Dysmantle console commands and cheats. Although right now we do not have some commands and cheats for consoles, we assure you that we will soon add some working codes in this guide. So, it is suggested to bookmark this page. Anyway, that’s it for now. But, comment below for some additional pieces of information. 

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