Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes (March 2024)

Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant is the newest game in the smartphone market with a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG theme where you are responding to leading humanity’s last hope, through a difficult rage world. In this game, you’re a special hero called an Awakener, and your job is to help a group of strong girls known as the Kemono Girl Cases. These Kemono Girls are essential because they offer hope in this broken world. As you play, you’ll collect magical energy called Mana and team up with different Kemono Girls, each with their special powers.

With a staggering community of over 5 million players, primarily from the SEA regions, Echocalypse has captured hearts globally. Its strategic depth and the gacha mechanics reminiscent of beloved anime games make it an irresistible proposition for game lovers. If you love games with anime-style characters and strategic challenges, you shouldn’t miss Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant free redeem codes. These codes give you extra items and money to help you progress faster in the game.

Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes (December 2023)

What Are Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes

The Scarlet Covenant is a popular game you can play on your Android or iPhone. Made by a company called Yoozoo from Singapore, this game takes you to a world that’s fallen apart after a big disaster. The game has become really popular, especially in places like Southeast Asia, with millions of players enjoying its challenges. It’s all about building a powerful team of Kemono Girls, using your skills to win battles, and discovering more about this intriguing post-apocalyptic world.

In the game, you need stuff to bring in new characters, make them stronger, boost them up, and make them even more powerful. Doing all these things always needs a lot of things, and it’s not easy to get them if you’re playing for free. Now, while the game gives you many rewards to start, you’ll always need more resources. This means you’ll need items to make your team stronger, unlock new characters, and win battles. And here’s where the Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes come into play.

Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes

Even though the game gives new players lots of rewards, there’s always a big need for resources. Players are always trying to get more items, upgrade their characters, or boost them for fights, always feeling like they need more resources. So, grab those codes, team up with your favorite characters, and dive into the adventure!

Latest Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes (March 2024)

If you love anime games on your phone or computer, you shouldn’t skip Echocalypse. Playing as an Awakener means teaming up with many strong and adorable Kemono Girls to save humanity. To succeed in battles, grab the latest Echocalypse redeem codes below for great items and discover more about this world after the big disaster!

Update 02, March 2024: We have added the latest Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes, which you can use to redeem in-game awards.

Codes Description Status
NEWYEAR2024 Iridimorphite x500, Outfit Voucher x20 and 2024New Year Frame (Valid till January 31) Expired
wa4y4d05qs unlock 10 SSR Affinity Gift Chests and 60 Iridimorphite Working Codes
wa4y4d12kn 20 Nurture Solution III and 2 Echo Crystal Flake Working Codes
ECHO2024 Happy New Year frame, 100 Iridimorphite, and 2 Nutrient Solution as a reward Working Codes
FBFRIENDS unlock 500 Iridimorphite Working Codes
GRYPH17 earn 30,000 Tribute Points, 100 Iridimorphite, and 5 Random SSR Affinity Gift Bags Working Codes
ECHO777 10,000 Tribute Points, Sil Bio-Chip x20, Augment Protocol x10, Mission Data III x20, Iridimorphite x100 Expired
jd93jp92sa Mission Data IV x10 Generic Bio-Chip III x5 Expired
gn8yz39k Shifter Material x1 SSR Fragment Selection Chest x10 Expired
ECHO888 Redeem for Augment Protocol, Tribute Points, Iridimorphite, & more! Expired
DrAiken17 Redeem for Augment Protocol, Tribute Points, Iridimorphite, Mission Data, & more! Expired
fg38yc92kh Redeem gift code for free Rewards SEA version Expired
GUINESGIFT Redeem for Augment Protocol, Tribute Points, Iridimorphite, Mission Data, & more! Expired
WINTER2023 A Bowl of Dold Winter x1, Proof of Bond x2, Solar Term Background – Winter Solstice x1 Expired
CHRISMASDAY Redeem Gift code for global version Expired
ECHOXMAS2023 various Christmas-themed items (New) Expired
VIRGOLIBRA: Virgo and Libra avatar frame
GUINESGIFT Shifter Material (Elemono Augment material) x1 Special Equipment Component Selection Chest x10 Expired
OATHOFLOVE Levia’s Oath Outfit “Captivating Melody” via Oath Levia, Chiraha, Nile Avatars Expired
87FNX2JL3FNV Crystalline Cells x200 Mission Data IV x5 Expired
MOUNTAINSDAY Conch Shell x300 (Anubis Event Currency) Furniture Landscape Painting Fenriru Emoji Set Expired
DCTANABATA77 Cancer avatar frame Expired
4DNX7U9LS34G Honey Cake x300 + Echo Crystal Flake x1 Expired
TANABATA77 Qixi Wish Note x20 (Affection Gift Item) Generic Bio-Chip III x5 Expired
X7NSW9AK3DF6 Generic Bio-Chip III x5 Expired
F7SJVHE0Y3K2 Firearm Magazine x500 (Vera Event Currency) Generic Bio-Chip III Expired
MasterSPARKS Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards Expired

These codes are entirely free, safe, and offers you many rewards at no cost! We’ve tested all the Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant codes above, and they work as of now. Remember, you can use each redeem code only once per account.

Are Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes Safe

If you’re having trouble using the Echocalypse The Scarlet Covenant codes, they might have expired. It’s disappointing when a code doesn’t work, isn’t it? Before posting them here, we check each code to ensure you get valid offers. Knowing these codes can expire, we make sure to update quickly to avoid any missed chances. The above codes we share come directly from Official Discord servers and are completely safe to use.

How To Redeem Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes

If you’ve begun playing the mobile game Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant, you might be searching for codes to redeem in the game. If you redeem the above-shared codes by following the steps below:

  • Open Echocalypse on your device and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your Profile icon at the top left.

  • Select “Basic Data” and then click on the “Redeem Code” button.
  • Enter a code from the list above. Please note that the codes are case sensitive.

  • Your rewards will be in your in-game mailbox.

Where To Get Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes

There are easy ways to get codes if you want free stuff in Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant. First, join the game’s Discord server. Without extensive registration, you can dive into the ‘Redeem Code’ channel, ensuring they’re updated with both active and expired codes by enabling notifications.

Also, follow the game on Twitter as they provide timely updates on giveaways and exclusive offers. Don’t forget to check the Echocalypse website regularly for new codes. Plus, you’ll earn more free items and rewards as you play the game and complete missions.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Codes (March 2024). With all the latest codes we shared above, you can bring back peace to the world by gathering Mana from different groups, concentrating on your growth, and battling alongside your Kemono female allies in a post-apocalyptic setting. These codes are based on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to redeem them instantly and visit us for more updates.

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