Elden Ring Heretical Rise Puzzle Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen Guide

The Elden Ring game is a game that offers players a tonne of riddles to complete. Most players have trouble solving a riddle in the Elden Ring game. “Falling Snow Indicates Something Unseen” is the name of this puzzle.

To unlock the seal in the tower, an Elden Ring gamer will need to resolve this puzzle. The Heretical Rise locale is the main focus of this in-game puzzle. This tower may be found just west of the frozen lakes in the Giants region’s mountaintops.

However, some users are looking for how to solve the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle. If you are also searching for the same, don’t worry; this guide will help you. This guide will discuss how you can solve the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle in Elden Ring. So, read the full guide to learn about the puzzle. And now, let’s check out the guide.

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How You Can Find The Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen Puzzle in Elden Ring?

First, you must take the path into the graveyard west of the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. Now, a little portion of a shattered bridge may be seen stretching toward the wizard tower. While it cannot be seen, the bridge extends towards the tower.

How You Can Traverse The Invisible Bridge And Solve The Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen Puzzle?

According to the riddle “Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen” in Elden Ring, if snow covers the bridge, you may see a spectral imprint on its surface. Now, you will have to go roughly two-thirds of the way over the unseen bridge to the wall of the tower. To determine whether or not there is more bridge, you will have to throw Rainbow Stones down in front of you.

After that, you must make a sharp left at the two-thirds mark to move upward. A couple of spirit trees close to the cliffside may be seen across from the ramp-up if you turn around and look at the valley below. You must continue using the rainbow stones to direct your path even further.

You will see the shattered railing on a balcony heading into the tower immediately but try not to approach it immediately. When the walkway is nearly perpendicular to the shattered railing, bend slightly to the right to enter the tower.

Upon inside the tower, the Heretical Rise location notification will appear on your screen. Even though the front door has opened, a few Marionette adversaries will still spam you with dozens of attacks as soon as you enter the room. Go towards the entrance, which should be unlocked, and either eliminate them or let them kill you. A chest containing the founding Rain of Stars sorcery is located at the peak of the Rise.


This was all for the guide on how to solve the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen puzzle. We hope that with this guide’s help, you can complete it and enjoy the game. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below so that we can help you solve your questions and provide you with a helpful guide on it. Also, for more such helpful guides on Elden Ring, do check out our website.

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