How to Get elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising contains a lot of different items, resources, and materials such as Zeus’ Lightning, the Coins of Charon, Elektrum, etc. Most of these items in the game might be easy for you to grab. However, Elektrum is more of a strange element in the game. What makes it strange is the fact that it is easy to find it but the entire process might prove a bit tricky.

If you wish to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising, then note the fact that you can only get your hands on it in a very specific way. Unlike other materials, you’re gonna need a bit of a walkthrough to make you better understand how things work. For this purpose, we have our guide on how to Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising to help you out.

How to Get elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising

In order to get yourself Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’re gonna have to do live tasks for Hermes. Hermes is in the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Once you get yourself in this palace away from Typhon’s gaze, you’ll meet Hermes who will show you a board that contains two columns. These columns will display the tasks that you can do for Hermes and you’ll see all the basic tasks on the left column and the right column displays all the other live tasks. The basic tasks on the left will reward you with in-game currencies like Ambrosia and Coins of Charon. On the other hand, the tasks on the right will get you Elektrum.

The live tasks on the right, as the name suggests, will require an active internet connection to play. These tasks will serve different purposes and will include different sorts of missions like killing specific enemies, collect materials, participate in races, complete vaults, etc. The live tasks you’ll find here won’t all reward you with a great amount of Elektrum. What we’re talking about is only a small amount. However, some tasks like the restrictive vault ones will yield out a tiered amount of Elektrum. This amount depends on how well you complete the task.

In order to take part in these tasks, all you have to do is accept them. After accepting, you’ll find its respective icon on the map. Simply look for it and complete the task. After successfully completing the tasks, return to Herme’s board to collect your reward.

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