How to Fix Error Code 1000005 in DIGIMON ReArise

DIGIMON ReArise is a fun, action-packed and thrilling RPG game. Depending upon its story like, you enter into a world of Digimons and battles. As in the developer’s perspective, the game is more about creating bonds and friendship, rather than winning battles. Made with the ever-expanding horde of colorful creatures in-game, DIGIMON ReArise the all-time favorite battling game for millions of hearts.

Although the game is indeed fun to mess with, it has its flaws. Over the past few months, many users have reported the error code “1000005”. The developer hasn’t yet come up with an official solution to this. But we, however, deduct the error originates with the trouble from the user’s end. However, there are potential fixes you can try applying to get around this. So without further ado, let’s see how to fix error code 1000005 in DIGIMON ReArise.


Steps to Fix the Error Code 1000005 in DIGIMON ReArise

The error code we’re looking at here sources towards connection issues. That means you’re experiencing the error code because there’s something wrong with your network connection. It’s either unstable, too slow to load, etc. Below are the methods you can try applying, which will potentially solve the issue.

  1. Make sure your network connection is working fine: Since the error code is for network problems, the first thing you can do is to check your network is doing fine. Just open any other internet demanding application, like YouTube, and see if it loads up fast. If you have a network issue, the loading up speed will be slow. In this instance, disconnect your network and connect again, or perhaps try a little bit later.
  2. Clear the app cache and data: If your network proves to be working fine, then the next step is to clear your DIGIMON ReArise app cache and data. App cache is the temporary data that the app accumulates for its functioning, and app data is the basic set of data the app collects as you progress through the app. If either of these data goes corrupt, your experience with the game will get horrible. To do so, go to your application settings in phone settings, find you, DIGIMON ReArise application, and clear cache or data. Be advised that clearing your app data will reset the app settings and files to default, erasing all the entire data of the application you’ve made up to date.
  3. Reinstall the application: If none of the above methods are doing the job for you, then this is potentially the last and only fix you can apply. If that’s the case, then your source data for DIGIMON ReArise might be corrupted. To fix this, the only thing you can do is to uninstall and install the app again. But be aware that uninstalling the applications erases all your app’s data from the phone, and the application as a whole will be removed from your device. To do this, go to your phone’s application settings, find the game and uninstall it.

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The first thing to make sure is that your internet is working properly. Make sure the network connections you’re on are fast enough and most importantly stable. Since the latter code concerns with the network connection, it is the basic step you have to watch out for. The developer hasn’t yet come up with any official solution regarding the issue but we assume this guide, for the most part, will help you.

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