Fix: ESPN Plus Not Working on Roku, Hulu, Firestick, XFinity, and Apple TV

ESPN was the go-to sports channel from our childhood. We enjoyed watching different types of sports live streams on this platform when it was available only for the TV. But, as years have passed, many of us do not prefer watching the age-old cable TV channels as most of the content is available on the internet. Keeping this in mind, big TV giants like ESPN, HBO, Disney, etc., have launched their applications on different types of media streaming devices. These applications run with the help of the internet and provide us with seamless experiences like cable TV.

ESPN Plus, the official streaming app from ESPN, is very popular among users and works on all media streaming devices. According to reports, the ESPN Plus app is facing some difficulties working on some devices. This article will discuss some possible fixes for ESPN Plus not working on Roku, Hulu, Firestick, XFinity, and Apple TV. Make sure to follow all the steps so that you don’t end up with any errors.

ESPN Plus Not Working on Samsung and LG Smart TV

Why is ESPN Plus Not Working on Roku, Hulu, Firestick, XFinity, and Apple TV?

There can be several reasons why this app is not working on various media streaming devices. Sometimes it can be an error in the application itself, like a wrong piece of code being deployed to production, or sometimes there might be an issue in the device itself. We will discuss different types of issues with these devices or the app with their probable fixes. Here are several common issues that might happen:

  • A bug in the app or the device.
  • Any type of Internet issues.
  • Your IP is getting blocked with ESPN Plus Network.
  • Unused cache file containing a bug.
  • An issue with the current version of your device or the app.

We will discuss fixes for all possible issues for every device. However, there might be some device-specific issues that we will discuss in the particular device section. We will start with the device-specific issues and then go for the common issues in a single section. Let’s start with how to fix ESPN Plus on Roku first.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Roku?

There can be several issues that might cause this issue. So, if ESPN is not working even after restarting your Roku, here are some other methods that you can try:

  • Try to Reinstall the ESPN Plus App

We know that you have tried restarting your Roku device, but that didn’t work. However, there might be an issue with some missing files or even a broken version of the ESPN Plus app itself. So, it is a good move to reinstall the ESPN Plus app on your device and see if it works or not.

  • Reset the Roku device itself

If doing the previous tweak didn’t help you, try to reset your Roku device and do a fresh start with it. It might fix the issue with ESPN Plus and fix issues with other apps too, if there were any.

  • Check for any Physical Damage.

There might be a possibility of any physical damage to the device itself. Try to recognize if it has happened with your device or not. If you feel there is any damage, you can contact Roku customer support itself.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Hulu?

Disney has allowed Hulu to stream ESPN Plus content on the app itself. This was a great help for all the users. However, it is being seen that ESPN Plus is not working on Hulu sometimes. Here are several possibilities that might cause the issue:

  • Make sure you have a Hulu Subscription

According to Disney, you must have the Disney+ bundle that contains Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ to watch ESPN Plus on the Hulu app. So make sure you have the required subscription.

  • Re-login to your account

If you already have the required subscription, make sure you have signed in to your account through the Hulu app. If you are already logged in, try to log out and log in, as there might be some unused cache files or tokens that cannot fetch your account details.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Firestick?

Firestick is the streaming device by Amazon. It is in the market for a long time and has captured a large area of the market. ESPN Plus works on this device too. However, there are reports of failures of the app on the Firestick devices, and here’s how you can fix them:

  • Activate ESPN Plus on Firestick

Before you start watching, you must sign in to your ESPN Plus account using TV Code. You can follow the official guide to activate ESPN Plus on Firestick.

  • Update the Firestick

An outdated software version can cause ESPN Plus to not work on the Firestick. In this case, you have to update your Firestick device to the latest version so that it can run with all the required packages to run anything.

  • Force close ESPN Plus App

There might be cases when your device might hang, and hence any app can stop working, take ESPN Plus in this case. To overcome this issue, we have to force close the ESPN Plus app and re-run the app and check if it is working or not.

  1. Open your Firestick settings from the home screen.
  2. Then head over to Applications.
  3. After that, go to Manage Installed Applications and find the ESPN app.
  4. Now you will see an option as Force stop.
  5. Now you have to hit the Force stop button to perform the same.
  6. Finally, you can now reopen the app and see if the issue persists or not.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Xfinity?

XFinity is comparatively a newer device. As a matter of luck, ESPN Plus also works on the Device. You just have to have a working ESPN Plus subscription and you are good to go. However, some issues are reported regarding ESPN Plus not working on XFinity devices. If you are one of them who own an XFinity Device and tend to use ESPN Plus but facing issues doing so, here are some tweaks that you can perform:

  • Check for connectivity issues

Many reports have claimed that there were network issues that caused ESPN Plus to not work on their XFinity device. You can try reconnecting to the network from your device and check if the issue persists or not.

  • Make sure your region supports both XFinity and ESPN Plus

There are some regions which do not support either XFinity or ESPN Plus. In some cases, both are not supported by the region. Try to look around and check if both of these are available in your region or not.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working on Apple TV?

Apple TV is one of the most popular and most used streaming devices throughout the Globe. It has a load of supported apps to use and it falls under the well-known Apple Ecosystem. Above all, Apple TV provides the best streaming quality without any loss. However, it is being seen that while running ESPN Plus, Apple TV is facing some issues for which viewers are unable to watch the content seamlessly. We have discussed some of the possible issues and their fixes for your ease.

  • Update the ESPN Plus App

Just like other devices, an outdated app can cause issues with playing the content seamlessly. Try to update the ESPN Plus app from the Apple TV App Store and see if any issue persists or not.

  • Reinstall the ESPN App

Apple TV does not have any feature to clear any app’s data. So, you have to perform a reinstallation of the app to get rid of any unused data that might cause any problems with streaming media.

  • Check all connections

Sometimes a bad connection, both network and HDMI, can cause issues with DRM and other things. If you feel there is any, try to plug it out, clean the ports, and again plug them in the correct places.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working: Fix Common Problems

There are a bunch of common problems for each device that might cause ESPN to not work. We have tried to cover a few of them. You might wish to perform these tweaks, and these should do the work pretty well.

  • Try Restarting your Router

Sometimes, our Routers get heated up, causing a failure in connecting to the server. In these cases, try turning off your router and turning it on again. After it is booted up, check if the issue persists or not,

  • Make sure your IP is not blocked.

This is a very common issue in recent times. Many websites disable access from a set of IPs that they think can harm their system. If you see that you can access every other website but not ESPN Plus, you can contact your ISP and talk about the issue.

  • ESPN Server is Down

With the rise of Internet users and internet problems, many websites are getting slowed down or facing downtime. There might be cases where there might be issues with ESPN itself. If you think ESPN is facing any downtime, you can check it on Downdetector and contact ESPN for any solutions.

  • Any type of Hardware Issues

If you think there is nothing wrong and you have checked it with all the abovementioned steps, there might be chances that your device has any hardware issues. If you can fix it on your own, you can do it. However, in the worst case, you can try contacting Customer Support for your device and get a resolution for the same.


We have tried to cover all the possible problems and their solutions for the streaming devices. We have also tried to provide solutions for the common problems that usually occur on every device. If performing these does not help you, you can visit your nearest service center too.


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