How to Extract Boot Image from Realme Firmware

Realme devices are getting so much popular these days due to their price to hardware specification ratio apart from improved features and tough competition to other budget or mid-budget segment smartphone brands. Previously smartphone OEMs provide a simple compressed firmware file to extract but now OEMs offer OZIP, BIN, etc formats. If you’re a Realme device user, you can check How to Extract Boot Image from Realme Firmware.

Due to Android customizations, users are more interested in flashing third-party firmware, installing modules, installing root access via Magisk, etc. Obviously, your device will have a superpower after enabling root access on it. But having root using Magisk requires a stock boot image file of the stock firmware. That’s why extracting the OZIP format Realme stock ROM file is necessary if you want to get the stock boot.img file, vendor patch, etc.

How to Extract Boot Image from Realme Firmware

Why do we need a boot image?

As we’ve just mentioned in the above paragraph, the stock boot.img file is required to be patched via the Magisk Manager app on your Android device and then you can install root via flashing that patched boot image file using the Fastboot command. So, boot.img file is one of the most important parts if you don’t want to use TWRP recovery.

Plenty of users mostly prefer to go with the Magisk rooting process rather than flashing Magisk Installer ZIP via TWRP. Stock Boot Image file is a necessary part of the firmware file that includes a set of codes to be run on the device every time you turn on your phone. Therefore, it always comes with the stock firmware file from the manufacturer in a compressed file. For Realme and OPPO devices, it’s compressed in OZIP format.

Steps to Extract Boot Image From Realme OZIP Firmware

As usual, this method also goes through a couple of requirements that we’ve mentioned below. It’s really important to properly follow and implement all steps one by one as mentioned in this article.

Warning: GetDroidTips won’t be held responsible for any kind of error or damage that may happen on your device by following this guide. This guide is applicable for Realme devices only and ensures to take a complete data backup before doing anything else. You should know what you’re doing and proceed at your own risk.


  • First of all, you’ll require a computer and a USB data cable to connect your handset with the PC.
  • Second, make sure to download the latest Python software on your PC.

  • Next, download the OZIP DecryptTool (Github link).
    • Head over to this link and click on the Code option > Click the Download ZIP button to start the download.

Now, you’re ready to follow extract steps to easily extract the OZIP firmware file.

Step 1: Install Python on PC:

  • Once you have downloaded it on your PC, make sure to install it just like other Windows apps.


  1. Tap the Install Now button to install it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once installation is done, you’ll see the ‘Setup was successful’ screen. Now, click on Close to exit the window.

Keep this location in mind


YOURNAME refers to PC name

At the time of my installation, the python version was 39, so if you are installing 40, then it must be Python40

Step 2: Extract OZIP Decrypt Tool:

  • After installing the python, you can extract the ozip_decrypt_tool zip to your python folder:


  • Just open the downloaded zip file and select the 4 files and extract it to the python location given above.

  • After moving those 4 files, it’ll look like the screenshot below.

Step 3: Run Command Prompt:

  • Head over to the Python location


  • Now, click on the URL location and type CMD, and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt window.

Step 4: Installing Pycryptodome and Docopt

If you have opened the command prompt screen, then now we need to install the Pycryptodome and Docopt by typing the following command. You can copy-paste the command to your cmd window.

  • First, install the Pycryptodome by executing the command below:
python -m pip install pycryptodome

  • If it shows a successfully installed screen, you can now enter the next command to install the docopt:
python -m pip install docopt

  • After successfully installing both, you can follow the next step to extract the Realme OZIP Stock ROM file.

Step 4: Installing Extract OZIP Firmware:

Make sure you’ve moved the firmware ozip file to the installed python folder location. Once moved, try renaming the ozip file name to something like realme.ozip or firmware.ozip (for example).

Once done, you will have to run the following command to decrypt the ozip and create a standard zip file of it.

python realme.ozip

  • Now, you can open the installed python directory and check for the newly created zip file (converted from OZIP). So, it should look like [Whatever you renamed the ozip file before, the converted zip will show the same name]

  • Just open the zip file or extract it into a separate folder that will contain all the internal firmware and system files like a stock boot.img, vendor patch file, system patch, etc.

  • You’re done. Now, if you only want the stock boot.img file for Magisk rooting then simply copy/paste the boot.img file to a different location as a backup.
  • Finally, start patching the boot.img file with Magisk.

This is how you can extract all files including the stock boot image file from the Realme Stock Firmware (OZIP) file.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. after is how I can install this on my phone?I have real me x3 I Downloaded everything.And after this what to do?

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