Fall Guys Infallible Trophy and Achievements Guide

Fall guys have several trophies for PS4 players and achievements for PC(Steam) players. Some of them are quite easy, but there is a particular one that is almost impossible to get. This is the Infallible trophy and achievement. Now, this is not just an exaggeration as even the developers have admitted that getting this particular trophy and achievement is nearly impossible. But that does not mean that no player has the Infallible trophy and achievement.

There are a few players who were able to get it, so it is not that impossible. But can anyone get it? Is there a way to get this achievement or trophy. We will try to look for an answer to these questions as we take a more in-depth look into the matter. We will start with what are the requirements for the Infallible trophy or achievement and see why the developers claim it is close to impossible to get.

Fall Guys Infallible Trophy and Achievements Guide

How to get Fall Guys Infallible trophy/achievement?

To earn the Infallible trophy/achievement, a player needs to win five shows in a row. Winning five shows in a row may seem like an easy task when you consider the number, but there is more to it.

In every show, you will have to battle it out with a total of 59 other players. So winning five shows in a row means winning against a total of 295 players without being defeated even once. And on top of that, each show will consist of 5 rounds each. So you have to make it through 25 rounds undefeated to get this achievement. So five may be a smaller number, but when it comes to getting this trophy or achievement, it is more than enough to regard this as impossible.

Now, if the game was entirely based on skills, then things could have been different. But with skills, you need a fair amount of luck too in this game if you want to win in a row. So the chance of you being lucky for 25 rounds in a row is a bit too much to ask.

Still, there are a few things that you can try from your side to ensure that you give yourself a chance. Firstly, don’t use a mouse and keyboard for the gameplay. Get a controller as it will make things easier. Secondly, play with a team as it will increase your chances of winning as a whole. And then finally, make sure that you stay in front of the pack and play a risk-free game.

But these are all just tips, though. To get the Infallible trophy/achievement, you will have to rely a lot on luck too. Many players had spent hours and hours trying to get this achievement, while some got it even when they were not aiming for it. So it all boils down to your luck in the game.

Fall Guys Infallible Trophy and Achievements Guide

Sometimes there are glitches in games that make things easier for the players, but that is not the case with Fall Guys here. There is no other way around this. You will have to win five shows in a row, and there is no way to ensure that you only get the best and comfortable rounds in every show.

In the future, there is a chance that the developers might think about the players a bit and provide a workaround for this achievement or trophy. But as of now, it is pretty tough or close to impossible to get this Infallible trophy or achievement.

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