All Fasnacht Day Masks and Rarities in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 earlier was not that popular until the release of its latest update of Wastelanders. Since its launch, the game has always been a crowd attracter in the gaming world. Now Fallout 76 is hosting its yearly Fasnacht Day event until June 9th, and we want to help make sure that players are able to make the best of it. We will cover the basics of the Fasnacht Day quest, showcase all its valuable masks along with their rarities, and how players can get them. But before directly jumping into that, let’s give you some more information regarding the game.

Fallout 76 was released back in the year 2018 for all the major platforms. The game combines the elements of an action role-playing game along with some multiplayer aspects. The game is well received among the audience, mostly due to the fact that they have introduced the Non-Playing Characters in the game, which were most wanted. In-game, they are popularly known as alloys. So that’s enough to tell you all about the popularity and reception of the game. Now let’s get started with Fasnacht Day Masks and Rarities.

Fasnacht Day Quest in Fallout 76

In order for players to get started on their Fasnacht Day quest, they must first head over to Helvetia, as shown in the map below. Players might notice a special quest-marker that will signal the event for them, but in case players don’t find it. They can always check the map given below.

All Fasnacht Day Masks and Rarities in Fallout 76

The Fasnacht Parade kicks off once every hour at the end of each hour. This means, unlike in the past years, players will not be able to server hop through this event. Players may feel a difference in a minute-to-minute basis in case they missed the start of the parade by server hopping. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to reap any rewards by it.

In any case, once players do see the quest, they can get themselves involved in the festivities by interacting with the Master of Ceremonies. If players arrive there earlier than anticipated, do not rush into the quest immediately until the crew has been properly assembled first. Going through the quest solo, will not guarantee an opportunity to get a hold of any of the rare masks.

Sub-Quests in Fasnacht Day

The aim of the quest is to get the robots prepared for the parade by successfully finishing all the sub-quests in the region.

  • Cheerful Beekeeper – Can be located in Honey Haus. Players must get rid of the honey beasts that are attacking.
  • Happy Candlemaker – Can be located in Post Office. Players have to donate 10 bees-wax from the Honey Haus.
  • Gleeful Butcher – Located in the center building. Players must donate 12 animal intestines and also kill all the critters nearby and drop their intestines in the butcher’s box.
  • Jolly Baker – Can be found in Egg Clusters around the nearby river or around the Radtoads, once they spawn. Players need to give 20 Radtoad Eggs.
  • Convivial Historian – Located in a back building. Players need to give 12 old Fasnacht steins for analysis in the museum.
  • Joyous Musician – Play any kind of music at the staging area.
  • Jubilant Decorator – Start decorating the barn.
  • Merry Woodsman – Add at least 50 pieces of wood into his bonfire.

Players will be able to perform some of the tasks mentioned above easily. But some may take more time and effort once players have started in the parade, its one big escort game for the beginning to the end of the route. Players must keep the five robots alive throughout the journey by protecting them against dangers. In doing so, players will stand to earn valuable rewards. Once all the enemies are taken care of, the awards will be dropped, and the Master of Ceremonies will ask the player to light the effigy of Old Man Winter.

Additionally, players will also receive schematics for the Beer Steins display Case and Fasnacht Souvenir Beer Stein, if it’s their first time. These can only be earned once and can’t be traded with either.

Fasnacht Day Masks and Rarities in Fallout 76

Fasnacht Day is all about the masks. Players can finally get a hold of some of the most elusive masks in Fallout 76. Fortunately, players will be happy to see that this year’s drop rates are much higher than before.

Common Masks

These masks drop 50% if any four robots survive the parade and 23.65% if all 5 make it through the parade. Individual masks for 1-2 robots drop at 10%, for 3-4 robots at 10% and for five robots at 4.75%

  • Fasnacht Solider Mask
  • Fasnacht Toothy Man Mask
  • Fasnacht Witch Mask
  • Fasnacht Giant Mask
  • Fasnacht Owl Mask

UnCommon Masks

These masks drop 50% if 3 or 4 robots survive the parade and 71.25% if all 5 make it through the parade. Individual masks for 3-4 robots drop at 10% and for five robots at 14.25%

  • Fasnacht Jester Mask
  • Fasnacht Sun Mask
  • Fasnacht Skull Mask
  • Fasnacht Beret Mask
  • Fasnacht Goblin Mask

Rare Masks

These masks drop a 5% rate only if all 5 make it through the parade. Individual masks for each robot drop at 1% for all.

  • Fasnacht Raven Mask
  • Fasnacht Deathclaw Mask
  • Fasnacht Winter Man Mask
  • Fasnacht Crazy Guy Mask
  • Fasnacht Winter Helmet

That’s all we had for you in Fasnacht Day Masks and Rarities. This guide will help the players of Fallout 76 who are looking for the Fasnacht Day guide. We hope this guide helped you. If you think the same, go and check out our latest iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips, and Tricks. Moreover, you may also subscribe to our very own YouTube Channel and participate in the $150 giveaway contest. However, if you have any queries or feedback, do comment down below with your name and e-mail ID. Thank You!

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