Farthest Frontier Best Crops to Grow

Farthest Frontier is a very interesting game which is developed and published by Crate Entertainment. The game brings very different gameplay. In this game, the player will be given a town that they have to build from scratch. The game is very strategic based as you have to take all the decisions so the town can become a developed town. Along with it, the player will have to guide the people in building houses, hunting animals, fishing, harvesting raw materials, and a lot more.

The player will have to protect their town from outside unwanted threats. There are a lot of strategic things that the players have to do in the game. As you have to develop the town, there are many important things you can do in the town. Crops are one of them. The players have to harvest the crop by which the villages will be developed properly. For that, you have to know about the best crops in the game. We are here with that. This guide will tell you about the best crops to grow in Farthest Frontier for developing the town.

Farthest Frontier

Best Crops to Grow in Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier

The Farthest Frontier is very much a strategic-based game where you have to work on developing the town from scratch. We all know that there are a lot of things required for developing a town. You will need to make houses, do the harvesting, hunt, and a lot more. This thing will let the town develop economically as well as it will help the people of the town to grow.

Harvesting is one of the important factors for developing the town. You will have to use the best crop rotation system so that you can grow the best crops in the game. So, we are here with the best crops that you can grow in Farthest Frontier. We will also tell you essential information which will be related to crops. Make sure to check them below.

How To Create a Farm in the Game

Farthest Frontier


The crops are one of the important things available in the game. It depends on various reasons to grow. As the growth of crops depends upon the summer heating temperature and winter cold temperature. So, you have to keep knowledge of them. Along with it, the disease and size also impact the crops in the game. Therefore, we will tell you about creating the farm with the best crops that will be helping you in growing your town.

As you will need a crop field in the game to grow the crops. It is one of the simple steps as you do not have to do a lot of things. You just have to go to the “Building” section which is available in the right corner. After choosing, you have to open the “Food Production” subsection. Now, you will get options to start the crop field, so click on that to start the building process.

When you are creating the farm, make sure that it covers at least a 5×5 area. You can create a farm field of up to 12×12 areas. When you are creating a field, make sure to check its fertility. You can check by pressing “F” on the keyboard. The greener will be the land, the most it will be fertile. So, make sure to choose the much greener land. You will also get access to see the stats of the land like fertility, soil condition, requirements, and much more. So, check all the stats, and after it, create the farm field.

Types of Crops in the Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier Crops

There are 12 types of crops available in the game. However, only eleven of them are crops that you can use and one is maintenance which is Latter. The latter can be used to sustain your field by removing unnecessary weeds and rocks from it. Now, take a look at the types of crops and their details.

  • Beans: It is one of the good sources of food which can be stored for a long time without getting bad. If you are going to grow this on your field, then it will improve the soil fertility which is very beneficial for the land.
  • Cabbage: Cabbage requires high soil fertility and it is very good for growing in both summer and winter. So, it is also good to grow this in your field without thinking about the weather.
  • Buckwheat: It is a substitute for grain production. The crop comes with good heat tolerance and increases weed suppression on the field which is good for the farm field.
  • Carrot: The Carrot requires low rockiness for growth and it does not require a lot of soil fertility. The other best thing is that it can be stored for a long time.
  • Clover: It is another best crop if you are looking to increase soil fertility. It can be used for selling as well as using as a food source.
  • Flax: It is used for making clothing for the town. It is a type of hardy crop that can tolerate heat and frost very well.
  • Leeks: It is a great crop that is good at resisting heat and frost. But there are some problems with it. You can’t store it in storage for a long time and it also takes a lot of time to fully grow.
  • Peas: It is one of the great crops for the winter season. This will also help in increasing the soil fertility of the field.
  • Rye: This crop is best if you are looking to grow on low-fertility soil. It comes with great resistance to frost and heat.
  • Wheat: It takes a lot of soil fertility, however, it is very much valuable. It can be used to make flour in the town as well as beer.
  • Turnips: It takes very less time to grow this crop. It is one of the best crops because of its sturdiness and tolerance against the weather.

How To Grow Best Crop through the Crop Field Panel

The Crop Field Panel is the tool that you will be used for growing the crops. In this tool, you will get options for crop rotations, assigned workers, yield factors for the selected crop, soil mixture, and estimated yield. This will help you in analyzing your land and the crop that you should grow on it.

The Crop Field panel is very helpful for the player in growing the crops. So, we will tell you everything about it.

Crop Field

The Crop Field Panel has three consecutive years. You can also see the I, II, and III bar which is represented in the image. The first year will be the current year that you are in. Each year, only nine months will be able for farming. The last three bar represents the winter season which is not suitable for farming.

Below that, you will find info about the land. There is a specific bar for Fertility, Weed, and Rockiness. So, the higher will be the fertility bar will be good for farming. Now, the other bar which represents the weeds and rockiness will show how much weeds and rockiness have been increased on your land for which you have to do the maintenance. So, we will suggest keeping an eye on both the Weed level and Rockiness and trying to minimize it as much as possible.

There are options for adding crops through the “Click To Add Crops” option. When you click on it, then you will see the crops that are available to grow on the field. You have to choose from them. So, choose the best crops so that you will get most of them.

Best Crop Rotation Method in Farthest Frontier

Crop rotation is a very important thing for growing crops. As there are a lot of crops available in the game. However, only some of them are best to grow which will depend on the different scenarios which we are listing for you.

For starting the crop rotation method, you will have to make sure that the weed level and rockiness are under control. After this, we will set up a three-year plan for the crop field. We are doing this for different fields so that we can get a good yield from it.

For Field No. 1

  • 1st Year: Turnip, Clover, and Maintainance.
  • 2nd Year: Clover and Wheat/Flax
  • 3rd Year: Peas/Beans and Clover

After doing this, you have to be patient and think of the other things for the development of the town.

For Field No. 2

  • 1st Year: Peas/Beans and Clover
  • 2nd Year: Turnip, Clover, and Maintainance
  • 3rd Year: Clover and Wheat/Flax

For Field No. 3

  • 1st Year: Clover and Wheat/Flax
  • 2nd Year: Peas/Beans and Clover
  • 3rd Year: Turnip, Clover, and Maintainance

We hope that you will be able to get the crops for the all fields which we have mentioned. Make sure to check the weed level and rockiness of the fields regularly to avoid any issues with the yield of the crops. You will be getting a good yield from all fields which will definitely help you in growing your town.

Some Tips For You For Growing the Crops

When you are working on growing the crops then we will suggest that you should focus on proper crop rotation so that you will get most of the crops. Along with it, always try on improving soil fertility and keep protecting it from diseases. You can do this all with the help of your Crop Field Panel. So, make sure to keep an eye over there.


The Farthest Frontier is one of the most interesting games we all have seen. It has very unique gameplay that is loved by the players very much. Building a town from scratch is a very hard thing to do, so you will need a lot of analysis to play this game. You have to perform different things for your town and the people who are working there. The Crop is also a way to do this.

In this guide, we have come up with all the best crops that you can grow in the game. Along with it, we have also mentioned the crop rotation method for you through which you will be able to get a good yield from the field. Therefore, make sure to follow that. In case, if you have any doubt then let us know through the comment section which is available below.

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