Farthest Frontier Console Commands and Cheats

Farthest Frontier is a city builder survival game that is quite unique and has interesting gameplay. In this game, you have to build a town from scratch, grow food, craft different items and protect the people of the town as well. The game is quite unique, but many players might find it difficult to play the game as it’s slow by some standards. So what you can do to be a champion of the Farthest Frontier? You will need additional help with Farthest Frontier console commands and other cheat codes which will help you to ace this game.

Farthest Frontier is a mix of both worlds where you have to survive and build your city as well. The game is quite hard, and players need to grind their gameplay in order to protect their city and its people. However, grinding doesn’t always guarantee success in the game. In this guide, we are going to guide you to excel in this game with the commands and using some cheat codes which will make things easier for you.

Farthest Frontier Console Commands and Cheats

Farthest Frontier Console Commands and Cheats

The game does not come with an inbuilt cheat system where you can type some commands and cheats will be activated. Instead, you have to download third-party cheat command engines to help you safely. These are safe and will help you to excel in the game without taking the fun out of it. Down below are

Console commands for FearLess Cheat Engine

FearLess Cheat Engine is quite a new initiative, but they offer error-free console commands in form of tables. So it’s easy for players to modify certain variables inside the game to favor their gameplay. Some of the cheat codes are down below:

  • Unlimited Firewood : Gives you the ability to get unlimited wood
  • Unlimited Water : Gives you the ability to get unlimited water
  • Unlimited Food : Gives you unlimited food
  • Unlimited Tools : No restriction on tool / weaponary
  • Free Build : Can build anything without any restriction
  • Fast Build new : Build things faster
  • Enable Upgrade Button : Easy to access upgrade button
  • Increase Movement : Increase players and other NPC movement
  • Increase Vision : Increase your view field you can look far

Console commands for WeMod

WeMod is a popular cheat engine that allows you to manually change a lot of variables in the game. This allows you full flexibility over your gameplay as you can change things on the go. Some of the cheat codes are down below:

  • Unlimited Villager Health : Grants unlimited health to villagers.
  • Super Combat & Work Rate : Ability to combat easily.
  • Prevent Building Fire : Will make sure no building gets fire.
  • Ignore Building Upgrade Requirement : Upgrade building bypassing the upgrade requirements.
  • Fruit Tree Blessing : Gives villagers unlimited fruits.
  • Multiply Villager Move Speed : Increases villager walking speed.
  • Instant Build : Build things without waiting.
  • Max Cure Chance All Diseases : Increase cure chance for any existing diseases.
  • Prevent Diseases : Prevent villagers from getting any diseases.
  • Villager Stop Generating Waste : Villagers will stop throwing out trash.
  • Max Villager Diet : Fill every villager stomach.
  • Stop Losing Warmth : Villagers will not loose heat / warm in cold nights.
  • 0 Cost Build : Build things without spending game coins.
  • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop] : Stop time inside the game.
  • Unlimited Villager Happiness : Increase villager happiness index.
  • Quick Replenish Well Water : Fill all wells with water.
  • Unlimited Mineral Deposit : Increases mineral deposits in nearby mines.

How to use Farthest Frontier Console Commands and Cheats

If you have never used such cheat codes before, then dont worry. It’s as easy as changing the game settings. The first thing you have to do is to download FearLess Cheat Engine or WeMod from their official websites.

Once you download these engines, you can run them using these cheat codes. Please note that for FearLess Cheat Engine, you need to download the Farthest Frontier console cheat files. While no such files are needed for WeMod, you can use them directly.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Farthest Frontier console commands and cheats. Please note that the cheat engine will only help you to edit some game variables, but the actual game has to be played by you You can easily increase your HP points, Prevent Diseases, and get unlimited health or unlimited water and food. Overall these console commands will help you to tackle any difficult situation in the game.

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