FIFA 21: How to Skip Cutscenes

FIFA 21 is trying to tackle online players’ toxicity by eliminating such celebrations and shortening or deleting cutscenes. So that your rival will not be tempted to showboat too much when they get a target or stall for a bit. However, as with most of the players find this disturbing, we will help them to skip the cutscenes in FIFA 21.

Two celebrations, “shush” and “a-ok,” will be postponed. The “shush” is clearly irritating — as it is a moving celebration, frequently used to prolong the clipping and annoying opponents. However, the “a-ok” has more sinister consequences, as the “okay” sign has become a racial sign (and has recently been removed from Call of Duty).

What are the FIFA 21 Cutscenes?

This is the plot scenes that you will encounter several times in the game. And the fact is that there are so several that they’re daunting, so learning how to avoid them would be very helpful to all.

Some cutscenes are being reduced or eliminated, too — FIFA 21 will no longer have the “walk back” movie after scoring an online target. This will minimize the time spent watching cutscenes.

The ability to “time-wasting” is also discussed. Whereas in FIFA 20, the players had a whopping 30 seconds to complete the action during the set-pieces, those times are now significantly shortened. Kick-off now gives you 10 seconds, 12 seconds for throw-ins, 15 seconds for penalty kicks, and 20 seconds for free kicks.

Lead gaming developer Sam Rivera told Eurogamer that both of these improvements come from fans’ input, which could lead to better-flowing games. Further, he said that “Together, the goal is to keep you playing instead of doing other things that might not be important in the game.”

How to Skip Cutscenes

Skipping these cutscenes clearly differs depending on the platform you play on. To better make a difference, we assembled a table below to break down each console’s choices below.

Platform                    How to Skip Cutscenes
PS4 Press and Hold Place
Xbox Hold X
Nintendo Switch Press and hold Y

If you hold down Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, or Y on Nintendo Switch, a little circle should start filling up in the bottom corner of the screen. This means that you’re on the right step to skipping the scene.

Just keep track of the button down. When it’s over, the cutscene will skip, and you’ll be able to leap back into the FIFA 21 gameplay. This also works beyond Volta for cutscenes relevant to GA’s pick-up, including each play’s introduction and conclusion.

Holding down these keys, depending on the gaming platform, will make a tiny circle appear that fills the lower-left corner. And you will have to hold the button pressing until the circle is full, after which point the scene will be skipped.

That’s everything you need to hear on how to skip FIFA 21 cutscenes. We hope that now that you hear you can get the best out of all that we’ve prepared in this guide, skip these dull, irritating cutscenes.

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