A Guide to Fix All Your U8S Smart Watch Issues

Smartwatches are becoming the need of every hour in the current time. In fact, their users are increasing at a rate which is equal to the increase in the rate of smartphone users across the globe. It’s true that they are contributing a lot in making the life of so many people more superior than they actually have. As they can be controlled with the help of a smartphone, using them is always the best experience. One of the very popular smartwatches in the budget range is U8S. In this post, I will show you how to fix all your U8S smart watch issues simply.

All the solutions discussed in this post are practical and has been tested. Thus there are certain chances of getting a favorable fortune. Also, it is possible to so in some simple steps. To know how to fix all your U8S smart watch issues, just continue reading this post.

How to fix all your U8S smart watch issues

  1. U8S smart watch is not getting charging

One of the simplest reason for this is it might have a bad connection with the power plug or the charger. Make sure you are using the recommended/original charger for charging the U8S smart watch. The chances of a hardware failure are less and thus it’s good if you check the USB cable and the charger. They might have a physical damage that is causing the blockage. However, if this method doesn’t work, it might have a hardware problem. You need to contact the manufacturer immediately in that case.

  1. U8S smart watch battery is draining too quickly

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the exact backup depends on how frequently and in what manner you use it. If you activate all the features simultaneously, probably it will consume the battery very quickly. Make sure you are not accessing the features or functions that you don’t require at that particular time. Also, keep the Bluetooth OFF when it is not required as it’s the most common reason for fast battery drainage.

  1. U8S smart watch fail to turn ON

If this is the problem you are facing, simply charge the watch for around 15 minutes first and see if its turn ON or not. It’s necessary to do so because sometimes we keep making efforts without knowing that the battery might be fully drained. If the problem still exists, you can reset your watch simply. For this, put a thin pin in the small hole you will see at the back of the device. Check if the problem is gone. In case it still remains present, visit an authorized service center or contact the manufacturer.

  1. U8S smart watch is not pairing with the smartphone

Well, if this is the problem you are facing, there is nothing to worry. The very first thing to be kept in mind is the problem can be in the smartphone as well. So be sure about it first. Make sure that the Bluetooth version your device has meets the standards of the watch. There can be a problem in the pairing as well. Make sure no other device is having its Bluetooth connection turned ON around you. Delete some entries from the history of previously connected devices. Turn OFF Bluetooth and restart the smart watch. Check if it works now. If not, you need to update the Bluetooth app on your watch or smartphone. Try pairing with another smartphone to check whether there is a problem with your smartphone.

  1. U8S smart watch pedometer not working

If your U8S smart watch is showing pedometer elated errors, first of all, reboot your watch simply and check if the problem is gone. If not, simply reset the watch as in case of step number 3. Delete the history of Bluetooth connections you had earlier. Compatibility related issues between the watch and the phone can also give rise to this problem. In case it’s still showing errors, you need to contact the manufacturer immediately.

So this is how you can fix all your U8S smart watch issues simply. It must be noted that these problems are quite common. It’s not always necessary that there would be a hardware issue. However, if don’t get the expected results, it’s always good to contact a repair center which is authorized. Also, it’s good if you follow the proper guidelines to use this device as mentioned in the instruction manual. Sometimes customizing it can give rise to some common problem and thus it’s good if you avoid the same.

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