Fix: Bluetooth Connection on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro or 30A

Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, or 30A are equipped with Bluetooth v5.2 with multiple codecs that enable these models to connect with varied types of devices. Although most of the Bluetooth pairings are fairly simple and prompt, some users would end up facing Bluetooth pairing issues. Other Bluetooth connection problems are Bluetooth keeps disconnecting or it intermittently disconnects and connects repeatedly.

There is a tonne of possible scenarios and reasons why it would or any problem with the working of Bluetooth on your Realme Narzo 30 series smartphone could be hampered. If you are fed up with the constant Bluetooth connection on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, or 30A, here’s a detailed troubleshooting guide that you can use to fix it for good.

Fix: Bluetooth Connection on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro or 30A

Fix: Bluetooth Connection on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro or 30A

Turn it ON

Technically, when you turn Bluetooth on your Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, or 30A, it must turn on immediately or it takes a few moments to load. You still have to connect to a Bluetooth device unless you have paired with a device earlier and that particular device is ready to pair.

There can be three outcomes when you tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn it ON. First – it will turn ON, second – it won’t turn ON, or third – it fails to register any touch. In the second outcome or the third, some bugs may have prevented Bluetooth from booting up. Thus, another try should kickstart it. If not, try multiple times. This issue happens only a fraction of the time.


You were successful in turning ON the Bluetooth, however, you can’t find or connect to a Bluetooth device due to any XYZ reasons. Go to the Bluetooth section, toggle the Bluetooth option, and tap on the device (you want to connect to). This should force the device to connect again in case the first attempt fails.

If it doesn’t work, unpair with the Bluetooth device, wait for a few seconds to re-pair with it. This should fix any temporary glitches there.

Check if something is interfering with the antenna

Although it is unlikely in most cases, there’s a possibility. I am talking about unknowingly blocking the antenna that carries out Bluetooth functions on a smartphone. This could hamper its performance. If not by hand, you could be unknowingly blocking it with the phone case or cover you are using.

Toggle the Airplane Mode

Don’t say you didn’t know this troubleshooting method to fix Bluetooth pairing problems or connection problems. Turns out toggling airplane mode can fix an array of problems be it with Wi-Fi or GPS or with Bluetooth which is our concern here. There’s no rocket science involved here so follow these easy steps.

  • You just have to toggle the airplane mode on the notification panel to turn it ON.
  • Wait for a few seconds and turn it OFF.
  • Repeat if required.

Make Your Device Discoverable

You are trying to connect to a Bluetooth device. If you are establishing a connection, the recipient must set the Bluetooth as “Discoverable” because you have the option to set it otherwise. If someone is connecting to your Realme smartphone, set it to “Discoverable ”.

Apparently, most people would turn on Bluetooth and search for a Bluetooth device to connect to while the other user hasn’t set his device to “Discoverable”. This means even if both the devices have Bluetooth enabled, one device won’t be able to detect another device. Here’s how you can make your Realme Narzo 30 series smartphone discoverable.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Proceed to Bluetooth.
  • Tap on Advanced Settings signified by two vertically stacked dots on the top-left corner.
  • Toggle “Visible for Other Devices” and it is done.

Check if nothing is covering the antenna

There’s no rocket science or some mystic power that goes into making Bluetooth a reality of smartphones and other devices. It uses hardware to allow Bluetooth connectivity and there’s an antenna too. Although it is rare, you might end up covering the antenna causing the feature to work abnormally. Remember, Bluetooth has a short spectrum and thus, something blocking will effectively reduce its reach. Check if something’s hindering and try again.

Clear previous paired devices

You could be having too many paired Bluetooth devices so why not clear them all. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to do it.

  • Launch Settings app on your Realme Narzo 30/30Pro/30A.
  • Select “Bluetooth” and turn it ON.
  • Proceed to the list of paired Bluetooth devices.
  • Against every listed device, tap on the cog icon (or the gear icon) and select “Unpair”.

Bluetooth Error Codes

Sometimes, you could end up getting some Bluetooth Error Code when it failed to connect or pair. If you have received an error code, keep that in mind and use the internet to search for what that means. This should help narrow down the search towards why the Bluetooth connection on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, or 30A failed.

Validate compatibility

Turns out Bluetooth devices have compatibility issues too. This can cause recurring dropped connections, failing to pair, audio hiccups, to name a few. Since there are technically billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices including smartphones, smartwatches, car stereo, speakers, and so on, each has compatibility and only those devices that are compatible. Check if your device has a Bluetooth Smart or Classic or supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Since Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, 30A supports Bluetooth v5.0, it should be able to connect to all previous Bluetooth versions. Check if the recipient Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect is compatible or not since v5.0 is backward compatible but not all devices with Bluetooth

Restart the phone

This is technically an all-in-one solution to any software or network-related problems. Most of the time, smartphones end up engrossing in issues due to some software glitch or bug. It could be anything from lagging to frequently disconnecting Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and so on. Rebooting the device sets everything in motion afresh and thus, it relieves you from impending temporary software glitches.

No doubt restarting or rebooting is one of the most recommended troubleshooting methods for any XYZ problem you would find on GetDroidTips and technically, all over the internet. I have tested it and it has proven its mantle as well so give it a try or you can proceed with the next method.

Clear app cache

Bluetooth has an app on your phone and it accumulates cache too. As you would know, the cache is both a boon and a curse and thus, if you are facing issues with Bluetooth pairing or others, you can clear app cache and get around the problem.

  • Firstly, open Settings.
  • Proceed to “App Management >> Show System Processes”.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Next, tap on “Storage Usage” and hit on the “Clear Cache”.
  • Reboot the phone and check if the problem is gone or not.

Reset Network Settings

Bluetooth is a network-related feature and thus, resetting network settings should fix a string of issues on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, and 30A. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Next up, proceed to “Connection & Sharing” in the Settings app and select “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth”.
  • Finally, tap on “Reset Settings” and enter the password, if required, and it is done.

Diagnosing The Problem

Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, and 30A are equipped with a feature to run a diagnostic on whether Bluetooth is working or not. If not, you can walk into a service center to get it fixed.

  • To carry out the diagnosis, go to the Phone Manager.
  • Proceed to “Diagnostics >> Continue” and find “Bluetooth”.
  • “Run diagnostics” to check what’s wrong.

It could be a hardware issue

If nothing’s helping you, it could be a hardware issue. Now you have options whether to report the issue to an authorized service center or a third-party service center where the latter is fairly cheaper but voids the warranty whereas the former could be expensive. If you rely on Bluetooth heavily, there’s no option but to report the issue and get it repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the issue.

We are at the end of this post on how to fix Bluetooth connection problems on Realme Narzo 30, 30 Pro, or 30A using the various troubleshooting methods that are tried and tested for their effectiveness.

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