How to Fix Bootrec /Fixboot Access Is Denied

Bootrec.exe is a utility tool by Microsoft windows for the recovery of your Windows device. This recovery tool comes in handy when your computer has a problem starting or giving some unknown error. Windows automatically starts in the recovery environment named as Windows RE.

Windows RE is used to fix any potential error of the computer while starting or booting up. In this article, we will help you fix the Bootrec or Fixboot access is denied error on Windows computers.

How to Fix Bootrec Fixboot Access Is Denied

How to Fix Bootrec /Fixboot Access Is Denied

Sometimes because of any file error or something else, you can have difficulty accessing the Bootrec utility. Fortunately, we are here for you. Here are a few fixes if your utility access is denied for the bootrec.exe utility option.

Fix 1: Recreate the EFI directory structure

If you are not able to access the Bootrec or Fixboot records, then the problem might be with your EFI directory. So you can reconfigure the boot files using the BCDBoot command, here is how you can do it.

Open the command prompt on your computer and type diskpart command.


In the diskpart prompt, Type List disk and press enter.

list disk
  • Here select the disk you have the windows file on.
  • Then type list vol, this will display the volume all your disk have on your desktop.
list vol
  • Select the directory where your windows is stored for me it is volume 1, So “vol 1”.
  • press enter to assign letter to your disk for easier access.
Diskpart> assign letter=V
  • After this, you can close the diskpart utility by typing exit command.

Now open boot menu by typing md \efi\microsoft\boot\ and press enter.

md \efi\microsoft\boot\

Now, type the following command and press enter.

cd /d V:\efi\microsoft\boot

Enter the fixboot command and press enter.

bootrec /fixboot 

Type the following command and press enter.

bcdboot c:\windows /l en-us /s V: /f all

Once the process is successful, you can exit the wizard by typing exit command.


Now open troubleshoot and in the command prompt window type bootrec /fixboot and press enter

The operation is now completed successfully without any error.

Fix 2: Use Installation Disk

Every windows version has different ways to launch the bootrec.exe tool. If you have the DVD of Windows 10 you can access it by rebooting the system and by clicking on windows repair. But not everyone has the windows 10 DVD, that is why we will tell you how to access the bootrec utility tool without using the USB or the DVD.

  • Reboot your device
  • Press SHIFT + F8 as soon as the monitor starts displaying your motherboard information.
  • A “Choose an Option” screen will appear to click on the

  • Select the “Command Prompt” option.
  • In the command prompt window type the below command and press enter.
    bootrec /FixMbr



This brings us to the one of this guide for fixing Bootrec /Fixboot Access Is Denied issues. Please note that when you install and delete multiple windows, this error is bound to happen. But dont worry as the above methods will help you to fix the boot record menu.

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