A Guide To Fix Camera Related Problems On An OPPO Phone

Oppo is a trendy name these days, especially its camera. Its cameras make Oppo the most sought after brand for selfie lovers. Now, being unable to use the camera or facing a problem with your phone’s camera can be very disappointing. Here’s a guide to fix the camera related problems a user is likely to encounter. As we know, most people buy the latest smartphone by checking their camera quality to capture the best moment. But it’s tough when the camera fails to capture the perfect moment.

A Guide To Fix Camera Related Problems On An OPPO Phone

A Guide To Fix Camera Related Problems On An OPPO Phone

Sometimes camera related problems come when there is a buggy software update. In case if it is a hardware problem, then you may have to consult an Oppo Service expert. Let us try to troubleshoot the Oppo Camera Related Problems before contacting a service executive.

If you are unable to connect to the camera

If you have been using the camera for some time, then you may face this problem. You just have to turn off the camera application and turn it on after a few seconds. A complete restarting of the device can also help. At times, if you are running some other application in the background that uses the camera, this might occur. Turn off those applications then.

If the rear-facing camera does not work

  1. You can start by clearing the cache. Go to Settings and select All Apps. Select the option Camera and go to the bottom of the page that then appears and choose ‘Clear the Cache and Data.’ Then select force stop.
  2. Your device not being updated can be a reason. Go to Settings and try to find the latest updates for your phone and update it. This might change the experience from the phone slightly.
  3. The device has to restart in safe mode. Press and hold the Power button until a new screen appears. Then select Restart safe mode and press OK. This technique might help you to identify the problem causing app.
  4. A Factory Reset can probably fix the problem. Basically, a factory reset brings a phone to how it was when you actually purchased it. So it is important to back up your important files before doing it. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Select Settings and then select Again and reset. Choose Factory after that.
  5.  The problem can be fixed by restarting the device in safe mode and wiping the cache partition. First turn off the device. Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for some time. From the screen that then appears, choose Recovery. You can use volume keys to navigate. Wait for the screen to change. Once the logo appears, press the Volume Up button for a few seconds and leave the Power button. From the screen that then appears, choose Clean Cache Partition.
  6.  Another tip that might help you will be to squeeze the phone. This is because when you squeeze the frame around the camera, chances are that the loose contact (if any) would get fixed. Be careful while you do this and squeeze gently only.
  7. If you are unable to find the button that allows you to switch between cameras, you must try a software update.

So here a few useful tips and tricks have been shared to fix problems with the camera application on your Oppo phone. A majority of the problems are likely to be fixed with these. However, if you continue to face this problem, it might be a hardware issue the. It is advisable that you meet an authorized technician to fix the camera. In usual cases, removal of the camera and placing it back again should fix the issue. We always preferred that an expert handle such scenarios.

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  1. when u take pictures on the right position or portrait,but upon viewing picture is on landscape orientation.

  2. When i click on camera option it shows command like camera error.Unable to conmect it.
    How to fixed the problem i havw tried clear cache and all

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