Methods to fix Samsung Galaxy battery draining too quickly problem

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing issue with the battery? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Samsung Galaxy Battery draining Problems.

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers across the globe. It is one amongst the most active smartphone launcher with its Galaxy series line-up. The company’s smartphones are much user-friendly and with each new phone added to the series, they definitely incorporate the latest technology available, for the fellow customers. We can say for sure that Samsung always tops at the latest technology.

All the Galaxy devices from Samsung will have the best available features in the market. The overall hardware quality is also appreciable. It will be sported with the latest design, with highly reliable build quality. The new models which hit the market recently are very lightweight and with a good battery life. Samsung is also careful to power their phones with the latest Android updates.

So in general, we can say that Samsung Galaxy devices tend to be the common man’s pick in the smartphone market. But can you just imagine a situation where you get your Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly? The situation will definitely be quite embarrassing. So this article is for those who have their Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly.

Methods to fix Samsung Galaxy battery draining too quickly problem

How to fix Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly?

Are you facing the issue with your Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly? If you are worried about the same we are here to help you with a guide to fix the battery draining issue.

1. Check whether you downloaded any apps recently.

Oh!! We meant to check your device whether you have installed a bad app recently which can cause a software issue leading to the quick battery drain. So if you have recently installed any new apps just before you encountered the battery draining issue, consider uninstalling the same to fix the issue.

To check which app is the culprit in Samsung Galaxy battery draining issue, you should try to use your device in safe mode. In safe mode, all the other apps except the factory installed ones will be disabled and you can easily understand the bad apps and uninstall them when you return back to the normal mode.

To use your device in the safe mode, kindly switch off the device at first. Then wait for a few seconds and then press the power button to switch on the device. Once you see your model number on the Screen, press the volume down button. Now when your device gets booted up it will be automatically turned into safe mode. Here if you find your battery draining issue is solved, you should then find out the bad apps and uninstall it when you turn your device back to the normal mode.

2. Disable the data connection when not in use.

If you have a habit of keeping the data connection turned on always even when you don’t use it, it can drain the battery at a quick pace. So disable it when you don’t require the data connection.

3. Turn off automatic sync.

The Samsung Galaxy phone will have a lot of apps which automatically syncs the data like the Gmail app. Consider disabling the auto subs option for all such apps and do a manual sync whenever needed.

4. Turn off the location services.

If you are not using the location services, kindly turn off the service, from the notification panel or from the settings none.

And that’s it. These are the tips you should try when you have your Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly problem. If still your issue is not solved you can contact a service provider or even consider changing the battery.

Hope this article would be useful to fix Samsung Galaxy battery draining quickly. If you have any doubts regarding the above-said topic, feel free to ask or post your comment, on our site.

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