Fix: Insta360 Go 2 connection issue

Insta360 Go 2 is the world’s smallest action camera device that’s waterproof, rugged, and easy to carry anywhere. It has stunning 360-degree video recording, stabilization, auto-editing feature, hyper-lapse mode, slow motion, Wi-Fi preview, and more. However, some users are experiencing Insta360 Go 2 connection issue while connecting to mobile devices. If you’re also facing the same problem, you can follow this guide.

According to multiple reports on the Insta360 subreddit, several Insta360 Go 2 users are facing connectivity issues while connecting to iPhone or iPad devices. They’ve also tried via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but the camera app doesn’t show up sometimes or even clicking on it doesn’t work. Some affected users have also mentioned that they’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing worked.

Fix: Insta360 Go 2 connection issue

Luckily, there are a couple of possible solutions mentioned on several forums and we’ve managed to provide them below. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

1. Take Off the Camera Lens Sticker

It’s one of the most common mistakes by the Insta360 Go 2 users not to pulling out the sticker from the back camera because it barely visible and users can’t even tell whether the sticker is there or not.

So, carefully remove the sticker from the back camera and a red LED will lit up immediately. Now, you’ll be able to connect your Insta360 Go 2 action camera with Wi-Fi.

2. Device Can’t Detect the Camera

If the Insta360 Go 2’s Wi-Fi signal can’t be found in your phone’s settings, then make sure to take out the camera from its charging case, and then long-press the button of the camera as well as the charge case mode button for around 7 seconds. This will restart the camera and now you can try checking whether it’s detected by the mobile device or not.

3. Other Possible Ways

If the reboot method doesn’t work for you, try following the steps below:

  • Check whether the Bluetooth connectivity on your mobile device is enabled or not. If not turned on yet, go to the Settings menu on the charging case > Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • You can use another device that supports a 5GHz Wi-Fi band in order to check whether the action cam is able to connect or not.
  • If your device can’t detect the Go 2’s Wi-Fi signal then the camera may not be able to broadcast Wi-Fi signals properly. So, make sure to confirm the country code in the camera for your location. To do so:
    • For Android: Open the camera app > Tap on Settings > Go to ‘Set the current region to camera’ > Select your region > Tap on ‘Set to the camera’ > Restart the camera and check the Wi-Fi connectivity again.
    • For iOS: Go to the device Settings > Select your region > Open the camera app > Select the camera’s signal and try to connect to Wi-Fi.

4. Detects Insta360 Go 2’s Signal but can’t Connect

If in case, the app can detect the Insta360 Go 2’s signal but it fails to connect properly to the Wi-Fi, make sure to follow the possible steps below:

  • Put your Insta360 GO 2 in the Charge Case and turn on both of them.
  • Now, check if there is any message displayed on the Charge Case screen or not.
    • If there is no message then make sure to check whether your phone can detect GO 2’s Wi-Fi signal or not. If there is no Wi-Fi signal is detected for GO 2, you can contact with Insta360 Support Team further.
    • If in case, the Wi-Fi signal is detected but not connected then make sure to enter the password (88888888) to connect.
  • Nevertheless, if the above steps don’t work for you, try putting Insta360 GO 2 in the Charge Case and check the firmware versions of the camera, Charge Case, and Bluetooth too. You can do this by pressing the Mode Button to head over to Settings > About > Check Firmware Version on the Charge Case screen.
  • If the firmware is up-to-date then close the Charge Case to restart the camera. Next, restart the mobile device and try again.
  • However, if the mobile device still can’t connect to the Wi-Fi, select GO 2’s Wi-Fi on your phone and forget the network. Then try again.
  • If everything fails, make sure to take the camera out of the Charge Case, and long-press the Action button on the camera as well as the Mode button on the Charge Case for around 7 seconds to force restart. Once done, make sure to try connecting to Wi-Fi again.
  • Alternatively, you can try connecting to GO 2 using another mobile device by entering the Wi-Fi password. If the connection is successful that means there may be a problem with your previous mobile device.

5. Connects to Go 2’s Wi-Fi but App Fails to Connect

Unfortunately, if the settings page on your phone is showing that you’re connected to GO 2 but the app fails to connect, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the Location and Bluetooth have been enabled on your phone for the Insta360 App.
  • If not, open Settings > Go to Network or Local network and turn on Bluetooth. Next, make sure to turn on location access.
  • Now, open the Insta360 Go 2 application from the Settings menu (Applications) and enable permissions for Bluetooth and Location.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, try restarting the phone and take out Insta360 GO 2 from the Charge Case. Next, long-press the button on GO 2 as well as the Charge Case Mode button for around 7 seconds to restart. Once done, it may work normally.
  • You’re done.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, feel free to ask in the comment below.

Credit: Insta360 Forum

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