How To Fix The Network Problem On Your OPPO Phone?

A network error or not being able to connect to the network is a problem mobile phones encounter often. Network issues make the phone as good as a toy in the absence of a Wifi connection. Making calls or leaving a message becomes almost impossible. This problem is particularly annoying when you are the only person facing the problem and not others who connected to the same network. Here is a quick guide as to how to fix such network errors encountered by your Oppo phone. Sometimes network problem On Your OPPO device occurs due to a software problem, So here we will restore the issue with the help of quick troubleshoot.

How To Fix The Network Problem On Your OPPO Phone?

Methods to Fix The Network Problem On Your OPPO Phone

  1. First and the foremost tip would be the simple task of restarting your mobile phone. Turn off your phone entirely and turn it on after a few seconds. In usual scenarios, the problem will be resolved soon after this. You can also try to remove the battery and the sim card from the phone and replace it after a few seconds. As a mini-reboot, you can go to Settings and select Flight mode. Turn on and off the Flight mode.
  2. The second tip would require you to go to the Settings of the phone. Select the section called Wireless and Networks. From the screen that then appears, find the Mobile network option. You may find it there or in the ‘More’ option. Select the option Network Operators. You may choose the option called Choose Automatically. You will most probably see a message at the bottom saying that you Registered on the Network. That means your problem has most probably solved. You may also find an option called Mobile Networks that will allow you to manually select the mobile network to which you wish to connect.
  3.  If the two of the tips mentioned above does not help, you will have to update your software. To update the software first, go to Settings and then choose System section from the there. From the screen that then appears, choose About Phone option. Select the System Update option to find any updates. If you can see any update, you can apply it to your device. Once the update is complete, you will most probably find your problem resolved.
  4. In an extreme scenario, the problem of network error may be arising due to a faulty sim card. Try removing the sim card and replacing it with another. If the network connection returns, you can be sure that the sim was faulty. In such a case you will have to go for another sim card. If you are using a dual sim phone, try inserting the sim into the other slot. Make sure you turn off your phone completely before removing the sim card.
  5. At times such an error might occur while you are travelling. Ins such a situation you will have to reset your network settings according to the network strength in your area.
  6. The final method, which shall be used only as a last resort, will be to factory reset the phone. You may go the settings and go for Backup and Factory Reset. Always remember to save your valuable files by backing up it on a cloud or some other external device before going for a reset.

The above mentioned are some of the quick tips and tricks that come handy when you face a network error or an issue related to connecting to the network. In a majority of the cases, your phone’s network problem will be fixed by this. However, if the problem persists, it is most likely to be a hardware problem. We always recommended that you approach an authorised technician to fix this issue. For more inquiries, please leave a comment below.


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