How To Fix OPPO Restarting And Freezing Problem?

OPPO smartphone is now trending in the market. More and more customers are buying the OPPO smartphone because of the exclusive features it ensures for your OPPO smartphone. Every android phone users will face some kind of issues regarding the working of their smartphone at some point. One of the main or most found problems is the freezing and restarting problems with the phone.

It’s not a good experience to get stopped when you use your phone. Freezing issue of a phone is really irritating and frustrating one. So if you are an OPPO smartphone user, don’t worry, we are here to identify the problem with your phone and we will guide you to repair the phone by yourself. In this Article, we will discuss the problems of your OPPO smartphone regarding the freezing problem and the restarting issues. The solutions we are going to discuss are the quick measures and most effective methods.

How To Fix OPPO Restarting And Freezing Problem?

How to Fix OPPO Restarting And Freezing Problem:

Before going to the solutions we have to think about, what are the reasons for the freezing of your phone. There can be different reasons. The first one is that if the app you are installing into your phone is not compatible with the Android OS it can cause certain problems to the working of your phone. And it can cause conflicts in the processing of your OPPO smartphone. Normally it will lead to software issues but sometimes it can increase the heat in the CPU also. Secondly, the reason can be regarded as the SD card in your phone. The opening of corrupted files, APKs or application files in the external SD card can disrupt the working of your phone. Thirdly the reason can be any virus or malware on your phone. It will affect your phone in a very bad way. Lastly, the reason for the freezing of your phone is about the ROM installation. So these can be the reasons for the freezing and restarting problem on your phone.


  1. The very first solution you have is to put your phone in to charge. Use the original charger to connect your Android phone. Or you can use the original USB code to charge your phone by connecting it to your laptop. Wait for sometime, maybe the problem will be the draining of battery. So it doesn’t work try the solutions shown below.
  2. Try to switch off your phone in a standard way. In your frozen phone select the power off option to shut down your device. It’s also not a full solution. It may work or it may not work.
  3. If your phone is not switching on normally then you have to restart the phone forcefully. The combinations of buttons you have to press for a long time to restart your phone are the following:
    Power button + volume button
    Power button + home button
  4. If the three solutions we discussed above are not working then you go for another option that is to remove your battery. Reset the battery after 10 seconds. And then put the phone into charging.
  5. Next solution you have is to go for a factory reset on your phone. Bear in mind that the reset will delete all the data your phone.
  6. Flashing your OPPO smartphone can take your phone to a normal condition.
  7. If flashing your android phone is not working then it’ll be better to consult a professional engineer for your OPPO smartphone.

Hope you got a clear cut idea about the troubleshooting tips for the freezing and restarting issue of your phone. If any doubts or queries you can contact us through our page and your question will be answered if you put your query in the comment box.


  1. hi guys i just wanna ask if how to fix my oppo a3 for always restarting after i update the os version color o6 always restart nd didnt open to a normal boot pls help me tnx a lot

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