Methods To Fix OPPO Smartphones Battery Draining Too Quickly

OPPO, the Chinese smartphone company is now one of the leading smartphone companies around the world. OPPO is having a market share of 15.2 %, trailing the other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and also Samsung, the South Korean company. OPPO is now commonly known as the selfie expert and leader. It is having the 4th rank among the smartphones since 2016 which is doing an extraordinary work in the selfie snaps to the people around the world. The company had hit the market with a good number of smartphones with selfie beautification feature which set a selfie trend in the smartphone industry.

Even if you have the latest and trending smartphone like OPPO Smartphone which is well known to capture the beautiful selfie shots, when the battery is draining at a fast pace, then it’s totally a cynical situation. Battery draining is nowadays becoming a common issue on the Android phones including OPPO Smartphone. This article might be helpful for those who want to fix the battery draining issue of OPPO Smartphone.

Fix OPPO Smartphones Battery Draining

Methods to fix OPPO Smartphones Battery draining too Quickly

This quick guide will help you with some of the following methods to help you to fix the battery draining of your OPPO Smartphone.

1. Try to Reduce the Screen Brightness of your Device:

Some of the users have the habit of keeping the screen brightness to the high level. So if you keep the screen brightness at a high level, the device battery will be drained too fast. So try to use your device in a low brightness which will save both your eyes as well as the battery life of your device. Always keep in mind to set your screen brightness to a level comfortable for your eyes.

2. Clear RAM to save battery:

We use so many apps in our mobile at the same time and we often forget to close them to prevent them from running in the background. Actually, we are unaware of the battery usage by them when they run in the background. It will lead to the heavy draining of the battery. So it is always recommended to clear the RAM to prevent the background apps from running. It will help to increase the battery life of your device.

3. Check if you have recently downloaded any apps or any other battery consuming apps:

So if you have downloaded an app which is actually bad for the software as well as the device, it will lead to a quick battery drain. Before ending up in blaming the battery on its downloaded quick draining issue, kindly consider checking the new apps that you have downloaded. So if any such apps are there it can be found out when you use your phone in a safe mode. Any such apps detected should be uninstalled with immediate effect. Also, Go to Settings > Battery. You can find out the apps which consume a lot of battery there and can take a decision on whether you actually need them or delete them to save your battery.

4. Turn off the data connection when not in use:

Data connection by any means, say it be through the mobile connections, Wi-Fi, hotspot or even Bluetooth will eat up a hell lot of power. So if you need to increase the battery life of your phone, disable the data connection through the mobile connections, Wi-Fi or hotspot soon after the use. So turn off the data connection whenever it is not in use.

5. Turn off the location services:

Most of us love to explore new areas with the help of GPS services. Apart from the helpful features of the GPS service in your Android phone including the OPPO Smartphone, it may cause a problem with the battery consuming. Because to access the GPS service, a lot of battery power will be used up. So consider disabling the location services when not in use.

6. Always disable other services when not in use:

Always turn off the Android services on your device when they are not in use. Google services, Android system services, screen timeout service etc are such Android services that you should turn off when not in use. The cached data from the Google Play Service should be cleared from the application menu of settings. Always do this followed by a refresh every month.

Clearing the data will help you to consume less power from the battery. If you think that the Android software consumes a lot of battery, you can consider downgrading the software to the previous version of Android or by just doing a factory reset on your device.

7. Turn off the auto-brightness and reduce the screen timeout:

It is actually sophisticating to always set the screen brightness of your device in an auto mode according to the comfortable viewing settings for each individual. The device itself will be highly confused on how it could understand the eyesight strength of the individual and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. It’s actually a high battery consuming feature too.

Hence it is always recommended to manually set the Screen Brightness at a comfortable level. To reduce the screen timeout to the least time possible which will help to preserve the battery life.

These are some of the methods to fix the OPPO Smartphones Battery Draining too quickly. If you have any other issues with the battery draining issue feel free to ask via a comment on our page.


  1. Is it normal that my oppo f9 phone drains quickly if I am playing mobile legends? Can I ask some advice on how to extend life of my battery

  2. Kit it’s not normal,it all depends when it started,let’s say how you charged it first when you bought it,if you did well then it should bebyour apps,we have apps that when kept in you phone they can drain it without you knowing so clear your ram and check your apps

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