A Quick Guide to Fix OPPO Water Damaged Smartphone

OPPO is one of the leading smartphone company in the world. OPPO, the manufacturers from China, is having a market share of 15.2 %, which is just behind the other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and the South Korean company Samsung. Habitually known as the selfie expert and leader, OPPO ranked as the 4th smartphone since 2016 which is doing exemplary work in the selfie snaps to the people globally. The company has released a good number of smartphones with selfie beautification feature which drove the selfie trend in the smartphone industry.

Have you ever end up in dropping your OPPO smartphone into the water? Have you ever got your OPPO Smartphone got damaged with water? Are you confused about how to fix your OPPO water damaged smartphone? You are in the right place as we are here to provide you with some valuable tips which will serve as a quick guide to fix your OPPO water damaged smartphone.

A Quick Guide to Fix OPPO water damaged smartphone.

This quick action might save you:

The fast and quick action might help you to save your water damaged smartphone from more severe damage. The following tips will help you to fix the OPPO water damaged smartphone quickly.

Quick Guide to fix OPPO water damaged smartphone:

Consider taking your phone away from the water source as soon as possible if you have not done it yet.

1. Don’t try to press any keys on the phone:

Humans have a natural tendency to rule out any possible damage that your phone have encountered after splashing or drowning it in water. So we might press the keys or the power button to see whether it’s okay or not. It’s not at all recommended to touch any of the keys at all, and you should not use the phone. Never turn on or navigate the device.

2. Take off the protective case:

Most of the phones today are protected with beautiful cases. If your water damaged OPPO phone is having a case, remove it quickly. Utmost care should given that the case should be removed only after drying the outside of it with a dry towel. Never rock the phone as there are chances that the water may run into the phone ports, plugs, holes, cracks or even spread the water in the interior parts of the phone.

3. Detach the power connection:

Take out the battery from the OPPO device if possible. Or else make sure that no power should be connected to the device in an attempt to eliminate the risk of short.

4. Remove the removable parts:

Once you detach the battery or power connection from the device, consider to take out all the removable parts such as SIM cards as well as microSD cards from the phone. Leave the back plate off from the device to help for the drying process.

5. Wipe off the moisture from your phone with a dry towel/cloth:

Dry the outer side and the other visible areas of the device with a dry towel/cloth. But you must be extra cautious not to splash any water into the openings in your device.

6. Do not try to blow dry the device:

Never use a blow drier in your phone. Also, don’t blow air with your lips pursed, into the phone. You can exert heat damage to your phone by using a Blow drier, and when we blow air through our lips, it will cause more intense water circulation in the interior.

7. Don’t try to open the device:

You might be sure that still there is water content on the phone. But don’t unscrew your device because opening the phone will completely void your 100% warranty.

8. Dry your OPPO device:

Once you finish drying the outside and visible moisture on the phone, you should next try to take out the moisture in the parts where we don’t get to dry thoroughly.

  • Try to suck out the water using a vacuum.
  • Rice is used as an excellent phone drying tool. You can do this by placing the water damaged device in a ziplock bag/airtight container full of uncooked rice.
  • Silica gel packs

Silica gel packs are cool gel packs which are commonly found in shoeboxes to absorb the moisture inside. So try to place your water damaged OPPO phone along with some silica packs in an airtight container and allow them to dry completely.

  • Use a Pouches for phone drying.

Some people who are having a futuristic approach might have bought a phone drying pouch where you can just put the phone inside the bag and allow it to dry there.

9. Wait for at least 24-48 hours:

Never switch on your device until the moisture is completely dried off. If you still see or feel the moisture on the screen or inside the phone, you must wait for the complete drying of the moisture.

10. Try to switch on:

Once it is completely dried out of the moisture, you should try to turn on the device and check for any random noise or check whether the speakers are working correctly and also the proper working of the screen.

11. Still not turning on:

If your device does not turn on after all these methods, then you should try to connect your phone to a charger and wait for the response. If you see it responding, then the problem lies with the battery. And if it’s not still turning on then, it is evident that the phone itself is damaged.

Some extra tips for you to fix the OPPO water damaged smartphone:

If your phone submerged in beach water or salt water, there are higher chances of malfunctioning along with the high risk of calcium buildup with corrosion. An alcohol bath to the phone with closer to 99% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) for 1-2 hours is enough for the excellent cleaning of the small cracks and holes.

But one thing is there that you should keep in mind before you do an alcohol bath is to check the LDI (liquid damage indicator) on your phone for its color change. If it had changed to pink/red color, it indicates that the LDI is activated and the warranty has been void. But if it has a white color, your device still covers the manufacturer warranty. When you do an alcohol bath for your device, the LDI will be activated, and your warranty will be void.

Hope all these tips served you as a quick guide to fix OPPO water damaged smartphone. If you have any other queries or doubts, then feel free to ask us via our page as a comment.


  1. my phone got dropped in a pool and its been in rice for 6 days but it only vibrates but wont turn on. is it broken

  2. My oppo f1s dropped on washing machine with soap
    The lights on back and home button lights on but when i try to power on,nothings happening
    When i put the charger on,the charging indicator wouldnt appear on the screen
    Is my phone damaged?

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