Fix: Ring Doorbell Pro Audio Problem

Ring Doorbells are one of the useful and smart devices for your office or home entry gate security. They’re quite secure and full of features when it comes to voice or video capture. But that may also go in vain if the Ring Doorbell Pro Audio Problem is appearing to you randomly or for a while. If you’re also facing the same problem then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide.

The chances are high that there may be some issues with the Ring Doorbell itself or the wired connectivity or an internet connection. Mostly a couple of common reasons should trigger the audio-related issues on your Ring Doorbell Pro. So, we’ll recommend you don’t go to any conclusion until you cross-check some possible reasons or issues.

Fix: Ring Doorbell Pro Audio Problem

Fix: Ring Doorbell Pro Audio Problem

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the guide below.

1. Check Internet Connection

Make sure to check out the internet connection status first. If there is an issue with the Wi-Fi signal or range or if the stability of the connection or even the internet speed is low enough then you should reconfigure the Wi-Fi network on the router.

In most cases, a normal restart of the Wi-Fi router may come in handy. It’s also worth mentioning to switch the Wi-Fi band to 2.4Ghz for your Ring Doorbell Pro because it offers a better signal range than the 5Ghz band. Otherwise, try contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further assistance.

2. Check Ring App

You should check your Ring app whether it’s properly configured or not.

  • Just open the Ring application on your device.
  • Then turn off the Event history timeline feature from the device.

In most scenarios, the sound quality should be improved that’s coming from the speaker on your Ring doorbell Pro.

3. Reset Doorbell

If the Ring app settings and internet connection seem good to you then make sure to reset the Ring Doorbell Pro to its factory default. It’ll basically clear out any kind of networking or system glitch. To do so:

  • Remove the doorbell’s backplate > Press and hold the Reset button on the right side of the camera for around 15 seconds.
  • Next, release the button, and the ring light will flash a few times which will indicate that it’s being reset.
  • Finally, the Ring Doorbell Pro is now reset to the factory defaults. Now, use the Ring mobile app to reconnect it with your Wi-Fi network.

4. Contact Support

Well, if none of the methods worked for you then you should contact the Ring Support team for further assistance. It may possible that something went wrong with the Ring Doorbell Pro. You should also check whether the power transformer is working well or not.

If the Ring Doorbell device is under warranty then ask the support to repair or replace it immediately.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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