Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Weak Signal Or Lost Signal

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing issue with the network signal? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Samsung Galaxy Weak Signal Or Lost Signal Problems.

Phones are meant for communication. The uses of the phones have evolved with the advancements in technology. Now we use smartphones for various functions. The means of communication among the society has evolved. Now we use social media to interact with the people. It is predicted that the people will use smartphones or smart devices to communicate with each other than real physical interactions. The devices with advanced features and high-speed internet connectivity act as the catalyst for the growth of advanced human interactions.

Samsung is one of the few tech giants in the market. Samsung is one of the temples of smartphone technologies. They invest a lot of time and money in developing new technologies for the market. The devices are made to be smart. The smartphones are smart due to its features and applications tailored to it. The smartphones come alive when it is connected to the internet. And also the basic function of calling can only be done with the help of service providers. If the phone cannot access data services or cellular network, the phone is nothing more than just a gaming device.

If you are one among the users who experience weak signal or lost network issue then we got you covered in this topic.

Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Weak Signal Or Lost Signal

Fixes for weak signal or lost signal issue in Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  1. The signals can be weak with respect to the area you are using the service provider. Because there can be huge attenuation factors such as buildings or trees that block the radio frequency signals from reaching your phone which results in poor signal reception so you are advised to move around to improve the signal reception.
  2. The problem may be with the phone cover you are currently using. This is because as smartphones are getting costlier, in order to protect it from scratches or breaking, tough phone covers are used. Therefore it may block the signals from reaching your device. To remove the cover and verify whether the issue is resolved.
  3. Charge your phone. If your battery is critically low then the phones are programmed to reduce the power consumption, this can affect the signal reception in your Samsung Galaxy device.
  4. Identify the nearest tower location. May the reason is simply that there are no nearby mobile towers. To locate the towers you can check the signal strength using the icon on the top right corner of Samsung Galaxy device. The bars indicate the signal strength. Move around the place you are in to attain stronger signal.
  5. The other reason for poor signal reception is the crowded population. If you are in a crowded area and a large number of people uses the same network, this caused the rush in the service provider switching centers which in turn causes a delay in making the connection with your smartphone.
  6. Toggle aeroplane mode. To do this pull down the notification bar and click on the aeroplane icon. Then wait for at least 20 seconds and turn it off. This refresh the connections.
  7. Restart the device. By restarting the device it refreshes all the connection settings and if there are any firmware issues, that too get fixed.
  8. Hard reset the device. This erases all the data and saved settings on your device so back up all the data before resetting. To do this go to settings> back up and reset> factory reset.

If still, the issue persists you should send the phone for repair at an authorized Samsung service center.

Hope you find this post useful regarding the fixes for network lost or weak signal issues in Samsung Galaxy smartphones. For more queries comment or contact us directly.

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