How To Quickly Fix Sound Problems In Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing a Sound issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Sound Problems In Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung is a world-famous brand. When we think about smartphones the name Samsung strikes first in our mind. This is a reputation made by the company from over a decade of its service. Samsung is world-famous due to a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons is the adaption of the company to the evolving market. When the technology gets advanced day by day, Samsung manages to incorporate the latest technology in their devices. Samsung has invested a lot of its money in Research and development. Samsung has filed a lot of patents for the exclusive technologies that they have developed using their R&D teams. This shows the dedication of smartphone manufacturers to its users. They work hard to make customers satisfied and updated with the current market trends.

Another factor that makes the company stand out is the quality they deliver to their devices. Smartphones are built to last. For ensuring the top quality of the products, they test the devices for making resistance to malfunctioning. The tests that the devices are going on is strict and of no compromise. The devices get released after multiple testing procedures. Even after large-scale testing the devices malfunction rarely. Here we discuss the quick fixes for sound problems in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

How To Quickly Fix Sound Problems In Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?

Fixes for sound problems in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

  1. Press the volume up button and make sure the phone is not in silent mode. In some Galaxy Smartphones, there is DND mode that does not disturb mode. If this is enabled, even if you raise the sound the volume doesn’t come up. So turn on the do not disturb mode. Go to settings > sounds > turn off do not disturb mode.
  2. If the problem is associated with the sound of the headphone jack, then try to clean the opening using a blower or using a q-tip.
  3. Restart your device. Sometimes the problem can be firmware related, so that restart the device. Restarting the device can reset all the firmware related issues and fix your sound issue with the Galaxy smartphone.
  4. If the issue is associated with the internal speaker of the device dial *#7353# on your Samsung Galaxy device and this takes you to the diagnostic tool. For diagnosing internal speaker click on ‘speaker’ in the tool option and for diagnosing external speaker click on ‘melody’.
  5. If your phone automatically switches to silent mode or vibration mode, then the issue might be caused by the third-party applications. So delete the recently downloaded applications or switch to Safe mode. To get into safe mode then click and hold the power button and hold on the power off option for about 5 seconds. Then reboot to safe mode. Check whether the issue is resolved.
  6. Hard reset the Samsung Galaxy device. Back up all the data before resetting because this will delete all the files stored on the phone. To perform this, Go to settings > back up and reset > factory reset.

If the issue is still not fixed then take your phone to an authorized Samsung service center.

Hope that we have fulfilled your queries regarding sound problems in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. Feel free to drop comments or contact us directly.


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