How to Fix stuck in a loading screen in Minecraft Dungeons?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix stuck in a loading screen in Minecraft Dungeons. This dungeon crawler game has a completely unique gameplay experience that what the classic Minecraft has to offer. Taking a different route, it doesn’t consist of mining or crafting. Rather it throws upon random-generated dungeons that are filled with randomly generated monsters. Furthermore, there is no class system as such, you could use any type of weapon or armor as you wish. Offering both the local and online multiplayer games, it is definitely a treat for gamers.

The game is still in the closed beta stage with 26th May slated to the be the release date for  Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. However, users have started facing an error or two while trying out the game, and it isn’t a platform-dependent error as well. Both the Windows and console users get stuck in the game’s loading screen with no way out. This usually happens as soon as they launch the game or return to the camp. Likewise, if you are also getting bugged with this issue, then this guide will help you out. Today, we will show you how to fix the stuck in a loading screen issue in Minecraft Dungeons. Let’s begin.


Fix stuck in a loading screen in Minecraft Dungeons

The game beholds tons of interesting missions, consists of various loots, and as the game progresses, so does the difficulty level. But the rewards on killing off these bosses also witness an upward trend. But the problem for some of the users happens when they are going back to the camp after a mission. At this point in time, Minecraft Dungeons gets stuck in a loading screen, and they aren’t able to do anything.

Issue Fix

So what is the fix for this? Well, the only way out is closing the game and then reinstalling it. For Windows users, all you have to do is hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del button together. Then from the menu that appears, select Task Manager. Finally select the Minecraft Dungeons game from the list and click on the End Task button situated at the bottom right. On the other hand, if you’re playing on a console and facing the said issue, then head over to the main menu screen, close the application and relaunch the game from the main menu.

end task windows
Task Manager Windows

More often than not, this will fix the stuck in a loading screen issue in Minecraft Dungeons. You should be able to return to your in-game camp successfully. However, if you were in the friend’s game, head over to the list and see if the game is still in progress, then sync your game with them. On the other hand, if every one of your friends is facing this issue, then wait for them to reconnect and send you the invite.

Or if you were the host, create a room and send invites to all of your friends, once they are life again. Furthermore, the rewards won’t disappear, even when you face in-game crashes. Once the game reloads after the fix, head back to the camp and you should see the rewards waiting for you. All the chests will be present there and you should easily equip them.

With that, we conclude the guide on how to fix the stuck in a loading screen issue in Minecraft Dungeons. Although there isn’t any other fix apart from the End Task method, yet there’s one good thing. You wouldn’t lose your rewards, even with the crashing of the game. Furthermore, while the game is still in a beta stage, one or two issues are imminent. Let’s just hope all these errors get rectified before the game launches for the wider audience. Until that happens, you may get yourself acquainted with our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick section.

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