Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds and Gold Coins | 18 July 2024

Who doesn’t want to get unlimited diamonds and gold in Free Fire? There are a lot of players searching for redeem codes every day. However, they are not able to find them. Free Fire is a battle royale game and it is being played by millions of player.

All of them want to get some new skins, emote, weapon skins and other items. It is only possible if they have diamonds or gold in their wallet. Without diamonds or gold, it won’t be possible for them to buy the items.

To help you out with this issue, we are here with the latest redeem codes for Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds and Gold Coins. In this post, you will find the Diamonds and Gold Coins for 18 July 2024, so keep on reading this guide till the end to know more about it.

Free Fire

What are Diamonds and Gold Coins in Free Fire?

If you are new to the game and don’t know about diamonds and gold coins, then don’t worry. We are here to help you. The Diamonds and Gold are nothing but the in-game currency through which you will be able to buy different items from the shop in the game.

Free Fire Rewards

Some of the famous items that you can buy currently in the game are Wukong, Woldfrahh, Steffie, Shani, Rafael, Palmoma, Oliva, Notora, Nikita, Moco, Misha, Miguel, Maxim, Laura, Kla, Kelly, Kapella, Jota, Joseph, Hayato, Ford, Eve, DJ Alok, Coroline, Antonio, Andrew, Alvaro, Adam, and A124.

Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds and Gold Coins | 18 July 2024

There are different ways available through which you can get the Diamonds and Gold Coins in the Free Fire. We will list them all, so make sure to read the guide till the end to know every step.

1. Top-Up

It is one of the ways through which you can get diamonds as a reward. If you don’t know, players will be not able to get diamonds through some hacks or by the code generator. Thus, you can top-up from the below sites to get the diamonds at a very low price.

  • Video Buddy App
  • Google Pay
  • Games Kharido
  • Free Charge
  • CodaShop
  • Amazon Pay UPI
  • PhonePe
  • Paytm First
  • Paytm App
  • Mobikwik App
  • In-Game Top-UP Centre
  • Airtel Thanks App

2. Through Advance Server

Garena Free Fire allows users to become developers or participate in advanced servers. In this advanced server, the company posts about new updates. The players will need to test them out and find bugs.

Once the users find bugs, then they are given diamonds and gold. In case, if you found some big bug, then you will be given a high number of gold and diamonds in the game which is going to be insane. There are a lot of players who have used this way to get diamonds and gold.

3. Google Play Redeem Code

Any player can get the diamonds and gold by redeeming the Google Play code. Once you have redeemed the Google Play code, then you will need to buy the diamonds from the game with the rewards that you have got from the Google Play code. You can check the redemption codes below.

  • F5DCV3B4N5JIG10U7
  • FY6STWRFG45105AR4

4. Play Custom Rooms

Another way to get diamonds and gold is by participating in Custom Rooms. There are a lot of YouTubers and organisation that holds tournament. The rewards of those tournaments are gold and diamonds. Thus, we will suggest that you should participate and win those tournaments if you want to get diamonds and gold coins in the game.

5. Booyah App

Booyah is a Free Fire video sharing and streaming platform where a lot of events and tournaments are organized. By participating in those tournaments, you can easily win diamonds and gold. Apart from diamonds and gold coins, you will be also getting exclusive rewards from the Booyah App.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

If you are aware of the Google Opinion Rewards, then you must have redeemed rewards from it. The Google Opinion Rewards is a survey application by Google which will ask for your opinion for their specific purpose.

Once you have answered the questions, then you will be able to get some rewards from it. If you have answered a lot of surveys, then you will be able to buy diamonds and gold from it.

7. Free Fire Diamonds and Gold Redeem Code

You can get diamonds and gold from the redeem code that is updated daily. We have listed the code, so try to redeem it. There is no confirmation whether the code will work or not because it might have been redeemed by another player or might have expired. Thus, try to redeem at first. Check out the redemption codes below.

  • FA5V7B3D2H6GT9L0
  • FG7H8J9K0L1Q2W3E
  • FJ3K4L9M2N6P0Q1R
  • FL2K3J4H5G6F7D8S
  • FM8N9B0V1C2X3Z4A
  • FP9O8I7U6Y5T4R3E
  • FQ1W2E3R4T5Y6U7I
  • FS0D1F3G5H7J9K2L
  • FU5I2O6P3L9K1J7H
  • FV4B6N8M0Z2X3C1V
  • FW6E9R1T5Y7U2I4O
  • FX4C6V8B0N2M3K1J
  • Y8N4Q2X9R3KC6P1F

Updated on 18 July : We have updated this post with new changes. Make sure to check them. Also, do visit our website for more regular updates.

Wrapping Up

Free Fire is a very enthusiastic game and players love to play it. The rewards are the part of the game through which the players can unlock skins, items, characters, weapons, etc. Diamonds and Gold are the in-game currency that you will need to unlock those items. We have listed the methods above through which you can get unlimited gold and diamonds. That’s all, see you in the next one.

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