Fix: Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth Issue: Disconnecting Quickly

A 6.7 inches smooth display smartphone, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is the real treat for users. Within a quick run from its release, it already has made a huge user base around the world, and there are endless consumers who are waiting for their turn to grab a hand on the set. However, despite the many advancements and better technologies the Google Pixel 6 Pro has used, its first users base still has some complaints.

Fix: Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth Issue: Disconnecting Quickly

Reasons for Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

  • Out-of-sync- Bluetooth version.
  • Hardware incompatibility
  • Firmware Bugs.
  • Signal interference.

How to Fix Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth Connectivity Problem?

As per the users, their Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth is disconnecting quickly and frequently. No matter how many times they reconnect the same, the problem keeps coming back. Some users also state that their Bluetooth first disconnects, and then within a matter of a few seconds, it reconnects again automatically. In this article, we will lead you to the answers to the same issue, fortunately, we have a few. For more information, continue reading.

FIX 1: Look for incompatibility issue

This isn’t dedicatedly a fix, but while looking for incompatibility issues between the device, you will get answers to a lot of questions. For example, the Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth has obviously one of the latest Bluetooth versions in the market. Now, if you are trying to connect it with a device that runs a very old Bluetooth version, you may fail to make a pair. Though newer versions are also made to perform compatibly with older devices, a few exceptions can exist.

Look upon your Bluetooth device (with which you want to connect your Google Pixel 6 Pro). Now check if there are any technical limitations that are ending you with the Bluetooth disconnection quickly issue. If yes, then the problem is not with your phone but with the device.

FIX 2: Forget all Bluetooth connections

While you clear all the pairing between your Google Pixel 6 Pro’s Bluetooth and other (connected) devices, the said issue may resolve.

Note: Here, we have explained the steps for forgetting all Bluetooth connections in your Google Pixel 6 Pro device. However, please go through the manual for other paired devices or connect with the manufacturer/ service provider.

  • On your Google Pixel 6 Pro mobile, swipe up to view Apps.
  • Now tap on Settings -> Connected Devices -> Bluetooth.
  • Now beside each device, you want to unpair, tap the Options icon and then tap on Forget.

FIX 3: Disable all possible sources of interference

One of the reasons you face a Bluetooth connectivity issue in your Google Pixel 6 Pro device is due to signal interference. Here are a few sources of interference that you must look upon and disable:

  • Ensure that no other Bluetooth is active around the two devices you are trying to connect. If there is, consider disabling it.
  • Turn off devices including electronics (featuring Bluetooth), mobiles, laptops, smartwatches and check whether it helps.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 and check whether it helps or not.
  • At last, make sure that your Google Pixel 6 Pro mobile and other devices (which you are trying to connect Bluetooth with) are close enough with no physical interference in between. It may happen that due to distance in Bluetooth range, you are experiencing a connectivity issue.

FIX 4: Reset network settings

As per a few suffered users, while they reset the Network Settings, the “Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth Disconnecting Quickly” issue got resolved for them. You can also try the same and check whether it helps or not.

For doing so, follow the steps given below:

  • On your Google Pixel 6 Pro mobile, swipe up to view Apps.
  • Now tap on Settings -> System -> Reset.
  • Further tap on any of these three options; Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth/ Reset app preference/ Erase all data (factory reset) and then tap on Reset Setting. Here, if asked, enter the Password or PIN of your mobile phone.
  • Lastly, again tap on Reset Settings to confirm.

FIX 5: Perform Master Reset/ Factory Reset.

Taking back the Google Pixel 6 Pro to its default position helped a lot of users overcome the Bluetooth connectivity issue. You can also try the same by following the steps given below:

Note: Though before moving forward, make sure you create a data backup for all the data on your mobile. Remember, during the Master Reset/ Factory Reset process, entire data, including phone number, images, audio, video and other files, will erase from your mobile’s memory.

  • Firstly, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds and turn Off your mobile.
  • Further simultaneously hold the Volume down and Power key for a few seconds or until it launches a new screen on your device.
  • Use the Volume key to navigate and then move to Recovery mode. Now press the Power key and select Recovery mode.
  • Further, as the Android bot image becomes visible, press and holds the Power button.
  • Then press the Volume Up button and at the same time release the Power button.
  • Again, move to Wipe data/factory reset (using Volume key) at the Android recovery screen and then click on Yes to confirm.
  • Now, wait for the factory data reset process to get completed.
  • Then select the Reboot System Now option.
  • Your Google Pixel 6 Pro has been reset now.
  • Lastly, use Bluetooth connectivity and check whether it works smoothly or not.

These were the top 5 solutions for the “Google Pixel 6 Pro Bluetooth issue: Disconnecting Quickly” issue. Before presenting them to you, we have already tried and tested them under real-time circumstances, and they have proved successful.

However, if these fixes do not help you by any chance, then, at last, connect with the Google Support team. You can also visit the Google service center in person and get your mobile checked. Besides that, do ensure that the device you are trying to pair your mobile with is both physically and technically stable. For example, at times, Bluetooth at your Google Pixel 6 Pro may disconnect quickly because of the other responsible device. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment in the below comment box.


  1. My Bluetooth headphones kept disconnecting on my pixel 6. To see if the same thing would happen with any blue tooth device I paired my SoundCore mini to my phone and it worked fine. Tried my headphones again and now they’re fine too.

    1. I am having an issue with then2018 Toyota Tacoma. It’s a mess. The phone will work then it just switches from the car back to the phone. I did do a hard reset still does it. I am thinking about the developer option may help if I new what each one did

      1. Same issue with a2019 F150 and with my hearing aid Bluetooth connection. Have already reset the phone four times in accordance with Google support instructions. Finally Google is sending a new phone.

  2. Same issue with 2019 4Runner. Connection stable when not on a call. But when I make a call and stay on for about 5 minutes, the bluetooth diconnects and stays disconnected. The call is then transferred to my phone in my pocket. I really hope Google fixes this issue as it is the most important safety feature of any phone.

      1. Same issue with ear pods as well as my car, suddenly stops working so I must reboot my phone. A terrible experience. I now strongly advise friends not to buy a Pixel phone.

      2. I am also having problems with my Pixel 6 phone disconnecting from my bluetooth in my 2018 Highlander car. Google support was useless. This is ridiculous, I’ve had the Pixel XL previously with no problems. Yes, I have tried the suggestions. How can this be corrected?

  3. Pixel 6 Pro drops Bluetooth cyclically to 2016 Acura TLX.
    Tried changing adaptive battery settings, accessibility settings for personal safety- automatic switching on/off
    Resetting Bluetooth connection to car,
    So far no luck, considering developer options for Bluetooth processes.

    1. Same issue with my car (Peugeot 5008 2020) and my Plantronics Voyager UC headset.

      Connection is fine until I receive phone call or try to call somebody -> the phone just disconnects…

      Very handy….

      Never had this issue before with any of my phones…

  4. I am having an issue with my 2018 Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium Bluetooth and Pixel 6 Pro with phone, music apps stay connected. The phone will work then it just switches from the car back to the phone. I did do a hard reset still does it. I went to Developer Options and tried different things, no luck. Even found an upgrade on Toyotas Download page for the head unit, no luck. Everybody with a Toyota and this problem call 800-331-4331 on complain, maybe they will resolve!!

  5. Same issue .. Chevy Colorado.
    Going into the specific bluetooth connection’s settings and turning off and back on the media toggle fixes it sometimes.. but only temporarily.

  6. Same issue with Tacoma 2017 every phone call drops within 30-90 seconds. I have tried all of these recommendations except a factory reset which I do not think this is the problem as the phone was brand new and started this issue within the first hours of it being turned on… I even downloaded the latest updates via the Toyota Entune App, and updated the software to the truck. Nothing. This is absolutely maddening.

  7. I have the same issue with my pixel 6 constantly dropping Apple Beats Bluetooth. I have tried the master reset and it worked briefly. I also have dropped calls with three connections. I love this phone but this Bluetooth thing is huge

  8. I am having problem with hearing aids it connects but no sound then sometimes just gets stuck. You can tell it’s trying to connect but no sound

  9. Further checking I realized that I can stream fine to the head unit no issue. The problem starts if I take a call or call someone. It’s random the call switches back to phone sometimes I can reselect device again and it will come back then it drops again. Recently the whole head unit restarted on its on. So if I am driving nothing I can do. . I have done a hard reset still happens. Now I am going to do a reset of the connectivity and see what happens

  10. Settings –> System –> Developer Options

    Change the Bluetooth AVRCP Version to 1.4 and enable Gabeldorsche

    These two together fixed my issues connecting to the my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

  11. Unfortunately, The November update has not resolved the Bluetooth issue. Also, streaming music is working perfectly.

  12. Having the same issue on my ’17 Tacoma. Phone calls stay connected to the head unit for 1 to 3 minutes, then bluetooth is disconnected.

    I tried the developer options, issue persists. Google support tells me it’s Toyota’s problem and basically wash their hands of the issue.

    1. Google support is HORRIBLE. They keep telling me they will call back and nada. Have you had any luck solving this? My previous apple products had no issue and even my first pixel (Pixel 3) worked.

  13. Changing the Bluetooth AVRCP Version to 1.4 and enabling Gabeldorsche didn’t work for me.
    2013 Prius…
    I almost want to say that BT restart occurs in specific areas I drive through. Haven’t tried calls, I only steam iHeartRadio to my radio.

  14. Have the same issues as others with my Google Pixel 6 Pro and my 2016 Highlander and 2016 Tundra. Bluetooth keeps dropping and it goes back to handset. Switched to AVRCP 1.4 and Gabeldorsche and going to give that a try.

  15. Same here with my pixel 6 on my 2010 Venza.
    Last phone oneplus 5t no issues but new phone assistant won’t talk no hands free communication.
    Frustrating phone being returned due to this.

  16. I have same problem on a Toyota Tacoma 2019. I have found that everything works fine as long as the screen is active. Once the screen times out on the phone everything goes south

  17. Same issue 2015 Toyota Avalon. No issues with pixel 3. Phone calls cause Bluetooth connection to drop within a couple minutes into the call and sometimes it causes the car software to restart / reinitialize like it does when I first turn on the car.

  18. I’m thinking of returning mine as well. Google has been ZERO help on this. What will you get instead?

  19. Same issues with my 2016 4Runner. My old Pixel 2 worked flawlessly. I drive a lot for work and not having Bluetooth functionality is extremely frustrating

  20. I have the same problem with hearing aids, after several attempts they will connect, but then drop the connection during the call. Ditto in the car which is a new Merc E450. Customer support is hopeless, the fault has been acknowledged, but no feedback on whether it is being resolved. So, phone going back, frustrating as I prefer Pixel as it comes without bloatware.

  21. I was able to resolve my disconnect and BT restart issue by resetting my Network settings.
    Reset Mobile, WiFI & BT.

    When I got Pixel 6 PRO, I migrated everything from my previous phone., maybe there is a migration problem?

  22. I had zero problems until the Jan 7th Pixel 6 Pro update. I also drive a Toyota but I have an aftermarket Pioneer stereo. I had it working until I got out of the truck and back in.

  23. Same here with my 2017 Tacoma. Keeps disconnecting. Now I have to use speaker phone when driving around in my truck. It’s horrible, inconvenient and dangerous

  24. It would take me a couple of hours to detail the lengths that I have gone to trying to resolve the Bluetooth issue between a Google Pixel 6 and a 2018 Toyota 4Runner. The vehicle is basically my office hence I rely on reliable connectivity between the phone and the vehicle’s audio system. Numerous phone calls (lots of hold time) with Verizon tech support and Google. After trying every fix including starting the phone in safe mode, system re-start, software update, unpairing and re-pairing the phone and the vehicle numerous times, the problem persists. On my final visit to the Verizon store I was told that the Toyota’s system has to be upgraded with a software update. I picked up a thumb drive which is needed to download the upgrade from Toyota. Got home and went to the Toyota update site and entered the model and year of the vehicle and a box pops up on the screen informing me that there are no upgrades available for my vehicle.
    Then I took my dog for a long walk

  25. Same issue persists.
    After a change of my mother board, same problems occur again and again: lag to change the track, frozen Bluetooth,…

    BMW 2014 here but I see that all brand have issues…
    I hoped a software update can solve this design issue but that seems not possible and now, too late for a refund.
    First pixel… Probably the last.

  26. I have issues with my hearing aids. I got them for the purpose of using with my phone. As well as my car 2013 enclave.

    When I get in the car my old pixel would override the hearing aids and strictly work only with the car. Now it goes to my hearing aids, car, then phone. Or either it will run calls over my car and hearing aids at the same time.

  27. Fix 4 disabled all calls and text on my phone. Haven’t been able to retrieve them.

    Calls and SMS are now greyed out in settings.

  28. Little different issue with my Pixel 6 and 2020 Toyota rav4 hybrid. I can make a call hands free, but when I’m done with the call I can’t hang up without manually turning off Bluetooth on my phone.

  29. 2022 Toyota Highlander and Pixel 6 Pro, head unit will not release the call over blue tooth. If you disconnect the blue tooth from the phone the Highlander disappears and has to be repaired. Hard reset seems to work but after every call.

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