Fix: Google Pixel 6a Not Showing 5G Network

Google Pixel 6a is an amazing smartphone with good hardware and modern connectivity options. Most users who own a Pixel 6a device need access to high speed internet services. Thankfully Pixel 6a supports 5G network bands in most regions and can facilitate internet speeds up to 5GBPS! But recently, many users have been complaining about 5G related issues where they are not able to connect to a 5G network tower or their Google Pixel 6a is not showing any 5G network signals.

In most cases, 5G network issues are due to network limitations as the cellular provider needs to set up multiple 5G towers to provide good 5G services. Or it can be due to 5G network limitations on your particular carrier service or device network settings. If you are facing a similar issue, then the below troubleshooting guide will help you to fix the 5G issue on Google Pixel 6a.

Fix Google Pixel 6a Not Showing 5G Network

Fix: Google Pixel 6a Not Showing 5G Network

There have been reports of some users experiencing difficulty in accessing 5G networks on their Pixel 6a devices. Users over different online forums have expressed their concerns about not able to enjoy the 5G services. Google hasn’t addressed the issue yet, but there are some workarounds to fix this issue on your end.

Method 1: Restart Pixel 6a

Many Pixel users have mentioned that the issue of 5G not connecting or the 5G network not available is just a technical glitch and can be fixed with a simple device reboot. Often case, when you restart your Pixel 6a device, it will force itself to search for new 5G compatible network towers and connect with them automatically.

Method 2: Check 5G Coverage Area

Just because you have a 5G connection or a 5G smartphone, doesn’t mean you can enjoy the 5G series out of the box. As 5G services are quite expensive and require heavy investment in machinery and towers, many areas still do not have 5G connection services. So please check weather your area supports 5G services from your carrier provider.

Method 3: Check SIM 5G Compatibility

It might be a case where you have a 5G smartphone, but you only have a SIM compatible ith 4G networks. It’s important to note that you need to activate the 5G services on your SIM card when you get a new 5G connection. It is better to connect with your carrier provider and explore the 5G connectivity options for smartphones there.

Method 4: Enable 5G Network

Once you have confirmed about the 5G area near you and also have a working 5G capable SIM card, you need to enable the 5G network on your Pixel 6a smartphone. Usually, most Pixel smartphones come with 4G as the default network preference, so you need to change that to 5G instead.

Below are the steps to enable a 5G network on your Pixel 6a smartphone:

  • Open the settings app and navigate to SIM card options.
  • Here choose the SIM card, which has a 5G connection facility.
  • Now from the preferred network types, chose the 5G option.
  • Once done, restart your Pixel and see if it helps.

Method 5: Get 5G Network Plan

Please check if you have purchased a valid 5G data plan. Often cases, you might forget to recharge your SIM card carrier with 5G plans, and it automatically converts the network into a 4G SIM card. So please confirm with your carrier regarding 5G network plans.

Method 6: Update Pixel Firmware

Many devices do come with 5G hardware support, but those are locked behind a software firewall waiting for approval from govt and other regulatory bodies before users can use them. Since the launch of 5G services, Google Pixel developers have been rolling out software updates for configuring 5G network capabilities in Pixel 6a smartphones.

Steps to check for software updates in Pixel 6a smartphone:

  • Open the settings app and navigate to General > software update section.
  • Here, check if your device has any pending updates.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the updates.

It’s important that you update your Pixel regularly as minor connectivity issues with 5G are often fixed using software patches.

Method 7: Contact SIM Provider

There are certain cases where your SIM card might be blacklisted from the usage of 5G connectivity services. And this might be the reason behind Google Pixel 6a Not Showing 5G Network issue.

Many users over the Reddit Pixel community have suggested that calling the carrier company will unlock the 5G services via new APN settings. So raise your concerns with them, and hopefully, the 5G network issue will go away.

Method 8: Reset Pixel 6a

If the above solutions don’t work, the user should try resetting the phone’s network settings. This will erase all the network settings on the phone, and the user will have to set them up again. However, this can fix the issue if there’s a problem with the phone’s network settings.

Below are the steps to reset network settings on your Pixel 6a smartphone:

  • Open the settings app and navigate to system > reset options.
  • Here click on the reset network settings button.
  • It will ask you for a confirmation along with your screen passcode.
  • Enter the required details and wait for your smartphone to reboot.

Method 9: Contact Pixel Customer Care

If none of the above methods helps you out, then it might be a hardware issue rather than a software glitch. If that’s the case, its best to connect with a Pixel customer care representative or avail warranty if that’s applicable.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing the Google Pixel 6a not Showing 5G Network issue. Please note that the issue is most likely to be caused due to poor 5G connectivity services in the area. It’s better to confirm with your network provider for 5G services before purchasing a 5G cellular plan. You may follow the above methods to fix any software or technical issue which is stopping you from enjoying 5G network services on your Pixel smartphone.

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