Grounded: How to Get the Mint Mallet?

Launched just a week ago, Grounded is making quite the buzz already. It is in its early stages, and only a few weapons are available as of now. The most potent weapon from the list is the Mint Mallet, which is the only Tier 3 weapon in the game right now. The Mint Mallet is an ultimate weapon that can easily stun almost any insect that you may encounter. The damage on this weapon is second to none right now.

Now you do get other weapons, but these weapons are not that effective against bigger insects like the wolf spider or the stinkbug. It takes a while to stun them, but with the Mint Mallet, it becomes relatively more comfortable to deal with them. If you want to move on ahead quickly in the game taking on anyone that comes in your way, then it would be wise to get the most potent weapon in your arsenal. So how do you get the Mint Mallet? Let’s find out in this article.

Grounded: How to Get the Mint Mallet?


How to craft the Mint Mallet?

Now to get the material required to craft the Mint Mallet, you will first need a Level 2 insect hammer. If you don’t already have it, then you will need 4x Stinkbug Part, 4x Berry Leather, and a Boiling gland. Once you have these three, you can then craft the Level 2 Insect hammer.

Now once you have the insect hammer, you can start your journey for the Mint Mallet. Firstly, go to the mysterious device and from there travel to the north until you find the Icecaps Mint Container. Inside the Mint container, you will find some mint chunks. And to get these mint chunks, you will need the insect hammer that you crafted a while ago. Blow, we have included a picture of the map to show you where you will find the Icecaps Mint Container.

Grounded: How to Get the Mint Mallet?

Open the container, by hitting its lid a couple of times. A single hit will only open it a little. Hit it twice with the hammer, and the entire lid will open up. Now crouch and get inside the container. Here using your insect hammer, start your extraction of the mint chunks. Now, these mints inside the box are in a limited quantity, and they do not get filled automatically if you play the game again. That is, they do not get refreshed and filled up again. So while collecting the chunks, be sure to obtain only as much as you need.

Grounded: How to Get the Mint Mallet?

Once you have enough chunks required for the mint mallet, get out of there. Sometimes you might encounter an ant inside the container too. If that happens, you will have to fight the ant and stun it.

For the mint mallet, you will need 5x Mint Chunk, 9x Spider Silk, and 8x Flower Petal. You can get the mint chunks from the Icecaps Mint Container, as mentioned above. And flower Petals easily in areas like the base of the oak tree, in the rose bushes, or across the pond from the oak tree. You will get the required petals from these regions. Now for the Spider Silk, you will have to get to places where there is Spider net available. Hit these spider nets with your hammer without really getting caught up in it yourself, and you can have all the Spider Silk that you need.

Be sure to do this without the spider noticing you; otherwise, you will have to put up a fight against it. And fighting a spider is not that easy. So, rather than going through all that trouble, you can just sneakily get the spider silk without any one of them noticing you.

Grounded: How to Get the Mint Mallet?

Now get to the workbench and start the crafting process for the Mint Mallet. The Mint Mallet will have the most significant damage and stun value as compared to all the other weapons in the game. Use it any way you want and take on any enemy you want. This weapon won’t disappoint you.

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