Guide To Fix Archos Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue?

Imagine that you are playing PUBG on your Archos smartphone or working on an important excel while connected to the mobile data or referring a website to search for a particular answer and suddenly the network bars on the topmost status bar on your phone begins to wobble. You might have seen that the phone’s signal strength fluctuates between full to moderate to weak, etc when traveling that can cause call drops, lack of internet access, unavailability of the network if the network is lost and there are various reasons why it could happen. You have combined a list of all the possible scenarios related to Archos weak signal or lost network issue to provide the best troubleshooting tips that are effective in fixing the said problems.

Toggle the flight mode

Can’t connect to a network? Facing Archos weak signal or lost network issue? Try toggling the flight mode and it must resolve the temporary issue for you. To toggle, simply drag down the notification tray and tap on the ‘Flight Mode’ icon and repeat the same for several times and that must fix the problem.

Turn off the phone

If flight mode doesn’t help, restarting the phone must help. Alternatively, you can turn off the phone, wait for few seconds and then press the power button hoping that this must fix the temporary glitch and restore the strength of the signal.

Change preferred network type

Archos smartphones support various bands of 2G, 3G, and 4G network types and thus, you can either set on 4G or 3G/2G or you can command the phone to automatically select the network type based on availability where the later is more preferable since you don’t have to select the network by yourself. This provides you will greater coverage since 2G is available around the world and then, 3G coverage is right below it and then, 4G and therefore, this would allow you register on 3G or 2G network if the 4G network is not available.

Change the mobile operator’s settings

Archos and in fact every smartphone has two operators mode that is Manual and Automatic where the former requires users to keep registering to a network whenever it goes out of the coverage while the latter automatically registers to available networks without human intervention. You can tweak between these two modes to get the required results as well as resolve the weak signal or lost network issue

Update the Android OS

Apps are extremely helpful as it lets the user do any and every task depending upon the category and its functionalities. But here, we are talking about ‘outdated’ apps which are notoriously known to cause performance issues and therefore, experts recommend users to update the apps as and when the updates are available. The same goes for the Android OS or firmware which indeed a software that needs updates as and when it is available to ward off bugs and issues.

Do not let battery life go to critical level

The network strength could take a dive if your smartphone’ battery goes under critical level and therefore, you mustn’t allow the phone to fall below 15 to 20 percent which is the critical level.

Hold the phone the right way

Blocking the antenna can cause interference too and thus, it will affect the signal strength and therefore, you must refrain from doing so. You can check out the Google for the location of the network antenna on your smartphone and hold the phone appropriate without blocking it.

Use femtocells or wifi-calling feature

Both the features are alike and work best if you are looking to replace the normal calling in case the signal is too poor. You’ll have to buy external units to use this service but it is worth if you are someone who relies on the phone, say for work or with friends and family.

Buy a signal booster for your house/office

Another great device that you can buy but it’s different as it takes the radio signals sent by the cell towers and increases it in terms of strength using amplifiers and then, broadcasts the network in a house or office. This is extremely helpful if the network strength is poor where you live or where you work and thus, it is worth purchasing the same.

Delete cache files

There are different types of cache files but you need to understand that cache files are temporary and susceptible to get corrupted and therefore, it must be fixed by deleting the same. Here are four ways you can get rid of cache files.

  • Navigate to Settings and open Storage and tap on Cache Memory and delete it.
  • Navigate to Settings and open Apps and then, the open Downloaded section where the list of all the apps that you had downloaded will appear. Tap on each of the apps and press the ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ and it’s done.
  • You can download apps such as CCleaner which clears the cache files automatically with just a click.
  • To clear wipe partition, you need to enter the recovery mode where you can tap on ‘wipe cache partition’. Note that the procedure to boot into the recovery mode for your Archos smartphone as mentioned in the next method.

Restore the phone to its original settings

  • To boot into the recovery mode, use the power button to turn the phone off.
  • Press both the buttons i.e. volume up and power button together and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • You can release both the buttons which an Android logo is displayed on the screen.
  • Here, you are required to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from amidst the menu and then, select ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and that must undertake the process automatically.
  • Restart the phone once you are done with it.

Check if the SIM is damaged or the slot/tray is compromised

You need to see if the SIM card that you are using is proper or damaged due to abrasions caused during constant inserting and removing it which is a common sight. You can get the SIM card to replace either by ordering a replacement or you can walk into a carrier’ store to get it replaced.

Consult a professional to fix the problem

That’s probably the last thing you can do if you are unable the fix the problem by yourself. Note that reporting the issue to an authorized service center if your phone is warranty period will help waive off the fixing charges with discounts if not totally free. On the other hand, the third party service center will resolve the problem probably at a lower charge but will void warranty period which is something GetDroidTips doesn’t recommend unless you really want to do it.

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