Guide To Fix Coolpad Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

It’s disturbing when the network bar on the left or right side of the status bar goes down or wobbles to and fro good and weak network. It could happen due to a number of reasons but anyhow, it is annoying and it will not allow you to have a call or messages let leave browsing the web since something the network might switch from 4G to 3G or at times, the network goes out totally. Why does it happen and what can you do to fix it? First of all, it could be either software issue or hardware issue that too from your end or the carrier might be responsible and therefore, here’s what you can to boost signal coverage and get out of lost or no network.

Guide To Fix Coolpad Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Guide To Fix Coolpad Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Let’s segregate the weak signal or lost network issue into three categories for which, I have provided all the tips and tricks you can use.

Check for if there’s an intermittent issue?

Well, the number of smartphone users are increasing and so are the connections with your carrier and therefore, the carrier needs to keep up with the pace by maintaining and scaling infrastructure accordingly. This could be a reason why your network is weak or there’s no network as such works might involve disconnecting the service temporarily. If the carrier is claiming that the network is at its optimum but you are not getting the required network coverage, what I suggest is to port to a different carrier. Further, there is another solution wherein you can use dual SIM and that’s two SIM cards from two different carriers so that you don’t get disconnected if network from one of the carrier is disrupted.

What if a software error is causing the issue?

Restart the phone

The trouble with a weak signal or lost network issue? Try rebooting the phone and check if the network is restored or not. It is because software errors could occur when the smartphone is doing several tasks at once.

Turn On flight mode

Don’t the flight mode disconnects the phone from any incoming or outgoing network? Yes, indeed but this will resolve the problem since it is one of the most recommended technique to fix the network related issue. Simply turn on the flight mode, wait for few seconds and deactivate it. If the network doesn’t restore, try toggling the flight mode several times and that must do the magic.

Toggle SIM settings for network selection mode

There are basically two modes of network selection i.e. manual and automatic which is self-explanatory. The default is automatic but when you are traveling somewhere out your city or circle and observe that there’s no network, that’s when you can switch to manual where you need to search for available network and register accordingly. Note that you can register on your network or those which are partnered with your carrier that gives a large network coverage around the country.

Select network bands accordingly

There are several network types such as 4G, 3G, and 2G and there are several bands under these network types. Your phone will automatically register to a 4G network if it’s available but if it is not available, it might or might not switch 3G based on the network settings set by the user. If you are unable to find the 4G network, you can always switch to lower bands that is for 3G or 2G which are widespread and will allow you do to basically everything although slow but it is still better than nothing.

Update apps and the Android firmware

Outdated apps and firmware which indeed is a software are known to cause a problem and therefore, must be updated as and when the updates are available. This will enable users to enjoy new features while eliminating bugs that were discovered earlier as well as overhaul sluggish performance which is one of the byproducts of an outdated system.

Clear cache files

Although cache files are temporarily created and stored files that provide ease of access to an app or service by decreasing the loading time, these files can have an adverse impact on a smartphone too. Corrupted cache is known to slow down the phone or turn it sluggish while there is a number of other errors that can be caused due to corrupted cache and therefore, it is healthy to delete these files which aren’t a rocket science.

Storage cache can be deleted by proceeding to the Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory. Further, the app cache files are deleted for each individual app by proceeding to the Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded, here you need to select on apps individually and delete the cache files and data files. The final procedure requires users to boot into the recovery mode for which, the steps are mentioned in the next procedure. Once you boot into the recovery mode, you need to select ‘wipe cache partition’ and then, ‘Yes’ and that must delete the remaining cache files also.

Perform a hard reset

This must put an end to the software-related problem which is causing a weak signal or lost network issue. You need to enter into the recovery mode to perform the said functions.

  • Press the power button and volume up button together for 10 to 20 seconds until an Android logo isn’t displayed on-screen.
  • Now, release the buttons and wait for a second so that the phone enters recovery mode.
  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ using the power button and use volume buttons to toggle.
  • Select ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and that must put an end to the problem.

What to do if there’s any hardware issue behind it?

Check for any interference

Radio waves which are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that cell towers broadcast and that is intercepted by an antenna mounted on a smartphone. Certain types of materials or obstacles in-between the path of sender and receiver can cause a problem by deteriorating the strength of the signal and therefore, it must be eliminated. You need to verify what object is causing interference and fix it right to restore the network.

Buy a signal booster

If you live somewhere there is a weak signal, I’ll suggest you buy a signal booster which is an electronic device with several components inside it. The device collects signal from the cell tower, amplifies it using amplifiers and then, broadcast it inside the house or office giving quality network irrespective of the interference. This can be used by all members of the house until they have the same carrier which saves on the cost as well.

Check whether the SIM card is inserted properly

You tend to remove the SIM card often, it could be possible that you haven’t inserted the SIM card properly or the phone is not properly detected the SIM Card. For that purpose, remove the SIM card and re-insert it and that’s must resolve the problem.

Check if the SIM or tray is damaged or not

What to do if the SIM card or the tray where it is loaded is damaged. For SIM card, you’ll have to walk into your carrier to get a replacement or arrange a home delivery if it’s available but for damaged SIM tray, you’ll have to report it to a service center to get it repaired.

Consult help from a technician

Finally, the last report is to consult a technician and get the problem fixed. Note that you can report to an authorized service center or service partner or a third party service center where the charges could differ to a great extent.

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