Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for May 2024

From the Starlight game, a new game is getting into the spotlight. The Heir of Darkness, an action-packed RPG game that offers a journey to the land of light where the darkness is overwhelms all the light. We will discuss the mount tier list of the Heir of Darkness. You can get an idea of the best mount available for the players in the game.

Mounts can be used in the Heir of Darkness to add agility to the game. If you are traveling around the map and having powerful mounts also adds up power points to your overall combat points of yours. This will make your powerful blow more Powerful. Each mount has its features and you can get these mounts through shops or even you can complete some quests to get your hands on them.

Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for January 2023

Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for May 2024

A tier list is significant for the game as it gives you an overview of the mounts, weapons, or the character’s ratings and power. You can choose blindly a top-tier mount if you are new to the game because we have researched enough to bring you this mount tier list.

The game itself offers many options for the mounts, and it can also give the right amount of damage to your enemy and increase your chances of winnings. The mounts are divided into the three tiers in this article. S is the Super mounts A is Good, and B is Average. Here is the complete list of the mounts with the description of each tier. Please go through the below list.

S Tier

The strongest Tier in the game, the mounts in this tier are super mounts, and they are very deadly with amazing stats. The Couple Chimera is the best of them and is good enough for any type of battle you are about to fight.

  • Couple Chimera
  • Paper Crane
  • Future Aircraft
  • Couple Red Comet
  • Lord of Demon
  • Nian
  • Duet Sacred Dragon

A Tier

The A-tier mounts are balanced and offer players attacking and defensive options. The Alien Dragon is the perfect one for the Tier mounts. These pets are very deadly and their defensive ability along with their attack is what makes them different from other mounts available in the game.

  • Alien Dragon
  • Yellow Chicken
  • Couple Glacier Sled
  • Floral Moon
  • Snow Yak
  • Ice Tiger
  • Sky Lion
  • Earth Tyrant
  • Ashen Firehawk
  • Demonic Chimera
  • Forest Elf
  • Chocobo
  • Abyss Fire Spirit

B Tier

Most B Tier mounts are useless as they are not good enough in either the attacks or the defense. If you are really in need of a B Tier mount you should go for the Flying Carpet. The flying carpet gives you a ride boost which can boost your traveling speed and it is the only benefit you can have over others.

  • Flying Carpet
  • Demonic Shark
  • Golden Griffen
  • Ghost Steed
  • Ship of the Desert
  • Demonic Pig
  • Golden Horn King
  • Magic Rabit
  • Leafy Rat
  • Magic Broom
  • Desert Ghost
  • Wild Automobile

Updated on May 1: The post has been updated today. Check the post to find out the changes that we have made. Keep visiting the page to get the new updates.


At the beginning of the Heir of Darkness, there were so many mounts available to choose from but now there are only 33 mounts to choose from and we mentioned every mount in detail. We Hope that this Heir of Darkness tier list helped you select the best mount for your character. However, you have to buy the top tier mounts from the shop or win them by completing events.

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