Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour Rooms

While exploring the Irid Novo in Cradle Games’ popular action roleplaying game, Hellpoint, you must have come across some locked regions that are inaccessible. These are known as “Black Hole Hour” rooms in Hellpoint. They are barred by an energy gate, similar to the ones you see in boss rooms and the game’s Hell Hour.

The only difference is that their barrier is light golden in color instead of orange. You will only be able to enter them after you enter the Eye Codes. Now in this all-new guide, we will help you with the Black Hole Hour rooms and their corresponding Eye Codes in Hellpoint.

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour Rooms in Hellpoint

You will find Eye Codes all across the zones in Hellpoint. For example, one can be found in a concealed room while completing the Architect’s side quest. You will come across another one in the Observatory. Let us now go through our guide to solve the mysterious puzzle of the Eye Codes in Hellpoint.

The Arcology

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Your first step is to reach the Arcology – the control center of the Eye Codes. Once you take down the Celestial Beast boss, you will find a breach or save point, a passport terminal to go to Ikari Walkways or Sohn District, and a certain doorway. This doorway possesses a non-functional (as of now) elevator, but we get to know something about the “Five Eyes of the Arcology” through it.

You will now have to make your way to the Sohn District, take down the Arisen Congregators, and then arrive in the spaceport or tram area. Eventually, you will arrive below the Arcology’s elevator, which links back to the passport area from before. Make your way to the third floor, and it will take you back to the Eye Code control center.

About the Black Hole Hour doorways and puzzle

Every Eye Code that you find signifies a certain pattern and a sequence of eight digits for an “eye,” to shift the respective towers. You will notice that you can enter eight digits into every “eye.” The basic concept is that you need to enter two Eye Codes for specific eyes, and for a certain definite pattern. Apart from this, you will also have to wait for the Black Hole Hour to take place in that particular area. The Irid Novo space station revolves around a huge black hole, and therefore your surroundings are liable to be affected by time. This is represented by the clock icon that you see on the upper left side of the HUD. There are certain important concepts regarding this clock that have been detailed below.

  • Hell Hour – when you have to fight small hordes in certain rooms – take place whenever the minute and hour hands of this clock are at three and nine (at 3:45 or 9:15), and the little circle is representing the time is going through those segments.
  • The Black Hole Hour, which opens up the light golden gates that you need for the Eye Codes puzzle, takes place when the aforementioned little circle is present near the silver circle, which represents your particular zone on the Irid Novo. When it comes to the Arcology, this will always be at the top of the hour in the HUD.
  • It is interesting to know that the little circle will always go back to the 5 o’clock position whenever you load your Hellpoint save. It even happens after some time has passed since you saved the game.

Additional details

When the Black Hole Hour takes place, you will see a beam shoot out of the singularity. It will connect to the other towers that you have activated, and a particular zone in Hellpoint will get triangulated. This will allow you to cross a particular light golden gate into a previously closed room. Note that the Black Hole Hour in Hellpoint only lasts for a duration of about 15 to 20 minutes. Thus, you need to ensure that the codes are already in place and that you will be able to make your way to the concerned room as quickly as you can.

For this purpose, you need to be well acquainted with the complicated level layouts in Hellpoint. You can also try applying a Breach Synchronizer on teleporters in the vicinity. It is a good idea to synchronize the breach near the Arcology’s passport terminal since that one is nearer to the elevator in the tower. In case you are near the doorway’s area when the Black Hole Hour takes place, it is possible that the passage will not open up. Thus, you will have to fast travel back and forth in order to get rid of the golden gate.

Following this, it is time to activate Eye Two’s tower and enter its codes.

Dealing with the Eye Two tower

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

It is important to remember that the Eye-One tower is non-functional. But the Eye Two tower has to be raised before you can enter the codes. For that, you will first have to find the controls for it. Go to the Ikora Walkways from the Arcology passport area. Go along the main walkway and then move over to the next one you notice. Make your way through the dimly lit corridor and ascend up the little staircase on your left. You will now find yourself in a room with the Artillery boss.

Slay the Artillery boss, and then you will find yourself between two paths to choose from. One of them will lead you to the Alma Mater Atrium – Cabaret area, where you will find the doorway of Pattern C. The other one will lead you to the Arcology – Underside. You need to go there in order to raise the tower of Eye Two.

About the Arcology – Underside and the Alma Mater Atrium

When you are in the Arcology – Underside, have a good look at your surroundings first. You need to make your way to the other section of the first floor. Make your way up the staircase to the second floor. Now you should find a room with a Healing Proficiency item there. However, you should also see a passage that will lead you to the Alma Mater Atrium, a completely different section of that same zone. You will reach the huge Ring Elevator area and a golden cube, which is the key to the tower of Eye Two. Now use the Ring Elevator to move up to the control room. Activate the panel you see in order to raise the aforementioned tower.

Note that when you use the Ring Elevator for a second time, it will take you to a hallway that will go straight to a boss battle with the Archon Knight (Banshee). There is also a looping corridor that will lead you to the topmost floor of the Alma Mater zone. You will be able to take on one of Hellpoint’s main bosses, Uthos, over there.

If you have saved up on those rare Breach Synchronizers, you can go through the Cabaret Street in order to go back. To your right, you will see a breach point with a doorway that leads to the Arcology. You will come across the library with stairs that lead to the boss items trader. However, you need to go for the passage leading outside. Go past the mobs and upwards through the winding corridors. Eventually, you will get to the elevator. Use it to go to the third floor, and you will find yourself in the tower/eye controls area once again.

Now, you need to open up the chamber for Pattern A.

Pattern A: Sohn District

The tower codes are given below.

  • Eye Two: 2602 9417
  • Eye Four: 5624 7947

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

The Sohn District is near to the place where you battled the Arisen Congregators (“Douchebag Twins”), boss. After defeating this boss and entering the spaceport area, proceed to save your game inside the control tower where you come across the Architect. It is a good idea to synchronize this teleporter as well because you need to return for Pattern B’s chamber.

Now go back to the boss arena, go left and walk straight through the winding corridor. After you go through the huge doorway at the end of the corridor, you will encounter the Archon Knight boss. Once you slay it, you will be rewarded with the Archon Spear weapon blueprint. You require an Occult Station 3D printer in order to craft it. Now go across the walkway and grab the loot in the room opposite to this one. You will acquire a Blood Ritual as well.

In case you are not running out of time, swiftly make your way back to the Eye Codes control center and enter Pattern B’s sequence of numbers. The doorway to Pattern B is also located in the Sohn District, so you could use this opportunity to obtain the rewards in there as well.

Pattern B: Sohn District

The tower codes are given below.

  • Eye Two: 3898 9450
  • Eye Three: 5012 3677

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

This is located near the Arisen Congregators boss arena and Pattern A. In order to reach it, go towards the boss arena from the spaceport. You will reach a place with two zombies and red-colored walls. On the side, you should spot a rail that you can use to climb up. Go along the walkways until you are able to jump down into one of the rooms with canisters of energy crystals. In a room adjacent to this one, you will find some more mobs and an elevator, which will lead you to a long corridor. At the end of this corridor, you will find the chamber for Pattern B.

Inside this chamber, you will find some useful items like the Mind Vessel O.B. and the Radiogardase. The latter is a module that will reduce the adverse effect of radiation on you. Make your way below, and you will find another elevator that will take you to the office building in the spaceport area of Sohn District. You will find some more loot items over there, including the Tram Activation Key and a Breach Synchronizer.

After this, return to the Eye Codes control center. You can now proceed to obtain the rewards for Pattern C, though you will have to wait for a while for another Black Hole Hour to take place.

Pattern C: Alma Mater Atrium

The tower codes are given below.

  • Eye Four: 6080 7797
  • Eye Five: 2856 5003

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Go to the Ikari Walkways zone and the room where you slew the Artillery boss. Ascend to the floor above this one, which leads to the Alma Mater Atrium, and go along the corridor. In the next room, you will come across a secret door, which will take you to an open area. Here, you can flip a switch to (almost comically) smash a train into some foes. Now ascend up the staircase, and you will come across a vent leading to the Alma Mater Atrium right at the end of the narrow space.

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Make your way to the third floor of the concealed elevator in Alma Mater Atrium – Cabaret section. It is a bit hard to get to this elevator because the room leading to it is blocked unless you already unlocked it before coming here. Grab some loot and keep moving down. Takedown the mobs you encounter and grab the Cabaret key near the elevator (do not enter it right now). Use the Cabaret key to open a door in the vicinity and get into the streets of the Alma Mater Atrium. You can now interact with breaches in the vicinity to save your game!

In the Black Hole Hour chamber

Once you have saved your game, go back to the aforementioned elevator and use it to get to the third floor. You will now find yourself face to face with a sort of jumping puzzle. You will find loot items in some of the ledges on the sides. Make sure you do not fall or skid off them, though, for it will kill you instantly and take you back to the last breach point you interacted with.

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

During this, the Black Hole Hour could get elapsed. Stay close to the rail, kill the Artillery monster you encounter, and grab the loot items like the Torture Board shield. Hold on for a bit; you should notice another rail below you. You will find more axions and stuff in the underground area over there.

After this, approach the elevator (the same one you used to get to the second and third floors in the Alma Mater Atrium) and use it to get to the top. Now return to the Eye Codes control center and prepare to visit the final Black Hole Hour stop in Hellpoint – the chamber for Pattern D.

Pattern D: Ikari Walkways

The tower codes are given below.

  • Eye Three: 5440 3585
  • Eye Five: 2029 5238

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

It should not be too difficult to get to this one. In fact, you could already have passed it closely while visiting the chamber for Pattern C. At the Ikari Walkways, instead of entering the Artillery boss’ arena, ascend further up the staircase. You will come across some trams that you can use to get across the gap. In the next building, you will encounter some demons and zombies that are best avoided. Get to the top using the rail, and you will end up in a dark room with a glyph. You should also find a Breach Synchronizer over there.

In one of the corners of this room, you will find another rail that will take you to the Black Hole Hour chamber. You can interact with the switch near the gap to create a Bridgeway.  This will enable you to utilize the save point near the wrecked tram. In the Black Hole Hour chamber, you will find a winding staircase that leads downwards to a huge chamber with a bizarre humanoid figure at the opposite end.

Be prepared, because a ferocious onslaught of almost six zombie mobs is inbound at this point. Neutralize all of them, and then approach the aforementioned humanoid figure. Select the option to “murder” by pressing X on your gamepad.

Hellpoint: All Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

This will lead to a complete set of Depraved Armor dropping from the figure you killed. As a result, you will resemble it in terms of appearance now. It is time to proceed and check the Black Hole chambers that do not need Eye Codes. These rooms are present in the Embassy and Port Issoudun.

About other Black Hole Hour chambers in Hellpoint

Hellpoint features two more Black Hole Hour chambers that, fortunately, do not need Eye Codes or towers. It is time to visit them and check out the secrets they hold.

The Embassy

Notice that the silver circle in Hellpoint’s HUD will always stay at the 2 o’clock position in the Embassy zone. You will find the Black Hole Hour chamber in the spacewalk area where you found the damaged EVA suit. In order to proceed, you need to find or craft a fixed EVA suit. That will enable you to spacewalk for a longer duration of time without succumbing to the cold or radiations. After equipping your suit, go through the area and ascend up the rail. It is also a good idea to make a running jump if you find it apt.

If you reach it at the right time, the Black Hole Hour chamber should be open. You will also spot a Daring Effigy in the vicinity. You will encounter a number of disembodied metallic hands and some burnt zombies in this room. Neutralize them and ascend up the ledges to access the White Prophet Hand weapon, an Inselium Ingot, and a handful of axions.

Port Issoudun

The Black Hole Hour chamber in Port Issoudun is one of the many secrets held by this zone. Note that the aforementioned silver circle in Hellpoint’s HUD will be in the 7 o’clock position when you are in Port Issoudun. You will find the doorway to this chamber in the floor underneath the entranceway or tram area. It is easy to identify, by virtue of the prominent “Danger” label on it. It is usually not possible to open it until much later in the game.

You will have to take down one of the game’s prominent bosses, Defas Nemundis, in the Arisen Dominion zone. When you come back to the aforementioned door in Port Issoudun, you will find the Prodigal Spawn there, who will open the door for you. As you might have guessed, this is linked to the Prodigal Spawn side mission as well. If the Black Hole Hour is in progress at this point, enter the chamber and be prepared to encounter a large horde of Sword Daemonettes.

In the meantime, the floor of the room below will drop from under your feet. You will then have to take down more disembodied metallic hands and Sword Daemonettes. You can then climb up again to grab some loot items, including an Axion Condenser, Sanity Puppet, and Foresight Channeler. Also, keep in mind that the hallway outside this chamber has more items for you to grab. This includes something vital for the Prodigal Spawn’s side mission.

That is it for now. We hope our guide helps you with the Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms in Hellpoint. Now, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone, and Android Guides to read more. However, if there are any queries or feedback, comment down with your name & email ID. We will try our best to reply soon. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Thank you.

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