Hellpoint – Input this Code at the start to get Special Items

At the start in Hellpoint, you’ll be left in a pool and you’ll be carrying no items or weapons with you. However, you know that your journey ahead is not going to go smoothly. So moving forward, you’ll need something with you before getting into the heart of the game. Thankfully, the game does have something preserved for you but it’s hidden. However, we’ll crack it and get you the special to kickstart the game.

In order to get those special items at the start of Hellpoint, you first need to find a computer in the game and input a small code of 6 characters into it. By following and applying the guide below, you’ll easily get to the latter computer in the game as well as the code you need will be guided through. So rather than bragging away, we’ll get right into inputting this code at the start to get special items in Hellpoint.

Hellpoint – Input This Code at the start to get Special Items

  1. As you start the game, you’ll find yourself in a pool
  2. Move away from the pool and keep going forward
  3. This will take you to an entrance to a corridor
  4. Cross the door and keep moving forward
    Hellpoint - Input this Code at the start to get Special Items
  5. As you go through, you’ll see a computer to your right in the corridor
  6. Walk up to it, interact, and enter the code 100408

  7. Upon entering the code, enter Accept and you’ll get the special items.

Upon entering the code, the players will get three special items, which are Facial Hairs, Heavy Delivery, and Deliberate Burden. Following this, you’ll move on to find the vault key and the vault in Hellpoint. That said, we hope reading the article above has equipped you with some bit of information. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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