How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug

Hogwarts Legacy, which is one of the most popular actions role-playing games received an instant response across the globe in just 2 months of its launch. According to a statement, Hogwarts Legacy sold 12 million plus copies in just two weeks of launch. From that idea, you can understand the worthiness of this game. However, did you notice why people prefer this game?

Hogwarts’ legacy’s success is solely due to the experience they gained at the school in the 1800s. Remember Harry Potter’s school “Hogwarts” which was dominant a lot. More specifically, developers observed the desire for Harry Potter and tried to draw attention to Hogwarts. They then created a game with the same experience as in the movie. Recently, a few players reported bugs with Infamous Foes. Let’s fix it together.

How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug

How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Bug

If you don’t know, Hogwarts Legacy is a game where players must go through multiple quests to level up. Nevertheless, doing a quest is not easy, especially when there are bugs. The players were unable to complete the Infamous foes quest because of a bug that prevented them from fulfilling the mission requirements. In particular, when a player attempts to kill a monster in the Infamous quest, the game does not record the player as having killed the monster.

The Infamous foes quest can be completed perfectly without killing the required monster. As a result, some Hogwarts legacy players are disappointed and want to know why. But the developers are yet to acknowledge this bug. It may be they are working on it but it may take a while to fix it. But I agree that you can’t wait for an official fix. For this reason, we analyzed from our perspective and found a few ways to fix your issue, so let’s check it.

Restart the game

This is the first thing we recommend whenever you get a bug. Because restarting is the only that clears up the different file mess. So your system can focus exclusively on your game and provide you with the best gameplay experience ever. Here you are getting an infamous foes bug; in such cases, restarting the game and checking whether the issue has been resolved is recommended.

Reload the Autosave

This is the second best alternative to try, which is reloading the autosave. Because the Hogwarts legacy game’s famous enemies are not working means a temporary issue with Autosave files. I agree you saved them perfectly but reloading those files can rememorize the system about your progress and let you kill the monsters. You can follow these steps if you don’t know how to do that.

  • Firstly, backup everything inside the folder;
  • You can then download the save file editor from Nexus.
  • Now open it and load the saved file you want to customize.
  • Next, open the Save file and click on download Database files.
  • Now you will have a .sql file you need to modify with an editor (Use the Squilit editor)
  • After that, open the “sqldb1.sqlite” file in the editor, click the tab “browse data” and find the LocksDynamic Table: LocksDynamic;
  • Filter the data by “Name” and sort by LockID;
  • After that, delete all the fields starting with “INT_KILL_Named”
  • Click “Write changes” and Upload both the sqldb1 and sqldb2 files into the save editor.
  • Then generate a save file and click “custom db upload.
  • Lastly, rename the file as “HL-00-00.sav” and copy it to your game save files folder.

Update your game

Since the bug is visible to some Hogwarts players, it may be possible all those players are using outdated game versions. You must update your game to the latest version if you are a determined player. Shortly, you may see more bugs and glitches. Simply update your game and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Conclusively, this is the best possible Infamous foes bug solution available to date. I assure you that after doing them, your bug will resolve but temporarily. It may be possible that you will get the same bug again shortly. In the meantime, you can try these solutions until the official fix is released, and then apply the official fix to get relief. So I hope you got the right guidance regarding the Infamous foes error, if you have any further queries then ask them below.


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