Is Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to Xbox One?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an RPG and a single-player mode game and that is available for PS4 as well as PC. The main character of this game is Aloy, a hunter in a world ruled by machines. Now the players are confused whether Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to Xbox One or not?

This is an award-winning game that has sold over 10 million copies to date. Players control Aloy, who has several abilities and has spear and stealth for combat. Being a game full of action and adventures game it is highly preferred.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to Xbox One?

Here you will get the answer to the most searched question. Read below to know more.

Information regarding PS4 and PC version

This game is currently available on both PS4 and PC. Certainly, this game was one of the best selling PS4 games. The recent release of the PC version created excitement among PC gamers. Also, the PC version will be the complete version of the game.

There will not be any skips as well as there will be a new map introduced. It will accompany new snowy monsters and weapons. The PC version will have a higher FPS, however, the PS4 is locked at 30 FPS. It will be exciting to handle Alloy movements with mouse and keyboard on higher FPS.

Availability on Xbox-one

Horizon Zero is not available on Xbox by now. This game is made available on all other platforms except Xbox. The unavailability of this game is a disappointment for Xbox players. There is no news of the release of the Xbox version of this game.

However, some news has been floating in social media about the release of the look-alike Xbox version of this game. News has been spreading about Microsoft releasing its own first-party games for Xbox series X.

No confirmed news is available about the release of the Xbox version of Horizon Zero Dawn. But we will keep you updated if any official announcement is made.

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