How Fix Alldocube Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

What else could bug something if they encounter that their Alldocube or say practically any Android phone is facing battery draining problems. To be honest, you cannot just pinpoint at a particular problem causing a ripple effect into draining the battery as there are many factors involved here and each contributes to it somehow. Although you’ll find a troubleshooting guide to fix battery draining problems, we beg to differ that it won’t be exhaustive where there’s something that anyone can use depending upon their severity of issue they are facing on their smartphones. Thus, here’s an exhaustive and explicit troubleshooting guide to fix battery draining problems.

How Fix Alldocube Battery Draining Problems - Troubleshooting and Fixes

How Fix Alldocube Battery Draining Problems?

A lot of factors are leaning into causing the battery to drain faster. This is why you need a setup method that you should understand and refer in order to bring down the coefficient of battery draining problems and here’s everything you should know about it.

Are you overusing on the phone?

One of the most organic methods that can induce battery draining problems is if you are using the phone too much. It depends upon how many apps you use and how intense the apps in action are, based on which, the battery will drain either slowly or rapidly. If you are using the phone too much and see that the battery is going down rapidly, it’s time to hit the breaks and give it a rest for a while.

Bring down the brightness

The display is something that the battery has to backlit throughout the day. This means it is consuming battery backup everything you light up the display which is the biggest giveaway that you must tweak display settings so that it puts less strain on the battery. Start with tweaking the brightness of the device, limit the ‘Stay Awake’ or ‘Sleep’ duration and a bunch of other features that you’ll find within Settings >> Display so that you can at least try to put less strain on the battery.

Don’t let the phone get warm

Apart from overusing the phone, overheating can also induce the battery to drain faster. If might be due to organic reasons that you are using the phone too much or using heavy apps for a large duration causing the phone to heat up. On the other hand, it could be due to viruses or any other reasons that the phone gets warm. The solution is to avoid getting the phone warm in the first place. You can use the phone is a cool environment and avoid direct sunlight as well.

Restart the phone

This is an effective workaround method that would reduce the coefficient of battery draining problems at once. This is because batteries tend to drain when there are too many apps and services working together at the same time. Since it could be either organic that is the user is actually using the phone or it could be because of viruses, bugs, and other issues causing the battery to suffer. Here, restarting the battery will work wonders.

Scan the device for viruses

Viruses don’t only make your phone sluggish but they have tonnes of other outputs that make them unwanted on a smartphone. This is why it must be your first priority to remove any kind of viruses that might have infected the system using an antivirus program like Quick Heal or Norton Antivirus that will find out the virus, take necessary actions to quarantine it.

Use the phone in short burst

Depending upon the capacity of your phone’s battery which could be somewhere between 2,000 to 5,000 mAh, you’ll have a different battery backup i.e. Screen-on-time (SoT) which is when the phone is actually in use and standby duration which is the duration till the battery can keep the phone alive with basic functionalities. The problem with using the phone too much is that it drains the battery quickly which isn’t something we recommend. But what if I say you that you can use the phone as much as you want without putting much strain on it? You can simply use the phone is short bursts i.e. use it for 10 to 15 minutes, let it rest for some time and repeat.

Exit from all the active apps

One of the main reason why you’ll see battery draining problems on smartphones is due to the fact that people don’t actually exit from apps when they are done using it. Many times, people would just minimize the app, open another one and repeat it until they have too many apps piled up after which, they would end up exiting from all apps. That is why it is important to purge all recently used app and it is not rocket science to do so. You simply need to tap on the ‘recent’ apps button, swipe across all the apps and it’s done. Regarding those background apps that hinder the battery a lot, you can visit Settings >> Apps >> Running and ‘Force Stop’ apps that aren’t needed to be active.

Uninstall unwanted apps

Next job to go towards making the device free from battery draining problems is to uninstall unwanted apps right away. You can proceed to Settings >> Apps >> All where you’ll get a list of apps that are installed. You can sort out those apps that you want to remove and do the same simply by clicking on it and tapping the ‘Uninstall’ button alongside.

Update the phone

Updating the phone includes updating the software aspect i.e. applications installed including both third-party and bloatware as well as the firmware of the device. Updating the said pieces of software would allow you a greater resistance against unwanted agents and intruders such as bugs, viruses, etc which are a few reasons why you should keep the phone updated at all time.

Purge cache memory on the device

For everything that is worth, cache memory is worthless on a smartphone due to many reasons. Yes, they do speed up the retrieval process but they are easy to corrupt, vulnerable to a host of bugs, viruses, etc. These are just a few reasons why you should purge all types of cache memory stored in different places on your device. The first one is the memory cache which is accessible via ‘Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory’. The second place you’ll find is via Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded where you need to click on each individual app, press ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ to get it done. Finally, the third method revolves around the recovery mode where you need to clear ‘cache partition’.

Consistent battery maintenance

There are separate groups of people who recommend different tactics towards battery maintenance. Starting with one such saying that you should let the battery drain completely before charging it back to its full capacity, other revolves around keeping the battery at 50% to 60% at all time. Next thing, experts also recommend users to keep the battery charged till 90% or 80% and let it discharged till 10% or 20% respectively before recharging it back to the said battery levels.

For any of the tactics to work on your device, you need to try it one after one to verify which methods work the best. On the other hand, you can still try to keep the phone’s temperature on the colder spectrum, limit the number of apps to use at any given time, exit from apps that you don’t want and uninstall those that you mustn’t keep installed, etc.

Check if the battery is damaged/faulty

Smartphones use lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries that have a specific lifecycle beyond which, these batteries tend to cease in performance. The change will be gradual for sure but it is imminent although not today but a few months or years from the date you buy your phone depending upon how you use it. You can still get help from a service center to know more if the battery is non-removable. On the other hand, if the battery is removable, you can simply remove it and check whether it is swollen or not which is actually a precursor the battery is damaged. If not, proceed to other methods in this troubleshooting guide.

Scrutinize the charger

Next step is to check whether the charger is properly working or not. An original charger could stop working all of a sudden or if it falls or gets liquid damage but it has a greater expectancy than third-party chargers which are prone to get damaged pretty easily. This is why using a third-party charger is deemed as something you shouldn’t do. If you are using a third-party charger and the phone’s screen freezes abruptly, the charger is causing the problem without any doubt. Anyways, you must stick to original chargers and ask for help from a professional to ascertain whether the issue is due to a hardware problem i.e. charger or if the software is the reason.

Pull off a factory reset

If nothing works, this should work although there are some limitations such as the fact that this method can only eliminate software-related issues and not hardware. Furthermore, you must take a backup of all the data before doing it as it will be lost permanently. Finally, you need a procedure with respect to the make of your device and here’s a personalized factory reset method for Alldocube smartphones.
Step 01: Turn off the device.
Step 02: Press power + volume up buttons together and hold it for several seconds.
Step 03: When you see an Android logo on-screen, you can let go the buttons.
Step 04: Once in the recovery mode, you’ll need to tap on ‘wipe data/factory reset >> yes — delete all user data’.
Step 05: This must satisfy the process and your phone must be free of up any software issues.

Grab your seat and report the problem

If you can’t fix the problem which by the way isn’t discouraging since the majority of people don’t know how to do it and since it is not their job to know as well, they can take help from a service center. Here, the professionals are trained to detect the issue and take measures to rectify, repair, replace and offer a problem-free smartphone and this may incur charges that you need to pay.

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