How Fix Highscreen Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

You know how important the battery on a smartphone is since no matter what your phone is able to do, it isn’t anything without a battery or any power source. This is where battery draining problems bugs people out people it is annoying and irritating. Generally, there are a number of stimuli are responsible for such a catastrophic issue on a smartphone. We at GetDroidTips decided to go through will all the potential irritants causing battery draining problems on Highscreen smartphones as well as the possible methods to curb it in this explicit extract.

How Fix Highscreen Battery Draining Problems - Troubleshooting and Fixes

How Fix Highscreen Battery Draining Problems?

Perform a soft/force reboot

You need to understand that a smartphone’s battery could start draining faster if there are too many apps and services working simultaneously, their power requirement is more than average which puts a strain on the battery. This causes the latter to drain faster and that is where a soft reboot can come handy. You can either perform a normal reboot which is also called a soft reboot or a force reboot in case if the screen is frozen due to some reasons.

Optimize the device

You’ll find this method in the latter part of this extract as well, however, it is crucial that you optimize the device by clearing cache files. However, it is also imperative to clear junk files and those files that you saved or downloaded but don’t need now. You can use any app such as Phone Booster or Avast Clean Up or search for similar apps in the Google Play Store that suits your needs well.

Check out power-hungry apps & widgets

The thing is, if there are too many apps running on the system simultaneously, it is consuming battery. However, intensive and graphics-intensive apps like PUBG, Fortnite, Adobe Premiere, etc are actually battery-hungry and consume a lot of battery. Note that you can check which apps are consuming the battery via Settings >> Battery >> View Detailed Usage where you’ll learn about the apps consuming battery. Post that, you can take necessary actions like using the apps in the snippet or short bursts or force stopping apps if they pop-up untimely, etc.

Try installing unwanted apps

Check if there are any unwanted apps on your phone which I doubt there will be since the Android firmware doesn’t restrict downloading any app. You can check out the list of third-party apps you have downloaded via ‘Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded’ where you uninstall the apps that aren’t required. Next, as you cannot uninstall bloatware, you can disable them for instance and here’s how you are gonna do it. Visit Settings >> Apps >> All and press ‘Disable’ under apps that you want to disable.

Keep a tap on connectivity services

We often forget to turn off GPS or Location once it’s work is done but do you know that all these connectivity services including WiFi, Bluetooth, etc, are power-hungry and would further contribute to the ever-draining battery on your phone. This is the reason why you should always keep these features in tab and shut it down when the work is done.

Purge cache

It is undoubtedly a multi-layered method since there are quite a number of cache files that you should delete to get rid of the problem caused by cache files. Starting with the easiest is by downloading apps Avast Clean up that would delete all types of cache files on a single click. Since this method requires less effort, you can do so several times a day.

Next, if somehow you decide to go through with manual procedures, here’s what you should do. First up, proceed to the Settings and select ‘Apps >> Downloaded’. Here, a list of third-party apps will auto-populated and now you can click on an app, press ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ on each app individually and repeat the procedure for other apps. Note that this method will log you out of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, but you can always log back.

The second manual method is to delete storage cache which is pretty simple since you just need to proceed via Settings >> Storage. Scroll below to spot ‘Storage Cache’ and there you have it, delete it. Final method revolves around booting into the recovery mode and clearing the cache partition.

Try enabling power saving mode

We are talking about annoying battery draining problems and that’s where power saving mode comes into the play. Usually, these modes kick into action when the battery reaches 15% or so, however, you can enable it anytime and it will restrict some processes allowing the battery to provide a longer battery life. If your phone doesn’t have a power saving mode, you can grab a competent app from the Google Play Store as well.

Alter display settings

Modern smartphones have plenty of display settings that users can alter to alter its power requirements. First up is the brightness settings which we recommended readers to keep it in the middle or low during the night and high during the day or you can turn on auto-brightness or even adaptive brightness if supported. Another workaround is to decrease the sleep duration to a minute or so that would make the display turn off after a minute of inactivity thus saving battery. Next, use monotone or at least photos as wallpapers and not live images because they consume power as well. As more and more apps are going dark mode, you can turn it on too which must help save at least a few ounces of the battery life.

Update apps/firmware

I know that Android smartphones aren’t like Apple iPhones where the latter receives timely updates while the former suffers delays and even no support to a majority of smartphones especially those in the budget and midrange category. You are required to check if your Android firmware has received an update or not or the workaround here is to download a custom ROM like LineageOS or you can rollback or downgrade to a previous Android firmware which is more stable and must curb the battery draining problems. On the other hand, app developers send out updates every month or so which you can update via Google Play Store or turn on the ‘auto-update’ feature and let the system do its job.

Perform a factory reset

The last thing you can do is to perform a factory reset that must be able to resolve Highscreen battery draining problems if indeed it was initiated due to a software glitch. For this to work, you need to turn off the device first. To boot into the recovery mode, you need a specific combination i.e. volume up plus power button for Highscreen smartphones that you need to press and hold for a few seconds to turn on the device. Once the display shows an on-screen Android logo, you can let go the buttons right there. To reset the device, you need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and there you have it.

Check if the battery is old or damaged

If your phone has a Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer battery, you need to check if the battery is old or not. You can assess the capacity and the backup it provides which is a clear indicator that shows if the battery is degrading or not which is when the battery becomes old. Other possible reasons that could lead to battery draining problems is when the battery is physical or liquid damaged or has developed a fault. You can remove the battery to check if it is swollen or damaged if removable or visit a service center to get it tested and replaced if needed.

Check if the charger is competent/working properly

Next up, if the battery isn’t faulty in any sense, you need to verify if the charger is damaged or not. To be straightforward, it is easy to check if the charger is working properly or not which is by assessing if it is charging the phone within the stipulated duration or not. Next is to check if the same charger works with a different phone or not or you can simply use a different charger to charge your phone.

The final resort

Sometimes the problem is right in front of you and yet, you are not able to spot and fix it. This can happen in case of Highscreen battery draining problems as well which is why we recommend our readers to visit either the authorized or a third-party service center in case the former is not available, to get the issue fixed professionally. This might take some time and you will have to pay charges if not covered by warranty (if available) but you will be assured that the problem is long gone for now.

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