How To Add Unallocated Space to The C Drive

C drive is one of the most important drives having OS, system files, and other important programs and thus low disk space on C drive is a concern most of the time. So, to create more space on the C drive to accommodate more important programs and apps, adding unallocated space works as a feasible solution. So, if you too wish to add unallocated space to C drive, but are not sure of the method and process, this article is for you. We will help you with the detailed process of how to add unallocated space to C drive.

Part 1. What Is Unallocated Space

As the name suggests, unallocated space is that space on the hard drive of the system that does not belong to any partition. This is the blank space that can be added to the existing partition or can be used for creating a new partition. 

Part 2. Why do you Need to Merge C Drive with Unallocated Space?

Since C drive is the default location for installing all important systems there is always a need for the extra space on the drive. Thus, the need for merging the C drive with unallocated space arises for several reasons and a few of the important ones are listed below.

  • More storage space: adding unallocated space to the C drive will result in additional space that can be used for more apps, system data, and other important files. Also, the issues of low disk space warning will be resolved with the C drive having the unallocated s space.
  • Better and improved system stability as full C drive affects the performance of the system and results in other issues.
  • The backup process improves with the C drive having more space.


Part 3. How to Add Unallocated Space on C Drive?

Can’t add unallocated space to C drive? No worries know the best tool to get the task done. 

As we have discussed in the above parts, adding unallocated space on the C drive results in several benefits, and to get the task done, we recommend using a professional disk management tool-4DDiG Partition Manager that you can completely trust and rely on. This is a Windows-based all-in-one disk partition manager that lets you perform several disk management tasks including allocation of unallocated space on C drive and other drives. 

Key Features of 4DDiG Partition Manager

  • Windows-based disk partition manager supporting powerful  features
  • Allows resizing, splitting, creating, deleting,  and formatting partitions on disks
  • Allows migrating Windows OS to SSD without reinstalling the system
  • Allows cloning your entire HD for data backup
  • Conversion from MBR to GPT on Windows 11 upgrade supported without any data loss.


Steps on how to move  unallocated space to C drive using 4DDiG Partition Manager

Step 1. On your system download, install, and open 4DDiG Partition Manager. On the main interface choose Partition Management from the left-side panel. Next, right-click on the C drive partition that you want to expand and then tap on the Extend/Shrink at the pop-up menu. 

Step 2. To expand the size of the drive, drag the right border rightwards or the left border to the leftwards. Also, unallocated space on the adjacent partition can be adjusted by dragging their borders. When done, tap on the OK button. 

Step 3. The Task List will be added to the pending operation and then click on Execute 1 Task(s) and choose OK to start the operation.

 Step 4. The software will start processing and based on the space added, the process will take time. When complete tap on the Done button. 


Part 4. FAQs

  1. Can I Shrink the Volume of the D Drive and Extend the C Drive?

Yes, the volume of the D drive can be shrinked to extend the space of the C drive and for this 4DDiG Partition Manager works as an excellent tool.

2. Can I Add Unallocated Space to An Existing Partition

Yes, the unallocated space can be added to an existing partition and for this as well , 4DDiG Partition Manager can be used. 


Though there is a native Disk Management feature on the Windows system, it is not very efficient and versatile. Thus, for better management and adding unallocated space to the C drive, professional software 4DDiG Partition Manager works as an excellent tool. In addition to expanding the existing space, it can also perform a wide range of other tasks to ensure that disks are managed efficiently. Above all, the tool is safe, quick, and also user-friendly. 

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