How to Become an App Developer for Android

Nowadays, Android devices represent approximately 50% of the worldwide smartphone market, making them the most widespread portable system in the world. For the first time, it was launched back in 2007, it was a far fifth in mobile platforms – after those which already were in great demand.

Handsome Male and Beautiful Female Mobile Application Designers Test and Discuss New App Features. They Work on a Personal Computer with Two Displays, in a Creative Office Space they Share with Other Talented People.

With millions of Android devices in use, the popularity of apps is increasingly exponential – along with this, the request for creating apps is on the rise. If making new innovative apps for the progressive mobile platforms is your concern, here you are with steps on your way to become a professional app developer.

Who is an App Maker?

A  developer is someone who facilitates our lives by making matching mobile or desktop apps that facilitate our daily operations. Therefore, if you are wondering who exactly is an Android developer, the appropriate definition is the following. An app creator is a specialist who goes in for designing apps for the functionary representative market.

It stands for the function of a web builder in a corporation is to produce apps with regard to the area your company is working on. This person can create both simple and complex applications as gaming ones (PUBG, Candy Crush, Word Cookies, etc.).

Core Competencies: What You Need to Learn

The first things first: technical expertise. You can start on a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer. In the beginning, it is always challenging to understand the ins and out of a particular subject, especially in computer science. Now, AssignmentCore and its programming homework experts are ready to help you with coding of any complexity and in different programming languages. There, you will surely find professional assistance in computer programming assignments.

Below is a shortlist of essential tools to go off.

Java and Kotlin

To construct apps on this principle, you need to acknowledge Java or Kotlin. For those who have no idea of its functionality, you will need an introductory course in the coding system. 

The foundation block for making apps for many mobile systems is Java. Being a successful developer will require you to be comfortable with Java concepts such as loops, lists, variables, and control structures. 

Java has become one of the most widespread software languages exploited by a program developed these days. So learning its ins and outs will put you in a good position for employment even over and above the functioning network principle.


You will also need to learn SQL databases in order to organize databases within applications. SQL is a query expression language for extracting information from two databases. Once you are able to write it down, there will be no questions you will not be able to ask your data.

Special Programs

The Android SDK is available for free download, as well as Android Studio, the official embedded constructor medium (IDE) for the writing of apps. This is the foremost program with which developers compose code and put together their applications from different packages and libraries.

Coders avail XML to outline the statistics. The basics of XML syntax will be useful in your pathway to perform tasks such as designing user interfaces (UI) layouts and analyzing data streams from the Internet.

General Knowledge

Just as in any job, having the technical details on hand is not enough. You need to hone your relational qualities as well as your coding.


Practice makes it truly perfect when it comes to developing applications. Inevitably, there will be an obstacle to the development process, particularly at the outset. You will need great persistence to go through the frustrating moments.


Collaboration is of paramount importance for the majority of proponent jobs. Even if you are working on a project yourself, you will inevitably need to bring together people – such as designers, marketers, or senior managers – within the company or organization. Start accepting feedback on your work, making compromises with your partners, and partnering with other players to create outstanding products.

Craving for Knowledge


All the right developers, whether they are mobile or not, are committed to continuous learning. Especially in the rapidly evolving sphere of mobile applications. With the advent of wearables, broadcasting applications, automotive applications, and more, portable developers need to keep their eyes and ears open to the latest technologies and the evolution of utmost customs. 

Create Your First App

Writing your first full application may seem discouraging, but the process is going to be smoother and more amusing if you pick a subject you like. Write your app in several iterations, beginning with the essential attributes and widening its skills at each pass. Troubleshoot and scrupulously examine along the course to make certain your app runs in every situation. The tests must be carried out on a proper apparatus as well as in the imitator.

Share It

You created apps that can be delivered via representative commerce, your own homepage, or over a third-party website, such as the App Store for Android. To distribute it, you need to sign up as a regular builder, which at the period of this drawing up is a single fee of $25. In contrast to Apple Store, Google’s standards for accepting apps are quite lax.

Making mobile apps is a difficult type of programming. However, individual and monetary compensation can be excellent. Just bear in mind that such a career presupposes a life of training and that knowledge to draw up gadget programs is the primary element of that journey of a lifetime.  

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