How To Fix Alldocube Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Despite your phone being a one-stop-shop for everything you can wish to do, not charging problem is a serious issue since without charging the battery, your phone is nothing compared to a brick metaphorically. Although we cannot assume and generalize why exactly you could be facing this problem since there are several hardware and software aspects involved in the process which lets out too many variables that if gone wrong, could end of not allowing you to charge the phone right away or much worse i.e. when the phone charges for a minute and then no even though you haven’t moved the phone a bit. Our readers have been experiencing the same on their Alldocube smartphones and that is why here’s a troubleshooting guide to fix Alldocube not charging problem that you should read.

How To Fix Alldocube Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

How To Fix Alldocube Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Reboot the phone

It is not a rocket science that rebooting a device can help undo any minor or even major software errors which are imminent since the programs on a smartphones are written and there is a possibility that the system is not able to execute any line of code that would otherwise end up crashing any particular app or freezing the screen or other issues. Not charging problem may not be directly related to it but it is quite possible that a bug or software issue is causing the functionality to not work properly and that is where you can get a reboot to fix it up, just like that.

Update and upgrade

Another effective way to curb any software-related issue is to update all the apps installed including both pre-installed and third-party apps. This will curb any issue created due to bugs or vulnerabilities that might have been exploited due to an outdated app or if it triggers app conflict or crash due to its inefficiency or lack of resources and whatnot. Another possible aspect could be an outdated firmware which isn’t surprising since Alldocube is an Android smartphone and irrespective or what make and model you are using, Android OS is suffering from fragmentation and doesn’t get updates as often. The solution is to seek for an update, custom ROM installation, or rollback to a previous firmware.

Clear all types of cache files

If the phone is in turned ON state, there’s a lot that you can do to tweak it. Cache files are co-related to many issues on a smartphone and that includes this not charging problem as well. Since these files are easy to get corrupted or just the accumulation of temporary files hogging onto the resources that otherwise could be used by some other apps at work is triggering this issue. Thus, it can be fixed simply by deleting the cache files i.e. via Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded >> (Click on any app) >> ‘Clear Cache’ & ‘Clear Data’. Next, up, go to Settings >> Storage >> Delete ‘Cache Storage’ and finally, the last method revolves around booting into the recovery mode and clearing wipe cache partition.

How to scrutinize the hardware components?

Let’s move towards the obvious reasons behind not charging problem in most cases. Here are the ways you can scrutinize each and every hardware component related to the charging process including a troubleshooting guide to fix it (at least try).

Charging port (socket on your device)

The charging port mounted on your device is a simple but crucial peripheral. It works with the help of a metal tab that protrudes within that latches to the USB connector. If the connection is secure, the transfer of current will be smooth but if the connection is loose, it can either cause the charging port to stay disconnected entirely or it can also cause fluctuation in connection and disconnection which often causes the battery to suffer at the end.

This could happen due to two problems i.e. if the tab or the connector is having trouble connecting firmly because of debris that you need to scrape out using a sharp object like a needle. Next possible cause is if the tab is damaged or broken or deformed which can trigger fluctuation in connection as well. Thus, the best way to curb it is to simply verify if the tab is proper or not and that is where a torch will come handy. Check if the tab is deformed or not if you aren’t able to understand, try using a different charging cable to charge the device. If the phone charges, the old cable was problematic but if not, either the debris that you scrapped was the problem which must be resolved now or the tab is damage which needs replacement.

USB connector & cable

Further, as we progress, the next component in the charging process is the USB connector which is essentially the tail of the USB cable that connects to the device. Constant wear and tear caused due to connecting and disconnecting often results in damage at one point in time. If the connector is not the problem, maybe the cable is because it is subjected to constant wear and tear due to twists, twirls, stretching and pulling and whatnot. This causes the cable to go awry overtime and in fact, it can also damage the metal tab inside the charging socket if your place the phone in such a way that it is stretching the cable in and out. You can verify if this is the problem simply by switching the cable with a new one or if you have one in spare.

Charging adapter/brick

Next up, verify if the charging brick or adapter is working or not. Simply take a different charging brick and connect with your device via USB cable (if it is working) and check if the phone charges or not. Note that using incompatible or incompetent charging brick can often cause not charging problem which is why you need to use original chargers only.

Power outlet

This might seem odd but it happens that one of the power outlets in your house or office suits best for your phone than others. This is why you must change the power outlet or source if there’s any not charging problem caused when you connect your phone to the charged and since it will barely take few seconds, this isn’t something hefty to work on.


The battery is the most important part of this charging equation as, without it, you couldn’t use the device anyways. The battery provides the power back up to make things work on a smartphone. Batteries are made up of Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer which are two substrates that store and provide power backup to the display, processor, and other components. However, these batteries have a lifecycle reaching which, they tend to lose their edge by reducing the amount of charge it can attain and the hours of backup it can provide. If your phone’s battery is old like it has been more than a year or two or if you have been using the phone aggressively or in critically hold temperatures, there is a possibility that it is either out-of-work or damage and in these cases, you need a replacement for it.

The final resort

Unless you get the phone to charge properly after playing switcharoo with the various components used in charging the phone’s battery, you need a solid solution here. You need an authorized service center to help you with it although there are a plethora of third-party service stations as well but go on your own risk as the phone’s warranty will get void in such cases.

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