How To Fix Alldocube Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Dropped your phone on the floor? No worries because anything broken or shattered or shaken or disturb can be fixed but not water damaged smartphone. The probability of a phone coming back to life if it is water damaged is way less than a phone with physical damage and that is why water damaged smartphone is something you should avoid getting into in the first place. Anyhow, assuming that you are here to make yourself familiar with what needs to be done in such situations or if you are the one who dropped his/her phone in a pond, pool, sink, toilet, lake, river, etc (you got the gist), here’s a traditional DIY troubleshooting guide that you can refer towards fixing a liquid damaged phone but yes, there is no guarantee which is why we have listed the ‘last resort’ as well.

How To Fix Alldocube Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Well indeed fixing a water damaged smartphone is like climbing on a steep incline without any chances if you could make it to the top or not. When it comes to liquid damage, smartphones are sensitive to water and that is where it receives the most damage, unlike physical damage which is mainly restricted in a small area. But before we can dive into the fact that what needs to be done, here’s what you should do.

What you shouldn’t do?

It is really important to have full knowledge about stuff you don’t know about at the first place. You shouldn’t panic and that’s the most important rule here since the more you panic, it will increase the reaction time and the thought of your phone getting water damaged will become a reality unless you act quickly and try to save it before too much damage is done.

Now, you shouldn’t press any buttons and press or dab on any part of the display or any part of the device, in fact, to prevent pushing the water droplets or moisture within the internal assembly where it can create the most damage. Next, you shouldn’t use an air blower or vacuum cleaner at this point and neither shake or wobble the phone trying to squeeze out water because understand, your phone is indeed an electronic device and water can have long-lasting and even irreversible damage if handled inappropriately. Finally, there is no need to connect the phone to a charged because it is just common sense not to do it. Now that you are familiar with the don’ts, let’s dive into this troubleshooting guide to fix Alldocube water damaged smartphone at the earlier using a traditional method.

How to fix Alldocube Water Damaged Smartphone?

There is a specific traditional DIY procedure that you can follow to fix Alldocube water damaged smartphone although the success rate varies depending upon the severity of damage and other factors so take it with a pinch of salt if it doesn’t work.

Step 01: Take it out

If you have gone through the list of “DON’TS” prescribed above, let’s pick the phone out of the water and keep it on a dry surface. The tip here is to be quick and react faster.

Step 02: Remove the “removable”

Next thing you need to do is to remove back panel and batteries if they are removable. Again, don’t try to yank off the back panel if it is not removable because it will cause further damage so beware. Remove SIM cards, memory card, phone case, and all other removable accessories you have on your device and keep them at a cool surface.

Step 03: Start wiping off the exterior

Next up, take a paper towel or tissue and use it to soak water off the display and other parts of the device. Ensure that you don’t press the display too much and simply dab the tissue off the front, back, and sides of the device and keep it aside on a dry surface.

Step 04: Try to soak water from orifices

Next thing you need is a paper towel that you can roll up to form a needle-like object that you can insert in the USB charging port, headphone jack, mic. If the battery is removable, you can use the tissue to clear memory card slots and other slots around the device as well. This is how you can ensure that at least the exterior is clean off any traces of water or even moisture. Now, it is time to move indoors trying to fix the exterior of the device.

Step 05: Vacuum Cleaner & its use

Coming to Step 05, you would need a vacuum cleaner to soak water and moisture stuck within the device. This is where you point the hose to various openings and ports so that water can escape through these openings right into the vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can follow Step 06 in this case.

Step 06: Traditional ziplock bag & rice method

This is a traditional method towards fixing water damaged smartphone where you are required to put in a ziplock bag and feel it up with uncooked rice or silica gel litter. These substances are water absorbent that will soak moisture and usually takes 2 to 3 days to nullify any traces of water whatever. Note that this doesn’t mean that your phone is okay to work since it totally depends on the extent of damage caused by water which is directly proportional to the depth of water the phone reached and other factors that weigh in.


This is something we don’t recommend masses but you can practice it if you have knowledge on disassembling and reassembling it without any further ado. You can disassemble the device, use isopropyl alcohol which is known as rubbing alcohol that you have to spray on a cotton swab or paper towel that you would need to dab across the motherboard where all the crucial components are soldered. Dab across each and every nook and corner of the device and that must satisfy this method. Next is to reassemble it back to its working condition and check whether it works or not.

The Last Resort

When you can’t do anything with it, the best solution that you can use is to report it to an authorized service center. Note that of course there won’t be any warranty left because when your device is water damaged unless your phone has a water-resistance rating, it isn’t covered by any warranty although you need to check with your insurance firm or carrier’s policy if locked under any telecom carrier.

Are there are methods to prevent water damage?

In case your phone already managed to sneak out of the dead that is saved even after getting water damaged, it’s time to take some steps to prevent it from happening ever again. First up is to avoid getting the phone near water and that would prevent a majority of water damaged smartphone cases. If your phone doesn’t have water resistance, you can use an external phone case (waterproof) which have limitations but at least you will get to refrain from not using the phone while it is raining light or even a splash of water wouldn’t cause any harm.

If your phone is damaged or if you are looking for an upgrade, why don’t choose a phone with an official or unofficial IP rating where the latter doesn’t have warranty cover against any water damage but it is far better than having a phone without any protection against water.

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