How To Fix BQ Aquaris Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Your smartphone is an all-powerful device that allows you to perform a transaction worth billions of dollars in a second or say order food or a taxi in a moment, captures videos and moments that you would cherish forever and much more. Everything you do on a smartphone is limited by how much the backup can you battery provide and that has become a talked about and thought about the feature when someone is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. But there are few people who have been facing BQ Aquaris not charging problem that puts an end to all the activities as well as the fun that you could do with your smartphone.

Thus, we at GetDroidTips decided to address the BQ Aquaris not charging problem and provide a workable resolution to it and guess what, it works with other smartphones too in case you bumped into the extract while searching for how to fix phone not charging problem for any other brand. Let’s jump right into the various techniques that you can deploy and fix the problem or at least inch closer to fix it.

How To Fix BQ Aquaris Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

How To Fix BQ Aquaris Not Charging Problem?

Before you can start, note that the phone not charging problem could have occurred due to any software or hardware-related component or issue and that is why this particular explicit guide has both the categories of techniques that you can follow to narrow down the culprit and fix the issue accordingly.

First Category: Scrutinize the software armamentarium

Here are few possible issues that might have to cause the phone not charging problem that you are facing.

Restart the phone

It is possible that an error occurred when you tried connecting the charger to the phone or if you had already connected it, the system might have detected an error charging the battery. In such cases, you can reboot the phone and note that this is an efficient method to fix any potential software issues that you can come across such as screen flickering or freezing or performance glitch, etc.

Check for app crash or conflict

Although it doesn’t occur every day it could happen that when you connected the phone to a charger, the driver that enables the phone to draw in power from the charging and charge the battery got malfunctioned. It is also possible that the driver crashed or another app caused conflict with the device’s ability to charge the phone and thus, causing phone not charging problem. To fix it, I would recommend you to simply reboot the device and then, update all the apps and drivers related to charging feature.

Wipe cache partition

Cache files are temporary files created and stored by the phone in order to quicken the retrieval time required to open an app or website. But cache files are susceptible to errors and therefore, it must be deleted. There are basically three methods that you can delete the cache files which are mentioned below.
First Method: Navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded >> (Tap on all apps individually) >> Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
Second Method: Navigate to Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory.
Third Method: This particular method needs you to log into the recovery mode for which, you can find the process in the next technique titled ‘Perform a hard reset on the device’. Once you have booted into the recovery mode, select ‘wipe cache partition >> yes’ on consecutive screens and its done.

Perform a hard reset on the device

You can refer the procedure on how to boot into the recovery mode for the previous method as well.

  • To boot into the recovery mode, you need to turn off the phone.
  • Then, press the power button and volume up together for a few seconds until the phone lights up.
  • You can let go of the button when the screen displays the Android logo after which, you will be redirected towards the recovery mode.
  • Here, you need to use the power key to select from the menu and volume rockers to toggle between the options.
  • Now, you need to tap on the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, select ‘yes — delete all user data’ on the consecutive screen.

Second Category: Scrutinize the hardware armamentarium

If the problem still persists, the phone not charging problem that you are facing is possibly due to a hardware issue for which, the various techniques that you can employ to narrow down the culprit from any components involved in the process and fix it.

Check the charging port

Take your phone and use a torch to light up the charging port. Check if there is any debris stuck around the metal tab or not. If not, check if the tab is properly protruding forward or if its deformed or disfigured where the latter can be fixed by applying an opposing force to fix it but ensure that the force is gentle or else the tab could break easily. If the metal tab is damaged, there is no resort but to get it replaced as it would work now.

Check the USB socket

Take the cable and verify if the socket properly connects and interlocks with the USB port or not. With constantly plugging in and removing, it causes wear and tears to the interlocking mechanism without which, the phone will have a tough time to charge itself as the socket will not have a firm connection.

Verify the cable

Cable is susceptible to damage due to constant wear and tear it has to face. The cable is often squeezed or rolled to keep in a bag or even pocket or it is bent at obsurd angles when plugged to a power bank or an illogically fitted power outlet. The cables are also subjected to face twists and turns and even stretches and therefore, it could easily become useless. You can verify if the cable is causing the problem or not by plugging the same cable in a different smartphone to verify it. Or you can try a new cable with your phone to verify the same.

Verify the adapter

Every OEM provides a charger adapter with specific amperage and voltage that it draws it from the power outlet and delivered it accordingly to the device. But if you are using a third party adapter or an old but original adapter that could be damaged, it can cause phone not charging problem and that is what you can replace to fix the problem right away.

Can’t get it fixed?

If you are unable to find the culprit, it is better to report to a service center instead of trying to open the phone to check what’s wrong with it as it will void the phone’s warranty which is something you shouldn’t go for unless you want it to get void. You can also report the issue to a third party service center to fix it.

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