How To Fix Coolpad Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Consider that your smartphone has a 4,000 mAh battery which is massive using which, you can use a number of heavy apps or stream HD videos online for a whole day but what could you possibly do if the phone isn’t charging? The answer is nothing because how else are you gonna power the battery when the phone not charging problem is causing trouble. It could be a minor software glitch or an actual hardware involved in the charging process simply got damaged or stopped working. But guess what, we have an explicit guide curated here that will provide an insight on how to fix Coolpad not charging problem in case if its hardware or software-related issue.

How To Fix Coolpad Not Charging Problem

How To Fix Coolpad Not Charging Problem?

The phone isn’t charging, it could be due to faulty hardware or software problem that we have listed below in their respective categories.

Scrutinize if its a software-related issue

Reboot the device

Isn’t the phone charging? Try rebooting the phone and check again. This is not only a way around to solve any problem in India especially, but it’s also a powerful method that has proven to fix any minor software glitch such as screen freezing or performance issue.

Check for any app crash or conflicts

It is possible that the not charging problem occurred just when you plugged in the USB cable to the charging port due to software glitch which could be app crash or the driver that eases connection between the charger and the phone and looks over battery drawing in the required power might have gone haywire. In such cases, updating the apps in questions as well as rebooting the device can help.

Update the firmware

You can check out the available updates by going to ‘Settings >> About Device >> Software Updates >> Check for updates. This is to ensure that you get all the features and resolve any discovered bugs that were reported by other users and developers

Update all the apps installed

You need to see to it that all the apps are updated as per the latest version. This keeps the phone from working normally and smoothly while outdated apps can cause the system to slow down and host of other performance related issues.

Wipe cache memory

You can get rid of cache files in three methods that I have prescribed below.
Method 01: Open Settings tool and then, proceed to Apps and click on each individual apps in the list and finally, tap on ‘clear cache’ and ‘clear data’.
Method 02: Open Settings on your phone and proceed to ‘Storage’. Here, scroll down and locate Cache memory that you can get rid of easily.
Method 03: Boot into the recovery mode and select ‘wipe cache partition >> yes’.

Restore the phone into factory settings

You can restore the phone to its original factory settings by opening the Settings on your device and retreating to ‘Backup and reset >> Reset the phone >> Enter the password >> Reset everything’. There is an alternative method available where the user has to retreat to the recovery mode to perform a hard reset. Here’s how you can do the same.

  • Commence by turning the phone off.
  • Now press the power button and volume up button together and hold it together until the phone boots up.
  • Wait for the phone to show ‘Android logo’ and let go of the buttons.
  • When in recovery mode, you need to use the power to select an option and volume up or down as navigation keys to scroll across the options in the menu.
  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, ‘Yes — delete all user data’.

Scrutinize the hardware components

Remove any debris from the charging port

The charging port is a magnet to pocket lint because it stays in the pocket for a long time while there is the host of other debris that can get inside this tiny hardware component that enables the user to charge the device flawlessly. But debris can cause the proper connection between the USB Cable and the charging phone to suffer and that is why you need to make sure there is no debris stuck in the port. You can use a torch to peep into the port and verify and if you found any, use a needle or a sharp object to get rid of it.

Verify the charging port

Moving further, check if the metal tab inside the port is deformed or not. If it’s deformed, you’ll have to get it replaced because it won’t gel well with the USB cable as the connection will be loose.

Examine the USB cable

If the charging port on your phone isn’t faulty or damaged in any form, check out the USB cable which is the second most component susceptible to damage after the charging port itself. USB cable is subjected to twists and twirls, it is stretch and squeezed and it is subjected to wear and tear. These are just a few reasons why a USB cable could possibly stop working. Replace the USB cable with another one to confirm if its the issue.

Examine the charger adapter

You went through the charging port and the USB cable but nothing seems to be wrong here, you need to verify the charger adapter too as it might develop faults or get damaged. You can buy a replacement or you can opt for a complete adapter and USB cable set which will be appropriate.

Check the battery for any damage

What if the battery was damaged all along? It is possible that the battery was damaged before you started verifying all the components before narrowing down the list to point out a faulty battery. Lithium-Ion batteries or take any battery, for instance, have a charge-discharge lifecycle after which, its performance begins to deteriorate. If the battery is deteriorating or faulty, you can get it replaced and guess what, you can buy a battery with higher mAh meaning you can enjoy more hours on-screen compared to the older battery even when it was new.

Seek help

If you are unable to find the mistake here, you can seek help from experts. You can report the issue to an authorized service center so that you can get it resolved. It is easy as it sounds as the technicians are well-experienced to perform such fixes. They will detect the errors, quote the price and resolve the not charging problem accordingly.


  1. Coolpad charges gets stuck until scatterbrained at red screensaver in load up ? Not off not on nothing acc essible. How to fix ?

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