How to Fix “Unfortunately Internet Has Stopped” Error on Any Android Smartphone?

Okay, this is a confusing yet profound issue where users have complained about the “Unfortunately Internet has stopped” error. This is not actually an internet connectivity error but an error that has caused the default browser in many smartphones named as ‘Internet’ to stop working. Many devices now use Chrome as their default browser but there plenty of smartphones where there are two built-in browsers i.e. Chrome and Internet. We are currently covering the latter.

According to the error, the app ‘Internet’ has stopped working. It has nothing to do with the internet connectivity whatsoever. If you are having such an error that usually pops up when opening the app, updating it or while closing tabs, you can read along to know more. As it is a software glitch, we have compiled an explicit list of certain quick fixes with the potential to curb the error once and for all. If not, you can totally use the last fix which is powerful enough to curb all software-related issues.

Internet has stopped working

How to fix “Unfortunately Internet has stopped” error on any Android smartphone?

Quick Fix #1 – Restart the phone
The error can occur at any time i.e. during startup or while you are swiping between the tabs or doing any other task on the ‘Internet’ app and it needs rectification. Restarting the smartphone is one of the quickest and best fix that you can employ. The procedure is simple and takes just a few seconds to execute it. But it has far-reaching effects because it clears up the RAM being used by all the apps running on the system at the moment. It releases the memory and other resources too which means, when you open the Internet app after reboot, it must work just fix.

Quick Fix #2 – Clear the Cache and Data
Cache plays a vital role in apps and services as it stores the bits of data from the last session. This feature allows the app or website to reduce processing overheads and allows it to load faster. But corrupted cache plays in defense of the user as it usually reduces the performance of the app or the system as a whole. The corrupted cache can have far-reaching effects as it slowly deteriorates the performance of all other apps as well.

  • To clear Cache and Data, go to Settings.
  • Then, proceed to the Apps section and check out for More >> Show System Apps.
  • Now, search for the ‘Internet’ app and tap on it.
  • Next is to tap on the Storage and then, hit on the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ to clear the same.

Quick Fix #3 – Clear System Cache
Now that you have cleared the app cache, take a step further and clear the system cache as well. Note that cache keeps building every day thereby reducing the performance and processing of your smartphone. Thus, simply, go to Settings > Storage and tap on the Cache Storage. You’ll be prompt whether to delete the cache files or not, press Yes to delete it. It is recommended to reboot the phone once to test if the method actually worked.

Quick Fix #4 – Use Safe Mode for diagnosis
It is the diagnostic mode of any smartphone wherein users can check the culprit causing the error. When you enter the safe mode, check out if the ‘Internet’ app is working or not, if yes then the problem is with any other third-party app.

  • To boot into the safe mode, turn off the phone.
  • Press the Power button and then, Volume Up/down button until the phone restarts.
  • Use the volume button to select Safe Mode from available options.

Quick Fix #5 – Wipe cache partition
This is the third cache related method since the cache is at the top of triggers for all software-related issues. Wiping cache partition is an advanced method and requires you to go into the Recovery mode.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button, Volume Up/Down key and/or Bixby Key (Check for your make & model).
  • Once the phone vibrates and shows an Android logo, you’ll have to release the keys.
  • In the recovery mode, scroll using the Volume Up/down key and select an option with Power button as specified (It may vary).
  • Tap on ‘wipe cache partition’ and then, select the option that says ‘Yes’.
  • Once it is over, reboot the device and check out the app for errors.

Quick Fix #6 – Reset the device
It is unlikely that all these fixes didn’t help fix the problem but if your smartphone is one of them, use the reset feature. Note that it would wipe all the user data from the system, so take a backup prior to following these steps.

  • Turn of the phone and press & hold Power key, Volume Up/down key and/or Bixby Key.
  • Release the buttons as soon as the phone vibrates and allow it to enter the recovery mode.
  • Use the Volume Up/down button for scrolling and Power button for selection (Check out the header for instructions).
  • Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, select ‘Yes – delete all user data’.
  • This should put your phone into reset mode.
  • Reboot the device once the process is completed.

Check for the error which as of now must have been cleared if you employed any or all the methods we stated above to fix ‘Unfortunately Internet has stopped’ error. Let us know in the comments below. Check out all the other cool stuff on GetDroidTips.


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